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Chemical Foods

July 24, 2010 What is in my Chicken McNuggets?  You would expect to hear an answer such as good chicken, healthy ingredients, or even safe food to eat but not only is it unsafe it is deadly.  Foods imported from China include Wal-Mart Chicken Products.  (Photos of How Chicken is Processed in China and arrives at your Dinner table).

Mickie Dee’s or McDonald’s has always been what people call fast food that saves time for food cosnumers but does it have to kill you?  Some additives really do not belong in food and through the last 10 years it is a womder that people re still eating the toxic foods at McDonalds.  The second question you have to ask yourself is where does the chicken come from -does it come from China also?  Wal-Mart imports chicken from China and sells it to the US consumer. Tempting morsels of Nuggets sold at Wal-Mart.

What is Tertiary Butylhydroquinone and why is it in my Chicken McNuggets:

It is in Chicken McNuggets that you feed to your kids.   The McDonald’s in China says it is harmless. but would you want to eat something called Tertiary Butylhydroquinone?  Does it sound good for you or a nutrient for the human body?  This chemical may meet Chinese standards but would you really feed it to you r children not knowing what will happen?

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Now with Added Varnish Ingredient
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Now with Added Varnish Ingredient

Side Effects of Tertiary Butyhydroquinone

TBHQ is a preservative made from petroleum and used for animal fats that does cause discoloration, or change the flavor or odor of the material to which it is added.  You know that BP Oil is attempting to remove petroleum from the Gulf waters and have used chemical dispersants to break up the oil.

Now to some parents you would wonder why a preservative had to be added to  your childrens food and why would it even be necessary.  TBHQ is used and regulated by the United States to make food last longer, and is also used in perfumes, varnish, resins and lacquers and it is added to Chicken McNuggets sold at McDonald’s.  TBHQ is also allowed to be added to frozen fish and other fish products.

TBHQ can cause stomach tumors, damage to DNA, and may cause cancer in high doses it is highly toxic

The World Health Organization expert Committee on Food Additives has given TBHQ the green light to be used in foods which is totally acceptable at the current levels.

But are these evaluations wrong and are known cancer causing additives such as: food coloring, or thickening agents and chemical substances really safe for people and animals?  Again the question arises as to why are these chemicals allowed in food for humans?

According to known information on TBHQ in A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives only one gram of the stuff can cause serious health risks, vomiting, delirium, breathing problems and seizures.  Prolonged use of this chemical digested by a person will cause cancer.

The rule of thumb these days is do not eat any food that contains ingredients that you cannot pronounce because they are unnecessary chemicals that are deadly and are causing diseases in the population.  Whole rich foods grown organically are becoming more popular as more chemicals are added to the US food supply.  People reject chemical additives and food manufacturers just keep adding more without testing or regulation.

While the World Health Organization, the USDA, the FDA and other government agencies all swear by these chemicals in the food supply and the toxic overload of any fast foods sold at McDonald’s are more than enough of a concern to not consume their products.  The TBHQ is added to McDonald’s products are to keep their shape and texture supposedly when the chicken is put into molds.  A high price to pay to make your food pretty.

In a report from CNN the American version of chicken McNuggets contain more fat than the UK McNuggets and also more chemicals.

Have we entered into an era of Frankenfoods that are doused with chemicals to save the food company manufacturer money, while risking the health of our children?  Kids love McDonald’s McNuggets and it is violation of human health principals to add these chemicals to the very food your kid’s love to eat.

As Christopher Kimball  the founder of Cook’s Magazine indicated the European regulations of food are far more strict than their US counterparts.  So why is the US government allowing such deadly chemicals to be added to food?  One word.  Lobbyists.

The highest and dangerous food chemicals found in US foods are:

Xanthan gum- used as a thickener is made from bacteria.

Tertiary Butylhydroquinone – derived from petroleum -found in Chicken McNuggets

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate -chemical makes oil and water mix, found in baked goods has lactic acid.

Phosphoric Acid-the tang in cola and comes from sulfuric acid-used in paint strippers.

Parents should be aware of what they are feeding their children and themselves because the US government is not that into you. If you like feeding your kids a little varnish now and then by all means buy McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Remember these are synthetic chemicals produced in laboratories and are not for human consumption no matter what the US government doesn’t tell you about what’s in your Chicken McNuggets.

There are currently no bans, no tests, and no inspections on food additives and the government agencies allow the food industry to police themselves. That sounds familiar doesn’t it, remember BP Oil was allowed to regulate themselves along with Wall Street and the drug industry.

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More on Food Additives

And if you drink a Coke with those Chicken McNuggets you need to watch this:

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BP Latest News on Cap

July 12, 2010 BP latest news on Cap that is supposed to stop the oil leak here today there are 65,000 barrels of oil coming out of the well. The oil is still flowing freely into the Gulf and The work continues today but they are getting closer to installing the tighter fitting cap that should contain all if not most of the oil spilling into the Gulf.

BP Oil Spill New Cap for Ever? Lets See.
BP Oil Spill New Cap for Ever? Lets See.

This is not a final fix and ultimately they will have to use the relief wells #1 and relief well #2 that are still questionable as to whether these two wells will work to cap the oil. BP still has to pump mud and cement the well shut that is if BP is willing to give up this cash cow of a well, and it seems this has not been clarified. What could happen is BP could keep postponing the capping of this well so they can get the oil up through the relief wells indefinitely. However BP has not indicated what their final goals are with this disaster at the Horizon rig that blew up April 20, 2010 almost 3 months ago today.

Oil Spill Still Gushes into the Gulf -60,000 Barrels a Day
Oil Spill Still Gushes into the Gulf -60,000 Barrels a Day

There is cautious optimism on BP’s success rate so far and record of failures in capping this well from the beginning. More wildlife are showing up dead, the water near or within 10 miles of the broken well site is cloudy with oil and dispersant. The addition of dispersant some 1 million gallons of the chemical solvent has spread the oil and sunk most of it to the bottom of the ocean. This was the most deadly use of chemicals in an oil spill in history and it did not work for the Exxon Valdez spill in the seventies.

Video chat rooms at Ustream

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Clinton on BP Oil

July 3, 2010  Clinton on BP Oil’s leak commented that it may become necessary to ” blow up the well and cover the well with piles and piles of debris. The problem is do you trust BP Oil with a bomb, and secondly would it work.  Whether the two relief wells will work are anyone’s guess and Bill Clinton said ” it is a geological monster”.

Bill Clinton-It may become necessary to blow up the BP Well to Stop the Leak

The navy might have to step in but ” there are all kind’s of consequences that would have to be considered”  “You can shut that well but what else might you do that upsets the eco structure of the Gulf”.  ” We have no tool that belongs to the federal government to shut that well down”.  He went on to say we are “dependant on these people that work for BP”.

Certain statements Bill Clinton made are disturbing somewhat when you consider that no one can stop this leak and even the two relief wells  may not work.  When has mankind lost its moral compass on this disaster to the point of being so technologically advanced that we cannot correct our own mistakes?   Sure Bill Clinton wants us all to calm down as he says in the video but these are desperate times that affect the world -not just the United States.  Putting explosives in the hands of British Petroleum is a daunting and frightening thought considering their track record and their avoidance of responsibility if the bombs failed,  they would blame the US government and try to escape liability for the entire event since April 20, 2010.

The real issues is BP doesn’t want to blow up the well because then they will lose their motherlode of oil in that region apparently as Bill Clinton says in the video this is a gusher that is spitting out a ton of oil and they do not wish to let it go even at the cost of polluting all the world’s oceans.

What if the oil will leak forever since no human can actually travel that far down into the ocean floor to fix it and that is the reason why oil drilling at this depth should be stopped.  Until the oil companies come up with the extreme safety measures this type of oil extraction requires then all oil drilling by BP should be suspended.  Apparently President Obama does not believe that BP Oil should be stopped from drilling in Alaska, as he must have given his permission for their new lease in that state.

The thought of another nightmare explosion like the Gulf happening again would certainly destroy the world’s oceans.

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BP New Project in Alaska

June 24, 2010 BP’s new drilling in Alaska was granted special permission to drill off shore in Alaska in the fall of 2010 despite the fact that this corporation caused the biggest spill in world history.  Rolling Stone reports on the new drilling project and opening up more drilling by the derelict drilling corporation is sheer madness on Obama’s part.

BP New Oil Drilling in Alaska

Obama did assure that this “would never happen again” as he spoke after the Gulf Oil disaster struck on April 20, 2010 and he put offshore drilling on a 6 month moratorium.  Obama did put a freeze on all new off shore drilling and this move by BP flies in the face of that stop to all oil drilling.  More on the Rolling Stone.

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BP’s Changing Spill Estimates

June 19, 2010 BP’s changing oil estimates has made it more difficult for the government or the Americans to determine the amount of oil spillage into the Gulf from Day 1- April 20, 2010.

Yesterday BP’s 10 hour shutdown on containing the oil spilling into the Gulf was due to fixing a problem on fire prevention equipment. Those 10 hours let approximately 25,000 barrels freely spilling into the ocean yesterday. One can assume that BP’s changing estimates is for a very good reason namely a legal reason and a financial one.

BP Estimates-Low Ball the Leaked Oil Estimates

BP has consistently changed the oil leak estimated the flow of oil from the public and supposedly the US government is incapable of these measurements yet it relied on BP being honest. However BP’s changing oil spill estimates make the company less believable and less trusted during this whole disaster which is holding Americans hostage.

Today the accurate amount of captured oil according to BP’s figures is 25,000 barrels a day. This amount is five times greater than the second estimate which was 5,000 barrels that it admitted to earlier in April.

If BP is capturing 25,000 barrels out of the 60,000 barrels and 10,000 barrels are burned off at the surface each day as BP claims, that is only 35,000 eliminated which leaves another 25,000 still spilling into the Gulf and still damaging the economy of four US states. That is if you believe BP oil at all.

Since the beginning BP purposefully first announced it was only 1,000 barrels on April 24, 2010 which was 4 days after the explosion.  The object of the game was to downplay the flow estimates to avoid panic and interest from the media.

April 24, 2010 BP announces flow of leaked oil is 1,000 barrels a day.

April 28, 2010 BP raises the estimate to 5,000 barrels a day.

May 27, 2010  BP raises the estimates again to 12 to 19,000 barrels a day.

June 10, 2010 BP raised the estimate again to 35,000 to 60,000 barrels daily.

This was about the time that people were allowed to view the underwater camera’s BP had trained on the site of the leak all along and this is clearly deceptive for the oil company to now release the video only in short periods of time and at certain angles of view.

This increased amount was always flowing into the Gulf despite BP’s changing estimates to hide the amount. The amounts all along and prior to the cap and kill the last procedure that failed it was more than 60,000 barrels.  But since the US government is so inept at regulations, the failure to regulate is costing Americans more than they bargained for by the BP oil company.

If the amount was greater than 65,000 barrels or was it 75,000 or even 100,000 barrels is left for the lawyers to decide in court. The US government has failed miserably in that it accepted the low balled estimates from BP Oil the main responsible party in the spill. The Coast guard, the MMS, the EPA all failed to correctly estimate the correct amount of spill which must be accurate in order for claims to be determined correctly.

BP Oil Reaches Florida’s Beaches

If you Believe BP Oil- Triple the Estimate for an Accurate Figure

The 60,000 barrels a day is low ball figure obviously when you are dealing with BP there is no trust and therefore tripling their last estimate is probably more accurate for the judgment of penalty costs per barrel of oil spilled each day.

The amount is astronomical and BP will try to get away with it at the risk of their own bankruptcy which the Republican-Tea Party-Conservatives will never allow despite what Americans want done with BP Oil. Many are calling for the US government to seize all assets, bank accounts and ensure that the 100’s of billions of dollars are paid- every brown greasy cent of it.

But you can tell what’s coming in the courts.  BP will deny the amounts are higher because they were never estimated accurately.  However one key fact does not exempt them from blame and that is that each of their failed procedures including the Top cap and Kill made matters worse and allowed more oil to spill.  BP will blame this on the US government who approved them to go ahead, and it is always reassuring to know you had government approval to make matters worse and then eliminate yourself from the blame.

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Posted March 18, 2011
What the BP Oil Spill has to do with Volcano Eruptions, Tsunami’s and Poison Gas Alert from June 19, 2010

Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean

June 18, 2010 Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean what are we to think of the man who heads the most powerful oil company of the world in the oil industry and why does he remind us of Mr. Bean.

Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean similarities do not stop at his physical looks and appearance but go much further when you analyze the failures, the lack of safety, carelessness, recklessness all of which he denied in a Congressional Hearing June 17, 2010.  Before congress Mr. Bean er…it was pointed out that Mr. Tony Hayward graduated from England’s finest engineering university and has credentials up his wazoo.

Tony Hayward Mr. Bean we know denied BP’s role was “reckless” endangerment of a Gulf.  He cited four other responsible parties a point to remember when the litigation commences whenever BP decides to end “their investigations” of the April 20, 2010 oil rig explosion on Deep Water Horizon.  The first congressional hearing had them all blaming each other as BP blamed both Halliburton and Horizon for letting BP go ahead and continue replacing the drill mud with sea water.  As we learned later BP made the fateful and final decision to proceed with a very dangerous rig and drilling procedures that none of its competitors would have undertaken.

Mr. Bean-BP's Newest CEO

Back to Mr. Bean-Tony Hayward and his penchant for clumsy statements in the press, his arrogant ” I want my Life Back!!” and his continuous series of BP commercials which cost 50 million dollars to tell Americans BP cares about the little people.

A more ignorant media campaign by BP’s oil public relations department could not have been more misguided and insulting to Americans who lost their jobs, their way of life, and for Americans who now have lost a food supply source.

The PR department has done enough damage to itself by promoting Mr. Tony Hayward -Mr. Bean as their competent and fearless leader that has led them to the depths of public hatred unknown since the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.

Tony Hayward – Mr. Beans Gaffs Live

Can Tony Hayward be rehabilitated or does he have to go back to school like Mr. Bean?  The similarities of the re- educating of Mr. Tony Hayward-Mr. Bean is hauntingly similar and displays British humor at the corporate level at BP Oil.

No wonder they blew up a rig, exploding the drill, and turning the Gulf of Mexico into an Oil Reservoir.

Mr. Bean Takes his First Walk on a Louisiana Beach- Get out of there -shoo away the Cameras

This is Day 35 of the Oil Spill that was getting Ugly with a Sludge of Oil washing up on a pristine Louisiana Beach.

Video Courtesy of : FiredogLake.com

Katie Couric Got a Laugh from Interviewing Mr. Bean

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This wasn’t Our Accident- We are Not Responsible for the Accident- Tony Hayward Exclusive- We are only responsible for the Oil. ( Note to self- 60 Days later -the oil leak is not plugged, the oil continues to contaminate the Gulf.

Where is Mr. Bean when you need him to save the World?

Update: Tony Hayward has either been deported or sent to Siberia on a new mission.  A new Facebook Page started by our article has Mr. Tony Hayward’s new fan club on Facebook.

Have a look;  Tony Hayward on Facebook

Tony Haywards’ Facebook Page

BP’s Oil Scam

June 13, 2010 BP’s Oil scam are their perpetual oil spills which keep repeating themselves as if we are spilling more now than we consume and far more than we could not otherwise do without. Oil is an ancient, dirty, messy and fruitless fuel that does more harm from being extracted to the final result after consumption into the air we breathe. BP believes it can continue spilling, exploding rigs and seem to be quite adapted at escaping punishment or a real deterrent to their scams.

Sign Says " I can't Believe we still have to Protest this crap"/ BP OIl Sign

As BP becomes increasingly careless, additionally greedy and more consuming of the black devil oil we are consumed by its menacing dangers to our very lives. We have now lost a food source, a life giver and the wildlife we have killed off will never be the same again. The animal habitats, the shrimp, the oysters and delicacies the Gulf gave up for us to enjoy-will it ever be the same as it was in the past?  Will Oil destroy this earth?

BP’s Oil Spill scam is not only a wake up call it is a stab to the heart of what priorities we place on what we value and this becomes the paradox. Oil is certainly necessary to provide fuel for vehicles which make life convenient and allows us to travel quickly from place to place. Oil heats our home, runs machines but are we the victims of the importance the industry keeps drilling to us which is more like a coke dealer telling a junkie you need this and you can’t do without a hit.

BP Oil Protest Signs-As Anger Mounts in the Gulf States

But is there a better, cleaner way to transport ourselves into the future and will we ultimately have to pay the very high price of destroying what is valuable to obtain what we should have investigated long ago. Or will we continue along a path which will led us to our own demise, making the same mistakes over and over until we are no longer able to sustain our lives. Will BP’s scam continue to force us to keep buying SUV’s and vehicles that run on oil and gas.

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BP Oil Arrives in Florida

June 4, 2010  BP Oil is arriving in Florida as Day 46 of the oil spill continues to spill covering one third of the Gulf of Mexico with oil -crude oil from their drilling operations.  The drill is located only 50 miles from the Louisiana shores however the oil leaking into the gulf is being carried by the gulf currents in an eastern direction towards the west coast of Florida and its beaches.

Welcome to Pensacola Beaches -Florida has BP Oil

The oil sheen and tar balls are washing up on the city of Pensacola beaches which is in the Florida panhandle with oil sheen being seen on the incoming waves in Florida.  Tar balls require hand picking by clean up crews and people are being asked not to touch them.  The people of Florida are very frustrated and angry all ready that their lives, their economy and their environment are being negatively affected.

The mayor of Pensacola interviewed on CNN has called for the federal government to direct BP to stop this oil leak now, before it starts to arrive in greater volumes. The mayor reports a reduction of hotel reservations, restaurants and tourism in city and businesses are complaining about the lack of customers.

For the past several weeks the BP Oil has destroyed most of the Louisiana wetlands a breeding ground for wildlife, shrimp and oysters which are showing up dead or dying covered with the brown thick crude oil in the gulf waters.

The real estate prices are much higher in Florida than coastal Louisiana and many millionaire mansions of the wealthy will have BP’s oil creeping into their little world.  There will be more action now that the wealthier areas of the Gulf coastline will be affect and more anger, fear and demands that BP Oil clean up all the oil they have spilled.

Alabama is also getting oil washing ashore on their state’s coastline as well as Mississippi which is an untenable situation with more cleanup required, more booms, more of all clean up efforts.

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BP Oil Update June 3-Capping the Leak

June 3, 2010 3:00 p.m.,  BP Oil June 3 updated and it appears that BP Oil is managing to put the cap on the leaking oil pipe of the Horizon Oil Rig drilling operation and it looks as if they have finally managed to stop the leak partially.  The riser pipe has been cut and the containment cap will be installed very soon as efforts to stop the leak had failed in the past.

BP Oil Clean up June 1, 2010

The Oil Spill Cam has become an international choice for those who want to see the oil leaking and here it is again:

Just Click this frame once to see the Live Feed

Stream videos at Ustream

Meanwhile the millions of gallons of oil are still washing up on the shores of Pensacola Florida and the Florida part of Florida beaches which is called the Panhandle as the gulf currents are pushing the oil into areas of the Gulf far away from the spill site.  It won’t be too soon an end to this massive disaster of the gulf oil spill which is the largest environmental damage in the world’s history.  Most of the oil is sunk to the bottom of the gulf and large plumes of oil still exist which will cause people concern in regards to eating any seafood from the Gulf for a very, very long time.  The chemical dispersant Corexit 9500 has been dumped in the Gulf to the tune of 1 million gallons of the deadly toxic chemical which was supposed to disperse the oil however it just spreads the oil around.   This was a big mistake as far as the EPA is concerned they are not environmentally educated and has a great closeness to the oil, chemical and coal industry.

Tony Hayward the CEO of BP in a statement moments ago indicated with the 24 hours or 48 hours they will have the oil leak capped.

We will be updating as the news progresses this afternoon and will bring you the latest BP Oil Updated.

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BP Cut and Cap

June 2 2010 BP Cut and cap is underway in an attempt to cut the leaking pipe BP has run into more problems with the diamond cutting saw getting stuck in the midst of the cut and cap.  The saw blade visible in the camera below is expected to work but its any one’s guess as to whether this operation will work when BP’s efforts so far have proven to fail.

In fact if the cap that is intended to cap off the oil does not stay on after they have opened up a gusher hole with more oil leaking this may prove to be more harmful than ever predicted by the scientists and experts.  The estimates of pressure are undisclosed and seem to be a challenge for BP oil to overcome in their efforts to cap the leak and stop the flow of oil.  The oil is now spreading throughout the gulf of Mexico and headed towards the western coast line of Florida.  As hurricane season is now under way as of June 1st the spread of oil can worsen the coastline pollution and damages.

BP Cut and Cap Saw Gets Stuck during Operation to Stop the Leak

In all this procedure is not used 5,000 feet below the surface and with all calculations made todate the pressure of the oil coming from the bottom of the ocean must be strong enough that the Junk shot and the Top Kill were unable to control it days ago.

The total amount of oil now is estimated at 800,000 gallons per day but many say it is much higher and both the government and BP Oil are not telling the truth.

At this rate of 800,000 gallons it is much higher than before BP started to attempt a repair and they may be doing more damage than any benefit to stop the leak.

Tags: BP Operation Cut and Cap, BP Cut and Cap, BP Saw gets stuck, BP Oil, BP.

Sarah Palin’s Swan Song

June 1, 2010 Sarah Palin’s Swan Song- Plug Baby Plug is sure to be Sarah Palin mantra now as she had long been the spokesperson for big oil and deep water offshore drilling things have changed drastically. She Twitters now and sends her prayers to the people of Louisiana and there is no condemnation of BP Oil -how sad.

Sarah Palin called for more domestic oil exploration during the 2008 Presidential election that has led to the BP Oil disaster  was the cheerleader Sarah Palin catch phrase as she sung the praises of big oil exploration in Alaska.  Where ever there is oil off the east coast, the southern coast or the west coast Sarah Palin endorses drilling for it.

Louisiana Battles BP Oil's Mistakes-World History Making Disaster

More than a celebrity she has enter the “rich celebrity” category charging 1.2 million per show on the Discovery Channel upcoming show highlighting the wildlife of Alaska.  Palin must fly in first class for her expensive engagements and it must be a private Lear 60 jet or larger.  Gone are the days of the hillbilly shack in Wasilla and shooting wolves from helicopters.

For all she is worth Sarah Palin and her tea party favorites have hidden like rats leaving a ship since April 20, 2010 when her husbands ex-employer had created the largest disaster involving an ecological and economical catastrophe unlike the world has ever known. Now this corporation has not the skills, the intelligence or the hindsight to shut off the oil spilling millions of gallons of oil until mid-August, 2010.

This represents four long months of not only the damage to the coastal wetlands but the total annihilation of the economy whether it be tourism, the food industry or the lives of Americans in Four US States. It is unknown how the damage will progress in years to come however it will be greater than some analysts have the capability to predict.

Where is Sarah Palin and why is she not commenting on the horrors of BP Oil’s damage to the people who live one of the world’s largest gulf waters on the southern shores of four states?

Sarah is more concerned with her speaking engagements and that green stuff called cash and Lear Jets.

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BP Oil Map

The BP Oil Map which shows where the oil is and how it is spreading throughout the gulf onto the shores of southern states. Tar balls, oil slicks and up to 19,000 barrels of oil spewing into the Gulf.

Updates on BP Oil Spill

The 11 men dead have heard no words of comfort from BP Oil the corporation that market’s gas products to Americans who are their largest customers. BP Oil leases still continue to pump oil in the Gulf where any further leaks could devastate the American economy worse than any war, and worse than any terrorists.

The White House is in the situation room trying to figure out how to make BP clean up its mess while falling over itself trying to deny charges it has been slow, dead slow to act and initiate a plan.  Obama’s visit to Louisiana did little to help the local fisherman in fact he spoke more with other government officials like Thad Allan and the Governors of four states.

What Obama should have been doing is demanding BP step up the issuing of checks, the clean up needs thousands of more people, the booms BP is using are shoddy and the army needs to use their booms which are more effective.   The White House has to step up financial assistance to the 11 dead men from the explosion on the BP rig and it has to use organic, non-chemical use of products that soak up the oil without further harm to the environment.

In short the White House had better devote more time, energy and manpower to stop the damage, and stop the oil leak.  President Obama has been given “industry” information which is inaccurate and swayed towards their own needs.   A criminal investigation should be launched now -not later and the facts of how, why and where this explosion happened must be met with legal action today.

Pelican tries to Clean off the Oil May 27, 2010 Grand Isle Louisiana

BP Live Oil Camera

Map Courtesy of The Daily Green

19,000 barrels of oil are continuing to pour into the Gulf each day which does not jive with BP’s earlier estimates. 

BP the largest oil producer of the world with the most experienced scientists and engineers that are highly expert underestimated the rate of flow by 75 percent.  BP Oil claimed they didn’t know how much oil was leaking and they denied claims that the amount was much higher.  

BP Oil kept the video cameras away from the public and the media because it knew the reaction it would have and they knew that other scientists would figure out how much oil was actually leaking.