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BP Oil Fumes Sickens Gulf Workers

Gulf Oil Spill Fumes Sickens Workers
Today the Gulf Oil slicks are reeking and the chemical dispersants are taking their toll on people who are trying to clean up the mess of the oil spill from April 20, 2010.  The gulf is caked with oil and the fumes are sickening workers who have been complaining of breathing problems and vomiting.

Workers Getting Sick from Oil Fumes

Several men were taken to the hospital due to inhaling the fumes from the oil, chemical mixture that has hit the beaches and marshes of Louisiana.  Meanwhile, BP oil continues with the Top Kill procedure that has been in operation for a day and a half thus far with a mixture of oil and mud visible through the video cameras.

Oil spills have happened in the past with dire consequences and the fumes that make people ill is one of the side effects of an oil spill.

On July 27, 2003 an oil spill happened off the coast of Pakistan at Karachi the port. A Greek ship called the Tasman Spirit ran aground which was carrying oil from Iran and into Pakistan.

As in the Gulf oil spill the winds and seas carry the oil everywhere and it spread throughout the region which was a highly populated and highly used recreational area of the coast. In the Gulf oil spill the oil is underwater and a large plume is headed towards the shores of Louisiana that is 1 mile long which is sure to cause major damage and destruction of the wetlands. Fish, turtles and wildlife are dying as their bodies are being found everywhere and there are no bugs or mosquitoes near the shores of Louisiana due to the fumes.

Several more spills happed four months later and another one after that. It seems that the Greek carrier was sloppy in delivery of a highly toxic cargo and over 35,000 tons of crude oil was spilled into the ocean.

The BP Oil chemical fumes alone of a high toxic substance such as will make many people sick and complaining of breathing problems, nausea, headaches, dizziness and similar symptoms. It was calculated that 11,000 metric tons of hazardous compounds were in the air after the spill in Pakistan.

The jury is still out but today scientists announced that it is more like 18,000 gallons of oil are spilling from the BP drilling episode.  President Obama is set to visit the gulf region tomorrow and will be visiting the sites where the oil is depositing on the shores of Louisiana.

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BP Oil Camera Live Feed

BP Oil Camera Live Feed has been hidden  and this is the live feed that BP Oil wishes to kill for Americans while they perform their Top Kill operation on the leaky pipes 5,000 feet below the water’s surface. The Whitehouse had to intervene and request that BP oil keep the feed on at all times.

BP Oil Profits Go to Foreign Country

The reason BP oil did not want Americans to see the operation is based on their own fear that Top Kill may not work and it has failed. Also it would send their shares down immediately before they have a chance to spin the news that it was a risky operation not expected to work.  The BP Oil Camera live feed shows how much oil is leaking from the drill well and broken riser pipes.

The fact is that this Top Kill idea could actually make the leaking oil worse and this is another factor however BP cannot hide from the truth any longer. BP’s balance sheet is far healthier than the Gulf of Mexico was before the leak.

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Watch live streaming video from wkrg_oil_spill at livestream.com

EPA covered for BP Oil in 2006 Investigation

May 24, 2010 More news about British Petroleum’s past leaks and lack of safety when it comes to oil spills was the Alaska north slope oil leak which spilled 250 million gallons of oil in Alaska.

BP Oil Spilled 250 Million Gallons of Oil in Alaska in 2006 and paid only 20 Million dollars.

The former investigator Scott West investigated BP for criminal charges back in 2006 until George Bush stopped the query because BP agreed to pay a paltry 20 million dollars to the US government for damaging the environment.

The leaks in Prudhoe Bay operations in Alaska were attributed to BP’s lack of maintenance of the pipeline in areas where they did not repair rusted pipes and improper maintenance of the lines. This company is known for spills and this one cost 25o million gallons of crude oil to be spilled in Alaska.

BP has consistently been charged with failing to inspect the pipeline for 8 years, ignoring employees reports, revenge against whistle blowers who told the truth, and told them to keep their mouths shut or lose their jobs.   Criminal charges against BP should have been collectively brought against them by  the United States a long time ago.   One of these top level executives was Tony Hayward the current CEO – he joined BP in 1982 was made Executive Vice President in 2002, and in 2007 was made Chief Executive or CEO of BP Oil.  Hayward was well aware of the spill in Alaska and the causes but did nothing to prevent further spills in the Gulf or elsewhere.

BP Executives Knew Alaska Pipelines were Rusted Out

BP employees had warned company heads that the oil was leaking in the Alaska pipeline and in 2006 the pipeline blew open because it was not fixed , when the hole was much smaller an employee reported.  The leaks were from the pipe being rusted through until they disintegrated and spewed oil out for 5 days before it was discovered.  At that time senior executives in BP’s office in London England were well aware of the holes and rust namely Tony Hayward.  If felony charges were laid then -the Gulf Oil Spill might have never occurred because the people responsible would already be in jail.

The EPA had investigated BP executives in the past starting with Scott West of the EPA criminal department but President Bush stopped all further exploring of the investigation to save the asses of BP top brass.

Canada just toughened up regulations on offshore drilling in the Atlantic due to the BP Oil crisis and will require inspections from Chevron oil on their 8,000 foot drills off the Canadian Coast.  If Canada learns anything from BP and the Gulf they will monitor BP’s activities in offshore drilling, on land drilling and demand inspections, upgrades, a back up plan, emergency plan, and restrict this reckless company from drilling off the shores of Canada- it might be the only place left that BP has not destroyed.

Update on the Gulf Oil Situation It is almost laughable to believe Obama or BP Oil executives anymore but Tony Hayward got his nose rubbed into the mess today when he toured a Louisiana beach.   Hayward viewed the mess he created by saving BP Oil money in operating costs for which he received a bonus last year.  We hope it was worth it to see the sludge washed up while he tried to hide from the media and got upset because they were following him.

What did he expect – perhaps a cup of tea with Mrs. Obama? Obama is facing intense criticisms for allowing BP to continue hiding the amount of oil and is accused of being a “partner” to BP Oil in obscuring the truth.  The amount of oil must be massive and that is why it is being hidden from the public and media.  No one scientist can figure this out?  Hard to believe that this massive giant in the oil industry cannot figure out the math of how much they are killing a Gulf by in the amount of oil they are spilling and it almost sounds intentional.

BP Oil Spill in Prudhoe Bay Alaska

We have stated that BP Oil is pissing in the face of the United States of America and the President has shown definite lack of leadership and determination to stop this leak.  This should be Obama’s first priority not his other priority which was to host Karzai at the Whitehouse -he should have been in the Gulf. The Gulf oil spill happened and becomes a case of being all about the money.

A company such as BP with a history of violations,  that did not pay attention to safety, ignored regulations specifically used outdated and rusted out pipelines in Alaska should be banned from offshore drilling anywhere near the United States or the world for that matter.
For more information on how you can help expose the environmental disasters and keep our world clean and the environmental causes see : Peer

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Canada Toughens Regulations on OffShore Drilling

May 24, 2010  Canada is toughing up regulations on offshore drilling as a result of the BP Oil spill in the Gulf which was an expensive lesson in safety for the United States.

Canada has had its flirtation with BP Oil in the past and this month Chevron started a drilling rig northeast of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean.  The well is going to be 8,000 feet below the surface of the water -deeper that BP’s oil drill in the Gulf.

The Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board or C-NLOPB which is a federal and provincial agency which is putting much emphasis on the blowout preventer stack and inspections of the rig will be once every 3 weeks instead of once every 3 months.

Canada Toughens Restriction and Safety on Offshore Drilling

C-NLOPB is also requiring Chevron to prove it has all the equipment and bodies ready for an emergency and it is readily available for use in the area.  While the US fisherman have lost their livelihood in shrimp, fish and oyster business -Canadian fisherman harvest blue fin tuna which is a staple fish for Prince Edward Island and its pristine beaches and shores.

However the only protectors of the environment under Prime Minister Harper’s government are the native Indians to Canada in particular the Inuvialuit in the Northern regions of Canada.  This group of native Americans are lobbying against oil companies to keep them from the Arctic unless they guarantee environmental protection systems.

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BP Oil History of Leaks

May 20, 2010 British Petroleum has the biggest oil leak in history at its feet and time is running out.  The lag time between phases of recovering the amount of oil leaked into the gulf is getting longer.  Each phase is taking weeks to co-ordinate and there was no forth thought in preparing for this disaster due to their own short sightedness and failures.

WKRG.com News

The history of BP Oil’s disaster is getting longer and longer from the 2002 spill in Alaska where the corporation was warned by the EPA  to check for leaks along the the pipeline in Alaska.  Over 4,800 barrels of oil were spilled due to a rusty pipe that was never maintained -but they saved money on it.

BP Oil -Profit at All Costs-Pissing in Your Water

Then there was the explosion in Texas where they killed 15 of the their own men and add that on to the 11 men who died in the Gulf on April 20th that is a total of 26 men who died at the hands of British Petroleum.

Shoddy work, shortcuts, saving money on repairs, violating regulations, failure to inspect are all ways that BP Oil operates and endangers workers, the environment and now destroying a whole gulf. So far they polluted Alaska, Texas, the Gulf and Lake Michigan -where will it be next?

In the past few years and even today BP Oil has also dumped waste into Lake Michigan and continues to do so which increases the water pollution in drinking water.   The dumping alone is enough to make you want to wring someone’s neck into a noose.   More in the Chicago Tribune.

How long will it take before the US government stops this corporate greed and sends these people packing for the UK.  BP Oil-Polluting the Planet one Lake or Gulf at a time.

BP Oil has a problem with leaks all right – and right now they have had 32 days of pissing in your Back Yard America, what will you do about it?

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World According to Rand Paul

May 21, 2010  Rand Paul just won the Kentucky primary as a Tea-Party-Republican the wing nut group of the conservative-pro-corporate-white party.  In several statements where Rand was flapping his gums he has raised the validity of Kentucky voters and their mental state.

The World according to Rand Paul is all about promoting capitalistic corporations as evidenced by his statements criticizing his own President and supporting the biggest oil giant BP Oil who is currently pissing in Rand’s backyard.  The Rand Paul we know nothing about is suddenly becoming clear and the picture is not attractive or positive.

A Tea Party Favorite-Mad Hatter Extrodinaire -Rand Paul

To add oil to the fire Rand came out condemning the Civil Rights Act and he actually opposes civil rights legislation.  But with the name Libertarian you would expect more than his racial pronouncements because liberty applies to everyone’s rights including blacks.

Paul appears to be living in a fantasy world of with many of his white wing extremists such as Arizona’s new illegal immigrate law, Texas re-writing history books, Arizona eliminating ethnic studies in schools and this whole ” the South will rise again” business started months ago by the extremist political terrorists in the republican court.

On Civil Rights Paul said ” I think it’s a bad business decision to exclude anybody from your restaurant – but at the same time, I do believe in private ownership”.  What to make of a statement like this is that he ignores the civil right’s movement -meaning non whites and  in favor of capitalism which precedes racial civil rights.

The second conclusion is that he is pro-corporate private profits at any cost.  His comment on BP Oil is significant because if Rand will be as a Senator -he will be promoting the rights of corporations over the rights of the people of Kentucky.

He calls President Obama’s comments on BP Oil seem to be anti-government but pro-corporate elitism and he backs up British Petroleum with an astounding revelation:

He wants to get rid of regulations.

Get the EPA out of our coal business.

The exact words on ABC’s Good Morning America to George Stephanopoulos were :

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you don’t want to get rid of the EPA?

PAUL: No, the thing is is that drilling right now and the problem we’re having now is in international waters and I think there needs to be regulation of that and always has been regulation. What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, you know, “I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP.” I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business. I’ve heard nothing from BP about not paying for the spill. And I think it’s part of this sort of blame game society in the sense that it’s always got to be someone’s fault. Instead of the fact that maybe sometimes accidents happen. I mean, we had a mining accident that was very tragic and I’ve met a lot of these miners and their families. They’re very brave people to do a dangerous job. But then we come in and it’s always someone’s fault. Maybe sometimes accidents happen.

Watch the Interview Live

Restrain Government? Bleep. EPA just told the BP Oil not to use a chemical that is more toxic and less effective than other chemicals. Rand believes this is absolutely wrong.

ABC News Rand Paul Interview

Rand Paul is also wrong that BP is drilling in international waters, they are drilling 50 miles from the coastal waters. This guy doesn’t know much about anything especially regulations around the world and he wants to be a Senator?

The only accident we should be concerned about is Rand Paul’s birth.

A true wing nut has no finer rival than Sarah Palin -both support more BP Oil off shore drilling.

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BP Oil hits Marshlands Louisiana

BP Oil washes up on Marshland and Oyster Beds of Louisiana- A Titanic Nightmare for US coastline

May 19, 2010 9:30 a.m., BP Oil -thick black crude oil is now washing up on Louisiana marshlands and shoreline which is the worst nightmare since Katrina. The predicted amount of oil which BP has been hiding from the media is not the light -tea colored oil that BP said is in the gusher 5,000 feet below the water surface. This is thick, black, sticky oil that is going to kill any wildlife, fish, delicate marshlands, spawning grounds, oyster beds -the whole nine yards of any living creatures in Louisiana. 

Prestine Louisiana Marshland now covered with BP Oil

 Yesterday it was revealed that the Gulf Loop will carry this oil to the Florida West coastline down to the Florida Keys and up the Atlantic coast. Each day that continues this spill and BP’s failures to contain the leak is turning into an ongoing nightmare. 

WKRG.com News

The US government has initiated a total investigation, as BP has denied it was responsible as a lessor of the equipment however BP initiated the oil leases from the US government not the other way around. BP the oil giant seems incompetent to contain its own spill and why they did not have the safety equipment “in any case” to prevent this type of explosion is beyond reasoning. The fact that BP Oil has a history of oil spills in Alaska which it has not cleaned up, is involved in the tar oil sands in Alberta, Canada which is ecologically ruining that country and the fact that BP Oil has had many explosions unreported to the media makes this a reckless, arrogant corporation that puts profit and greed before safety and common sense. 

Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana said when he flew over the marshlands yesterday: 

“This wasn’t tar balls. This wasn’t sheen,” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said  as he flew over the Mississippi point of the  estuary. “This is heavy oil in our wetlands.” 

The marshes and wetlands are the areas where shrimp, oysters, crabs and crayfish that Louisiana is famous for are now permanently damaged by BP Oil. 

Some are likening this to a terrorist attack only from what is a corporation bent on achieving high profits while selling us their product derived from our own backdoor while at the same time they are the ones that caused this damage. 

Critics are saying “BP is pissing in our backyard” and although this is a graphic statement it holds true.
BP Plc shares of British petroleum are down and their credit rating degraded due to the recklessness of this corporation.
world wide reaction to the spill- I am glad it didn’t happen here. 

Many are calling for a ban against BP Oil to ever drill for oil again -off the US coastal waters and that would be a move in the right direction. Time is running out on capping the oil leak and Americans are getting very angry at the failures of BP of even being prepared for such a disastrous explosive result due to lack of safety.

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Reduce Our Oil Consumption- Drive Electric 


BP Oil Lease MMS Head Resigns

BP Oil Lease MMS Head Resigns Day 27 Posted May 17, 2010 Head of MMS Resigns amidst investigations of  the BP Oil spill in the Gulf and Americans are getting very angry with some calling for criminal charges.  
President Obama ordering a complete investigation in the oil lease given to BP Oil.
Federal investigators will file criminal charges in the spill and major penalties to exceed any caps on liabilities from the past.

It is a whole new ball game today with BP incapable of coming clean on how much oil is spilling and anger at the company surpasses any of their efforts to contain the oil.

There is still no information from BP Oil as to why the explosion occurred and obviously it was a build up of gas in the pipeline but BP doesn’t know why it happened. BP also does not know how much oil is gushing into the Gulf or they are concealing this information from the US government and the public for fear of a further public relations nightmare.

Homeland Security has made a few announcements however not much information is being given to the media or the public on when this will all end if ever. President Obama has ordered a full investigation

Head of MMS -Minerals Management Services -Resigns

US Government heads and Directors are also at fault for allowing BP Oil to drill in this manner,  without safety precautions without backup plans for emergencies at 5000 foot depths. The Associate Director who just resigned or retired is Chris Oynes who has been in charge who authorized the BP Oil lease without oversight and regulation.  Chris Oynes was the MMS head executive for the past twelve years.

The Minerals Management Services is the government body that is responsible for all offshore drilling on the outer continental shelf. The head of this organization namely Chris Oynes who in 2007 almost 4 years ago was made the Director of the Offshore Energy and Minerals Management Program.

Head of MMS Chris Oynes-Resigns Before Investigation
This is the man who just resigned from his position because he was the person responsible for administering the gas and oil programs and oddly enough the same person connected with developing new sources of energy. 
Mr. Oynes has been the Regional Director of MMS for the Gulf of Mexico region for 12 years and would be the central figure in the negotiations between BP Oil and the US government in obtaining leases for off shore drilling.

Mr. Chris Oynes has also negotiated 30 lease sales for drilling as well he had the responsibility of a fifty percent rise in oil production in the Gulf. It would not take a brian surgeon to figure out this guy was on the take or looked the other way in favor of big oil.

Oynes even gave Horizon a certificate award for safety last year. Mr. Oynes is the key man for the government and he knew the ins and outs of offshore drilling leases, operational safeguards, resources, environmental reviews and is considered the expert during the Bush administration. Yet, while being a paid civil servant he did not protect the interests of the country or the five states that now contend with the biggest US oil spill in history.

Read more about the Head of MMS Mr. Oynes at MMS- Mineral Management Services

There is no doubt that Mr. Oynes is the source of BP Oil’s lease purchases and how they got away with the lack of safety regulations and lack of inspections of their drilling operations.

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Whitehouse BP Oil Spill

May 12, 2010 The Obama Whitehouse released a Oil Spill Legislation Package today and what is missing are the words BP Oil Spill.

Also the missing of correct actuary calcuations on the long term economic losses of Americans due to this British corporation with a history of explosions and leaks of oil while it makes billions in profits in high gas and oil prices.

Obama Legislation does not Address the Environmental Damage by BP Oil

The legislation underestimating the costs on the economic damages longterm with a cap on natural resource damages are only raised from $ 500 million to $ 750 million only 250 million more. Someone is under estimating the damages in this legislation and it comes too late.

The cap on lost incomes, tourism losses and all economic damages are capped only 10 billion  which is not enough.  Sure enough Congress will water it down further as the ties to the oil industry lobbyists and politicians are very tight due to campaign contributions. Where is that bill that Obama promised to pass on limiting campaign contributions -it is no where to be found.

This bill is supposed to be retro-active to the BP oil spill but again it will be voted down by Republicans who are solidly for and behind the oil industry since the Bush, Cheney and Republicans promote more oil drilling off the east coast and will continue to keep the country hooked on oil.

The bill calls for more inspections, enforcement and establishing a Trust Fund for cleanups and spills in the future.  But who is going to break the lobbyists groups influencing legislation to water it down?   Again all of this comes way too late, and too slow and too influenced by big corporate interests.

The laughable clause about the FDA being given 2 million dollars to monitor the toxicity of fish foods coming from the Gulf is indeed misplaced trust. The fish will be contaminated and the FDA cannot control imported contaminated foods nor has it bother to test imports and we cannot expect the FDA to do an effective job due to the staffing problems.  Again the FDA is already influenced by other corporate interests while ignoring unsafe prescription drugs already on the market.

Again this legislation does not go far enough, does not protect American interests in the Gulf, does not establish authority to govern the waters off the coast, does not protect the consumer against tainted fish products and does not instill trust in Congress who favor corporate interests.

Higher taxes on oil sales definitely is long over due and will be added to the Trust Fund for any future possible spills which again would be catastrophic in any ocean.

Lastly the Trust Fund does not address the overwelming damage to the environment and how that would be addressed and does nothing to promote clean energy like solar, geothermal or wind power to replace ancient obsolete oil and coal.

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The Romance of Oil

May 7, 2010  By now the whole world knows the benefits of the oil we use to run our cars, and heat our homes. However romancing the oil has become less attractive to most who cherish clean water and food from the sea which is 99 percent of the world population. Every person on earth dreams of a clean environment however the romance of oil has lost its fragrant bouquet in the United States.

The Drill Baby Drill mantra of some would-be political characters like Sarah Palin sound hollow now and bear repeating as Spill Baby Spill, or You Drill -You Spill.  It is not just the environmental activist who are incensed with anger at BP Oil and their disgraceful underhanded contracts to limit their liability.

It is the very nature of the damage to the coastal waters, the economy, the job losses and the environmental damage to fish, birds, food, and the future of the sea economy of four US States.  The mess may never be cleaned for hundreds of years from now if you face the facts no fish could ever be edible again, no crawdaddies, no oysters, no fish, no food for fish either.

More chemicals poured into the ocean that are called dispersants are also damaging to wildlife and degrades the quality of ocean water again this did not work for BP Oil.  The addition of more chemicals plus the oil make the Gulf a toxic mess for centuries and the next generation can thank the greed of British Petroleum for ruining the environment and the industry of the Gulf.

The last Romance with Oil was the Exxon Valdez with Exxons’ drunken Captain Joseph Hazelwood  who plastered crude oil on  1200 miles of coastline in Alaska March 24, 1989

Twenty years later the toxic oil still has the same readings as days after the spill happened.  Over   11 million gallons of oil , killed hundreds of thousands of birds and sea mammals and oil still persists in the region.  The 5 billion dollars ordered by the courts was reduded to 500 million dollars to be paid by Exxon Mobile but they never paid a cent.

However the herring industry lost 400 billion dollars from Exxon’s spill  as well as the fisherman of Alaska lost millions over the past 20 years in income and their livelihood.   Exxon did not pay for their mess and you can expect paid off judges and the US government to turn it’s back on the economic losses and damages of BP Oil.

British Petroleum amongst others is the leader in oil exploration often drilling as far down as 10,000 feet from the ocean’s surface making an accident more likely to be unreachable yet deadly for a spill to the environment. It is as if the governments that allow this type of drilling are driven by greed and campaign contributions then for any sense of safety in these precarious missions. There is plenty of oil on dry land yet these robber barons chose to use high risk areas as some sort of experiment on how far they can push the odds of a major catastrophy and they have reached their limits.

Will the courts be lienient this time with BP Oil, that Exxon got away with 20 years ago? If you listen to Senators who get paid by the oil industry and their sheer stupid comments recently you can tell that politicians have been bought and paid for by BP Oil.

Here are some comments that are absolutely corrupt besides being insanely stupid.

1) Senator Mary Ladrieu of Louisiana says :

” What’s important about this sheen is that 97 per cent of it is a rainbow sheen. Only 3 per cent contains emulsified crude… 97 per cent of it is an extremely thin sheen of relatively light oil on the surface.

Mary, you can clean it with Spic and Span and we will all feel better. Just feed this woman a dish of crawdaddies now fresh from the Gulf, I bet she won’t eat them”.

Landrieu got $ 574,000 in campaign contributions these past years from oil companies.

2)  Mississippi Democrat Representative Gene Taylor says:

“What I want people to know is this isn’t Katrina, this is not Armageddon. Yeah, it’s bad. And it’s terrible that there’s a spill out there. But I would remind people that the oil is twenty miles from any marsh. … That chocolate milk looking spill starts breaking up in smaller pieces … It is tending to break up naturally.”

No Bob that is a lie, 20 years later the oil in Alaska is still in the water -no it does not go away or dissolve and it never will for hundreds of years.

3) Texas Governor Rick Perry Republican says the spill was “unavoidable”. Not true.

BP Oil did not use a safe measure called a “shut off valve” as is manditory in European countries, this is what caused the oil spill plus the negligence of having the raw gas explode the whole rig, this is negligence.

Perry also said ” it was a act of God”.  Yeah right tell that to the insurance company Lloyds of London -see if they swallow that one.  Not likely.   Perry calls for more offshore drilling by the way.

All three of these politicians who blame God, and say this is light oil – should be fired as they have no business in politics with their hands dirty with campaign influence dollars in their pockets.

These are some photos of the Exxon Valdez Spill and the Damage to Wildlife

Exxon Valdez -Walrus Covered with Exxon Oil
Exxon Oil -20 Years Later -still Shows up on The Shores of Alaska
A Dead Whale Covered with Exxon Crude Oil
Exxon Valdez Oil Tanker Spill 11 Million Gallons of Oil into the Ocean
Exxon Oil Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Birds in the Past 20 Years
Exxon Killed Wildlife and Fish in the Alaska Waters -20 Years Later its Still in the Water

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BP Oil Builds Domes for Leaks

May 4, 2010  BP Oil’s blame game continues and it has failed to have a back up plan for oil leaks that gushes 210,000 gallons but probably more oil than that amount  each day going into the Gulf of Mexico.

BP Had to Build Dome to attempt Stopping the Oil Leak-and did not have a back up plan for safety

Now the bright idea that BP has today is to build -notice we stated build because BP oil has not had these domes built before the spill and again no contingency plans for capping oil in cases of leaks.  The pipeline is leaking in 3 places that we know of so far.

BP is no making the first of 3 large concrete domes that are supposed to stop the leak of oil and 2 more are being built.  The critics are weighing in on this state of the art corporation that advertises itself as using the most modern technology to ensure safe oil drilling failed to have these domes built before the leaks occur which is a sign of poor corporate planning and saving money on safety for more profits.  British Petroleum has joined the Toyota Club of corporations including Massey Energy who violate regulations and do not install proper equipment to stop the explosions before they occurred.

The waste of oil is enough to cost BP billions for what it saved on a 500,000 safety vale it should have had in place.  BP has no back up plan, no policy to divert leaking oil, no idea of how to stop a spill.

Obama has called for a halt to any offshore drilling -too bad for the oil lobbyists in Washington who might as well give up their efforts.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a good friend of Chevron Oil who pay no state taxes to California has made a statement  to stop supporting 40 more drills on California’s coast.  The new drills were supposed to help his state raise money for taxes however Schwarzenegger has been too cozy with Chevron by exempting them from an extraction tax due to their campaign contributions to his causes.

Meanwhile CEO of BP Oil Tony Hayward continues up to today May 4th, 2010  to refuse to take responsibility for the oil leak, even though they as one of the largest oil producers in the world have a record of safety violations.  BP Oil also stated that Transocean is responsible for the leak even though laying blame at this point is preposterous.

BP Oil had every opportunity to construct safety measures, insist on the installation of shut off valves, and had every opportunity to inspect the lines at any time before the leaks and explosion happened.  BP failed to follow the guidelines that are used in European offshore drilling rigs such as in Norway where each rig is equipped to prevent leaks such as this one in the Gulf. 

Oil exploration is a dangerous and volatile business where gasses can explode at any moment and that is why regulations must be enforced which were neglected or ignored.  There are world wide environmental regulations also that apply to every country not just those the oil company has decided to comply with at a whim.

As a corporation BP Oil is acting like Toyota -denying blame, blaming others and defying safety regulations on its operations in Alaska and Texas previous to the current explosion which killed 11 workers.

BP Oil Stocks have plummeted on the stock market and they have lost billions of dollars of value due to their own negligence.

BP Latest Bulletin on Paying for Damages

Photo Courtesy of Sean Gardner-Reuters

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Oil Rig Fire

The Oil Rig of USCG called the Deep Water Horizon where 11 workers are still missing just sank into the ocean 2 hours ago off the coast of Louisiana.  The pictures of burning fuel oil, and gasses from the bottom shows the damage in air and possible oil spillage into the ocean.

Environmentalist are now determining the possible damage to the Florida beaches, Louisiana and Texas coastlines that will carry the oil spill throughout the gulf.

Oil Rig Sinks into the Gulf of Mexico-Environmental Damage is Largely Predicted

Video Courtesy of YouTube and the Associated Press.

The video was shot yesterday but since then the rig sank into the ocean from a huge blast. The ramifications of this explosion has not been disclosed or investigated, the amount of oil spilling into the ocean and the missing men is all a mystery not disclosed by the media at this time.

Oil Rig Image of Burning Smoke, Oil Spillage into the Environment

The Louisiana coast has been hit by Katrina and the Oil rig site stayed intact fortunately but the safety questions on the rigs is poor as this explosion is being downplayed in the media.
The Exxon Valdez ship that spilled oil in Alaska and the west coast of Canada spilled 257 thousand barrels of oil. Exxon has yet to pay for the damages, the environment affected land, animals and is still being cleaned up today.

In this blow up of an oil rig 336 thousand barrels of oil are suspected to be spilled into the ocean and will ultimately hit the Louisiana shore if the winds and waves bring the oil and spread it. Needless to say the environmental concerns are very high. Advocates for off shore drilling have been pressing for more oil rigs and the safety questions are always disregarded in favor of big oil companies and profits.

The story continues to raise concerns that oil rigs are not safe off of shores like Florida and would cost the tourism trade trillions more dollars of losses. This was a state of the art oil rig with all the modern equipment and it still blew up with no investigation it is now harder to determine the origin of the explosion. Simply stating it was accidental is not good enough and fails to address the real causes of the explosion.

Oil Rigs have always posed Huge Dangers to the Shores of the US Continent

Oil company’s lease the equipment from Trans Ocean which are companies like BP that is implicated with this oil rig. There is a blow out preventer that is supposed to keep gasses contained that may have exploded or failed. The well bore was just ready for production however this is when the explosion occurred. Firefighters are on the rig at all times and failed to put the fire out on this rig in the Gulf of Mexico with 30 thousand workers currently in the gulf there are thousands of oil rigs pumping oil. 126 men were rescued off the rig except for the 11 missing as the Coast Guard reported early yesterday.

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