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RePower America Petition

RePowering America Now

From: Troy Galloway
Subject: Worst day of my life

The worst day of my life was when I got that pink slip. I expected to work in the steel mill until the day I retired, and then suddenly my job and my livelihood were gone.

Then in 2006 a wind turbine company opened two plants near my home in Hollsopple, Pennsylvania. Today, I build the blades for wind turbines that are powering parts of America with clean electricity.

A clean energy job saved my family and me, and many more in my community. But with the current economic mess, even some of my smartest and hardest-working friends here are still struggling — as I know millions of Americans are.

That’s why I am asking you for help.

We need millions more green jobs — like the one that saved me — all across the nation. And those jobs will only be available if our leaders in Washington take bold steps.

Please sign the petition to our leaders here:


Here’s what the petition says:

“Congress must support bold national policies this year to transition to a clean energy economy and help solve the climate crisis. We urge you to cap carbon pollution to help create the jobs and businesses that will Repower America.”

I’m hearing some talk on TV about how we can’t afford to deal with the climate crisis and the economic crisis at the same time. Well, my experience shows we can’t afford not to. The green jobs that reduce carbon pollution are this country’s ticket out of a deep economic rut.

I hear that we lost half a million jobs last month. Imagine if those laid-off workers could turn in their pink slips for jobs in wind, solar, clean cars and green technology.

Well, our leaders in Washington have an opportunity to deliver green jobs like these to cities and towns all across America.

Send them a message today:





Earth Hour is on Saturday March 28t, 2009 at 8:30 p.m., whatever time that is in your time zone. Everyone in the world will be shutting off their lights (should be a spectacular black view of the world from space).

This also symbolizes that the people want a green globe not one which is totally pitch black in pollution.

The lights off symbolizes a very important message-and that is to stop the carbon emissions around the world and reduce the threats of global warming.  For one whole hour- you can use candle lights or just sit in the dark, sleep or have a beer But do take part in this message to our political leaders that we want action now.

Politicol News Staff

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