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BP Using Toxic Corexit 9500

May 31, 2010 BP using toxic Corexit 9500 is a huge mistake by the EPA, the Obama administration is being given bad advice and the clean up crews are getting very sick from breathing the fumes.  More people in Louisiana have been getting sick yesterday and today from the chemical fumes as they try to clean up the oil on shores and inlets.

Corexit 9500 Being Dumped into the Gulf of Mexico

Corexit 9500 has highly toxic side effects and BP keeps on dumping millions of gallons of this dispersant for a reason, it is spreading the oil mess and it is killing off the wildlife faster.

The Corexit 9500 has not been used in these quantities is keeping the oil in the water column and making matters worse.  If the US government continues to allow this deliberate attempt at destroying the Gulf there will be hell to pay.

BP Oil is also not providing masks for the clean up crew they are hiring and this is not the correct procedure in handling this oil spill.  The toxins alone will affect people, animals and will be in the waters of the Gulf.

Here are the handling requirements from the EPA Emergency Management site:

1. Flammability:
IMO: Non-flammable; DOT: Non-hazardous.
2. Ventilation:
Use with ventilation equal to unobstructed outdoors in moderate breeze.
3. Skin and eye contact; protective clothing; treatment in case of contact:
Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Get prompt medical attention. Avoid contact with skin and clothing. In case of skin contact, immediately flush with large amounts of water, and soap if available. Remove contaminated clothing, including shoes, after flushing has begun. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. For open systems where contact is likely, wear long sleeve shirt, chemical resistant gloves, and chemical protective goggles.
4.a. Maximum storage temperature: 170ºF
4.b. Minimum storage temperature: -30ºF
4.c. Optimum storage temperature range: 40ºF to 100ºF
4.d. Temperatures of phase separations and chemical changes: None

The chemical has arsenic in it and this will alone poison the water column for fish and mammals.

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