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Keystone Pipeline- Water or Oil?

Keystone Pipeline- Water or Oil?

There’s been a  big oil promotion going on with millions being spent on television advertising to convince the public that Tar Sands, Keystone Pipeline and natural gas fracking is all safe, warm and fuzzy.   The army of  lobbyists buying up politicians (both sides of the isle)  by the dozen claim that Keystone XL Pipeline will create jobs.

Big oil lobbyists claim the TransCanada Inc Keystone XL Pipeline  will give us “security” and protect us from our habit of consuming foreign oil and makes us less dependent. When actually we are becoming “More Dependent” through mass media ads.

Regardless of the facts that fracking alone causes earthquakes and there are 20,000 of them planned in the Keystone Pipeline plan, big oil is heading down a very slippery slope.  By forcing the public into a plan in which they have no say, is inviting failure and a massive backlash.

The Keystone Pipeline is not safe and what does this say about the future of energy? Firstly the people who are building the pipeline do not have a very good track record of safety and an expected spill or a few earthquakes won’t matter much to them.

Keystone Job Figures a Fairy Tale

In the Oil and Gas Journal and other publications like the Wall Street Journal you can read various claims that the Keystone Pipeline will create thousands of jobs. The Wall Street Journal claims 13,000 jobs will be created which is totally inaccurate and highly inflated.
You can read the same stories filled with the same inaccuracies about the massive job creation on each website you turn to and that unions are clamoring for these jobs.

The figures are inflated to promoting Keystone jobs when the facts clearly indicate that no oil company will keep 3,000 union workers employed for long.  Once the pipeline is built there would be no need for them in fact, the jobs that were transporting the oil in the past will be gone.

Quote: ” 3,000 union jobs” and “another 118,000 spin-off jobs”. Another promoter of the Oil industry the Perryman Group claim it’s not 118,000 jobs but 118,000 temporary jobs which will last one year”  Media Matters. That stands to reason since after the pipeline is built there is are no further construction jobs and those workers will be laid off again. These are all temporary jobs and feeding on an unemployed market especially in a recession is building false hopes of lasting employment from Keystone.

Cornell researchers claim that: ” The truth is the pipeline will destroy jobs and the environment including, US drinking water derived from the Delaware Basin. The first map of the Keystone Pipeline Trail: Amidst these false claims the people of America have had massive protests from Canada on down to Washington they are vehemently opposed to Keystone XL for a variety of reasons.

Farmers, environmentalist, home owners, and the general public have railed against this massive pipeline that will bring more and more oil to the already giant car market and gas guzzling vehicles. Under pressure from Hillary Clinton’s State Department, the TransCanada Corp agreed to re-reroute the massive pipeline and proceed through Nebraska instead.

Hillary Clinton has the final say since she is the head of the State Department and the project involves two countries Canada and The USA.

Who Pays for the Cleanup?

Trans Canada is paying for the whole operation, which means they will have total control over the pipeline and the surrounding environmental cleanups if the Republicans do not destroy the EPA first. The very conservative province of Alberta is akin to the Republican party in the US and the Premier could not be happier. After all big oil and gas lobbyists have been praying for this for decades.

While the Republicans are quickly trying to scrap the Environmental Protection Agency of the US government, people like Ron Paul claim that they would do away with the only regulatory body against pollution in the whole country!! Astonishingly stupid.

Any teenager right now, must know that they are inheriting a polluted world by this current and older generation who have alleviated themselves of any responsibility for future generations to have a clean world to live.

The pipeline will contain and move 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta to Texas refineries. This  oil will knock out the transportation of oil by truck or rail and thereby killing a large if not massive amount of jobs. Oil Company Records on Safety is Abysmal  BP Oil has had many leaks on the Alaska Pipeline for years, and ignored warnings by workers that the pipes required maintenance, but they ignored the warnings.  Afterwards, a major spill occurred attributed to rusty pipes that needed repair. This is just one example of what is to come with Keystone XL, shoddy maintenance records that are fudged as in the Alaska pipeline case.

The Oil companies are famous for cheating the EPA regulations in maintenance costs, and putting the environment at danger to save a buck. We can look forward to the same amount of recklessness as the Gulf spill by British Petroleum, this time it will be on land. The crude oil will still have to be refined in greater amounts arriving in Texas which will further emit carbon into  the air in Texas and surrounding states.  Don’t move to Texas if you want to breathe air at all.

Keystone Undermines The US Commitment to Clean Energy

The Keystone pipeline is a 100 degree turnaround of what President Obama said he would do regarding creating green jobs not supporting the fossil fuel industry. It speaks to his ability to potentially endanger his own re-election campaign. The lobbyists have done their job and bidding process with the republican party namely the Koch Brothers who stand to make billions more on the Keystone Pipeline. BP, Shell, Esso and Conoco-Philips all well-known industry polluters will also cash in on the oil gold rush. But the pipeline in the energy business will be outdated before long, with larger economies like China who are doing the exact opposite.

China is investing in their future in green energy and once again the US will be outsmarted, outwitted, too ancient in their thinking and we will be buying green energy products from China.   Gas Prices at the Pump will Not Go Down We haven’t heard the oil companies promoting this claim and they have not breathed a word about cheaper gas prices for domestic refining which would stand to reason. However, the oil companies plan on “exporting” more oil to foreign countries thereby fattening their profits but with little benefits to the people who own the resources.  After all, the oil companies do not “own” the resource of oil or gas the people do.

National Security Claims are False

The claim by the industry that oil and gas shortages presents a “national security” issue are false. The middle east even though revolutions have taken place have not reduced capacity and the oil is still flowing regardless of how many wars exist. The oil industry has claimed that “oil and gas energy” is in the national security interest and makes the US less dependent on foreign countries. However, it does not cure the addiction to oil that the industry puts upon the consumer.

Tar Sands -The Most Expensive Way To Refine Crude Oil

Tar sands is just that. It is a mixture of a tar substance, similar to molasses with sand particles and shale rock. The process requires heating the gooey mess called Bitumen at high temperatures giving off hydrocarbons to extract the oil.  Tar sands is the most filthy way to get oil into refinement and produces the most harmful by-products plus it leaves huge craters and holes into the landscape where nothing can grow.

The Energy Disaster for Canada – and the United States Tar Sands-Alberta


On the Canadian side, just as many Canadians are against the Tar Sands of Alberta and have been for over a decade.   The problem with Canada as mentioned in the video is they are selling off all their resources and have saved none for themselves.

The last point I wish to make is the fact that crude oil seems to be the only resource the corporations are worried about but they have forgotten one much more vital resource and that is water.

While not trying to predict the future I remain confident that within a short period of time the United States would have completely polluted their own drinking water with gas fracking, chemical dumping, coal sludge and the filthiest big energy companies refusing to pay for any clean up.

The facts are not to difficult to understand in a future where water will become the oil of the future.  Water will be so scarce that you will have to pay a king’s ransom for it and there will be very, little supply of clean water to drink.

So, what is it going to be, gas in your big SUV or water? Keystone Pipeline- Water or Oil?

We can all survive without a car, but without water most people die within 3 days some have lasted up to 10 days on rare occasions.

Will Americans begin to wake up to the fact that once the waters are all polluted to the point they are getting now, they can never be made clean again, the damage is permanent.

What shall we drive then? 

NB: This issue will not go away, and on Twitter -there are many unanswered question as President Obama ponders what to do.

We All hope he makes a decision for our future, and not cave to the dirtiest industry on earth, and the Koch Brothers.

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Keystone Pipeline- Water or Oil?  Posted Dec. 17, 2011 

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Obama and BP Oil

June 29, 2010 Obama’s big mistakes with BP Oil. How does the old saying go, ” Your either part of the problem or part of the solution” In this case Obama is part of the problem and failures in stopping the oil leak in the Gulf and it has become his Katrina.

Either Obama fires Admiral Allen or risk more mismanagement of the US government failing to stop the most disastrous  attack on the US since 911.  Admiral Allen is taking orders from BP Oil and continues to use the word we, we capped the oil, we did nothing to stop the leak.  We…will….who is this we?  This guy is two kicks to the door shy of retiring so let him retire, we need fast brains, fresh blood and a leader that is not an order taker.

BP and Obama History will not be Kind

Every day more horror stories are uncovered about what BP has not done and it is beyond the pale. Since the beginning BP Oil has been deceptive on how much oil is leaking and falling to paying for damages to people and businesses.

BP Oil started using a toxic solvent called Corexit 9500 over 6 weeks ago, against the EPA’s request to stop using it, they continuing to sink the oil to the bottom of the ocean.

If BP had not used the dispersant the oil would have stayed on the surface and would have been easier to collect.  There is a reason for this and it is impossible to retrieve these plumes of sunken oil now, it is too late and unfortunately Obama trusted the EPA, MMS, Tony Hayward and the management of BP Oil that they were all doing their job. The heavy oil is still sitting at the bottom of the ocean, where it will never be cleaned out and BP wants it that way.

BP has purposefully underestimated the amount of oil, from 1,000 to 5,000 barrels per day, and it was not until American scientists calculated the true amount of leaking oil, and it is much higher than the current BP estimate of 60,000 barrels. The public does not believe any estimates due to all this deception and even the appearance that you do, is disheartening to say the least.

This solvent alone has damaged the eco-system which provides a food source, an economy and again BP is damaging the Gulf and the EPA had approved this chemical which was wrong. The damage will be for decades and long after Obama leaves the Whitehouse. This is the same dispersant that Exxon used in the Alaska oil spill in the 1970’s and that chemical and oil  to this day 30 years later is still in the waters and washing on the shores.  All dispersant and chemicals must be stopped immediately or Obama is allowing this for a reason.

The big oil has yet to arrive and it is stilling below the surface waiting to destroy more of the gulf with a in a volume the likes as we have never seen in history. Scientists indicate that 80 percent of the oil is moved by the ocean currents and the likely destination is north or west. This volcano has yet to erupt and when it does there will be no way of

It is time for President Obama to call in the military, and take action which he has never done before.  This requires a military that is working for Americans not a corporation that is seeking to minimize their losses.

If you listened to BP’s initial estimates that even 165,000 barrels in the Gulf would never reach the shore, you would have to admit they lied to the US government before drilling the well within 50 miles offshore. BP oil hired engineers, scientists who were obviously minimizing the possibilities of an oil explosion and again we know they lied, deceived and misled the government.

Rumor has it that BP has hit the mother load of all oil wells and this oil drill will never run dry.  That is why they are using two relief wells because the amount of oil gushing from this well is enormous.  This is believable since BP did not proceed to blow up the pipe because they want it to continue forever inspite of the fact that 200K barrels of it is leaking into the Gulf.  They don’t care.  They will tap that pipe and continue to suck up American owned oil.

One wonders why corporations need regulating -it is because they cut corners to save money on trivial expenses like safety.  But what is that old saying ” penny smart and pound foolish”.  What BP saved on the $ 500,000.00 acoustic blow out preventer will now cost them over 100 to 200 billion dollars in damages which they should pay immediately not in twenty years like Exxon.

BP has failed at safety many times and with their track record they should be banned from drilling anywhere in the world. Obama’s biggest mistake is not demanding that all profits derived from oil extracted off of US shores should go to the four states affected by BP’s explosion.

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Link to: ABC News

Obama Weighs in on BP Efforts in Gulf

May 27, 2010 Obama is just now weighing in on new plans to suspend off shore drilling off the coast of Virginia, Alaska and has called for reform as he has established a National Commission on Deep Sea drilling.

The study will concentrate on root causes and how to prevent spills including which laws were not enforced.  BP Oil had obtained oil drilling offshore leases from the MMS which has come under fire for being a corrupted agency taking bribes and gifts from big oil.

Obama on the Gulf Situation -Heading to Louisiana May 28, 2010 for a 2nd Visit

He also called for new efforts to create clean new energy which will lead to new job creation and that it has been talked about for years.  A clean energy economy will compete with China who have surpassed the US in developing new sources of green energy.

On the  oil spill,  Obama said was located in a place where no human can intervene to stop the leak.  The oil spill is a wake up call and an unprecedented disaster as he expressed his anger and frustration.  However we are at week five of this oil spill and still it has not been stopped under BP’s handling the situation.  The President has been criticized for lacking his call to action but he recalled the first day that the rig blew up and sank to the bottom of the ocean that he was on the case.

Top Kill Update

BP continues today Friday May 27th -with their efforts of Top Kill but the mud seems to be shooting out of the holes of the pipe and has not plugged the leak yet.  It is now 24 hours since the Top Kill operation was started and so far the oil is still leaking but the mud is visible on the underwater cameras.

Obama called for stronger controls of the technology used to kill a leak and for greater government control of the offshore drilling industry.  The Top Kill has its risk because of the pressurized levels under fridge temperatures that the compounds used in the mud had to be considered by the world wide experts and with BP engineers to make calculations on:  how much mud to use, and how fast to apply this to the pipe leaking the oil.

The coast guard was in the position as an approval basis of BP’s contracts with clean up companies for which it had in place. Obama explained that the deployment of these outside companies had to be acted on first. However he stated that Bobby Jindal’s proposal had to be considered and it is approved for the government to send more boom to stop the oil from leaking into the marshlands.   However it is too late for this because as of yesterday the oil is in the marshes.   Also Obama has to consider other alternatives that are less harmful than the chemicals that BP is using which are solvents -dangerous and deadly to not only the clean up personnel but also to wildlife.

Booms made of human hair and even Keven Costner has a machine that will clean up oil and turn it into water that people in the government have ignored.  The government has to step up fast and now to prevent more damage to the coastline here on day 39 of the Gulf oil spill explosion.

Obama weighs in on Elizabeth BirnBaum

President Obama mentioned that Elizabeth Birnbaum either quit or was fired but he was not sure on this as Ken Salazar is giving testimony in front of Congress this afternoon.

Today the head of MMS’s head Elizabeth Birnbaum has either been fired, asked to leave or quit her job and further firings are expected as MMS has been the problem of government being too close to the oil industry. Many have said that Birnbaum was hardly around and most employees did not know her.

Scientists have said that Birmbaum did nothing to fix the problems of the agency which has been coddling to the Oil industry and these same managers ignored warnings under the Bush administration and ignoring environment risk in favor of pleasing the oil businesses.

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Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama

Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama  
Even though the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President has brought much publicity to Alaska to the Republican nominee, it is clear that the Anchorage Daily News is endorsing Barack Obama for President of the United States.
Today in an article the Anchorage Daily News “in their sober view” stated that John McCain is the wrong choice for President and Sarah Palin is also not ready to take on the massive problems with two wars, the economy, mortgage meltdown, Wall Street let alone Russia and Iran.
Photo: Sarah Palin Courtesy of the Painter of Pancakes- Dan Lacey
The ADN goes on to say that Sarah Palin has made a national name for herself and that she was so successful, creating passion and charisma where ever she landed. Little do they know that she is a self-promoter, and is in it for the money.  The fact that she was a short lived Governor of a small state, it is likely that politicians and political pundits will take her not so seriously in the future.
We have to strongly disagree with the Anchorage Daily News since Sarah Palin did much to alienate women voters, and her biased Christian Evangelical and Independence Party rants made her a target for GOP mockery and the public.
You only get one crack at these positions in the world of politics if you have failed before you will most likely fail again.
The GOP did not vet Sarah Palin and she carries far too much baggage such as: Trooper Gate, pregnant teenage daughter, Todd Palin’s ties to big oil companies and then there is the 327 days she deceptively bilked taxpayers for when she was sleeping in her own house. A user and a loser.
These major flaws will not be forgotten and her deception during the campaign, the lies she repeated on Bill Ayers and accusations that Barack Obama is a terrorist – does not make for a good political future.
It will be dependant on how badly McCain and Palin are beaten in the election and which states the GOP lose to the Democrats who are predicted to win big in the November 4 election.
But basically she doesn’t have a prayer in resurrecting her aggressive and ambitious hopes for the Presidency in 2012.
She will be out of the limelight for four years and Obama is assured to use all his capacity to fix the disasters of the Bush legacy, which will make Democrats even more appealing in 2012 to the voting public.
Yet as Sarah Palin returns to the Alaska countryside and shoots her wolves from helicopters, dresses a moose after the kill, and fires off missiles to Russia from her front yard – the wacky, sex pot, red neck from Wasilla will have to be content to resume her wacky lifestyle in the barren cold snow of the great white north.

Updated: Sarah Palin just signed a book deal worth 7 million dollars, and has no plans to return to politics. But this could just be a cover up story and she really will make a stab at 2012, if she is not to busy shopping at Neiman Marcus.. by then.