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BP ties to Goldman and Corexit

June 12, 2010 BP ties into Goldman and the corexit dispersant they are using is due to the fact that they are profiting from the chemical used in the Gulf. Corexit is made by the Nalco Company that is headed by executives from BP Oil and another well known oil company Exxon. Nalco’s headquarters are in Illinois of all places familiar to President Obama in fact right in his backyard.

Nalco Makes Corexit-A Deadly Chemical-BP Has Financial Interests

These ties have not been investigated but BP refuses to use less harmful chemicals in fact Corexit 9500 is being used which will not remove the oil-it spreads the oil throughout the gulf which is making matters worse. BP’s purchases of 1 million gallons of Corexit came from a company they have close ties with financially which is to their advantage. If you visit Nalco’s website you will find they call these chemicals are used in “oil recovery”. This is not an oil recovery chemical it actually breaks up the oil in smaller droplets which are harder to clean and remove and if the EPA believes this description they are dreaming in technicolor. Nalco also claims they are rated in the top 100 in Newsweek’s 2009 Green Rankings which is a plain and simple joke.

These facts should be investigated by the Attorney General of the United States if they are to investigate why BP is using this dispersant at all. The outrage of BP using a toxic chemical with toxic oil in itself is beyond the pale and is angering more Americans after all the failures of BP to correct their own mistakes.

Nalco formed a joint partnership with Exxon Chemical in 1994 which included a BP executive on the board as well as an Exxon executive.  Who is directing these mergers, investments and profits is none other than Goldman Sachs through Blackstone Group and the Apollo Management

Is the EPA a co-conspirator here by allowing Corexit 9500 to be used or are they taking orders from BP Oil? Is the US agency EPA not supposed to be a government run agency or is it being run by corporations? For that matter, is the US government being run by corporate interests or is it working for preventing a global degradation of the environment?

A BP spokesperson Joe Pack endorses BP’s use of Corexit and stated to the media that is is an effective low toxic dispersant which simply is not true, Corexit is a solvent and solvents are toxic no matter how you spin it to BP’s advantage. BP is in the chemical and oil business and would you expect the truth from this corporation?  This is one circle of corporate power intermingled at the top with the same people and the same companies profiting from a disaster they caused.

The EPA is ignorant of these facts or chooses to ignore the reality of using more chemicals which will kill wildlife, make humans sick and kills any spawning fish.  The chemical mixture has already sickened clean up workers with causing breathing problems, vomiting, fatigue and the toxicity has killed fish and wildlife.

Why the EPA has allowed this shows their incompetence, ignorance and support of BP oil’s decisions no matter how wrong they are and how long the oil spills into the Gulf of Mexico.  This oil spill is not only a wake up call it represents a pail of cold water in the face of Americans and their use of fossil fuels as an outdated form of energy.  Solar panels do not cause oil spills, wind turbines do not cause oil spills with that blackish gooey mess.

olar panels and wind turbines do not kill fish, or wildlife or people. It is of little comfort to know that BP, Exxon, Goldman, and Nalco all will profit from the chemicals used in the Gulf -either way they profit.

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