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Clinton Asks Meek to Step Down

Oct. 28, 2010 Clinton asks Meek to step down/  News reports or rumors that former President Bill Clinton asked democratic candidate for Florida Representative Kendrick Meek to step aside to allow independent candidate Charlie Christ to win against Marco Rubio the republican candidate.

Did Bill Clinton Ask Kendrick Meek to Step Aside for Charlie Crist
Did Bill Clinton Ask Kendrick Meek to Step Aside for Charlie Crist

The rumors of Bill Clinton’s involvement in striking a deal with Meek are still unconfirmed but the top aides and discussions between Meek and Christ indicated that Meek who is trailing in the polls is considermign the strategy.

Meek has confirmed that there have been calls to and from persons who are close to the previous President and Meek did indicated to CNN that he has had discussions about leaving the race but thus far he is still in the race for Florida’s senate seat.

Marco Rubio wants the Bush tax cuts to become permanent for corporations and the rich claiming hte tax codes are unknown.  Rubio wants the taxes cut on large corporations and he believes this will create jobs and endorses the free markets unfettered by government regulations.

Another of Rubio’s ideas is to end the Death tax which will not benefit most people until they are deceased, and ending the Energy tax. He also favors ending regulations that hurt job creation and if he means deregulating the oil industry to favor corporations like BP to continue to operate without following regulations he is endorsing a reckless government policy.  In fact if you look at Rubio’s 21 bright ideas they predominately end property tax, sales taxes but he does not account for the losses of revenue and how he will cover those losses.

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