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H1N1 Vaccine Recalled -Doses Changed 3 Times

H1N1 Vaccine Recalled-Dose Changed 3 Times

Dec 16, 2009 10:00 a.m. Updated August 23, 2011

The H1N1 vaccine recall is making people’s head spin now with three dose changes since it was brought to the market the public is even more worried that this vaccine is dangerous. The FDA has allowed the vaccine makers to make up information on the formulas, which have changed frequently, either with squalene a dangerous immune altering ingredient or without squalene for pregnant mothers.

These are early days in a hyped up epidemic, pandemic and in different countries you get varying doses with China reducing their dose from 2 shots to 1 shot.

H1N1 Vaccine Recalled-Doses Changed 3 Times

Europe reducing from 1 shot to half a shot, and now the US drug makers indicating the 1 shot was not strong enough, that two or more are needed plus the regular flu shot for good measure.  It is a vaccine pimping time in a country that allows drug lobbyists to control the government agency, the FDA. 

H1N1 Vaccine Recalled-Doses Changed 3 Times


The public does not trust that, the FDA knows what they are approving and doesn’t this reveal that drug companies can say whatever they want to push vaccines under fear and false statements. We really do not know what they are doing with this swine vaccine but changing the dosage three times is a clear indication there are big problems with the marketing of the H1N1 vaccine.

H1N1 Vaccine still has toxins and squalene ingredients and the doctor in this video is giving you a warning here obviously he is using his  knowledge and experience on neuro toxins considers this vaccine a “risk” to human health.

Read up on Neurotoxin: Wikipedia

Unproven, untested and ill conceived this swine vaccine has many people refusing to jab their kids with it for good reason. It is toxic to human life and will not prevent any flu let alone not damage a fetus in a pregnant woman. 

Now with the recall Sanofi and Baxter drug makers are scratching their heads trying to come up with a marketing campaign to cover up the fact that they don’t know what they are doing with the H1N1 vaccine.  There is no scientific proof and ingredient details are still lacking, plus the vaccine has not been tested for causing cancer. 


Take it at your own risk.

You have to laugh at NBC’s Dr. Nancy Sniderman’s comments

” Just get your damn vaccines” -don’t worry about the consequences.

You have to love those vaccine pushers don’t you? The national media has been fear mongering about a faked pandemic and promoting a vaccine that was never tested.

Especially since they get paid to promote untested and unproven vaccines and drugs on NBC -

The Morning Drug Cartel Network.

Dr. Sniderman is one of those drug pushing doctors, hired by NBC with the same reputation as a street drug pusher with no basis in science and with the same detrimental consequences.


European Scientists Prepared for Pandemic in January 09

The ESWI is worthy of an investigation and to determine the ” Who are the European Scientists Fighting Influenza”  group and why did they prepare for a pandemic in January 2009.

On their own website this organization calling itself the European Scientists Fighting Influenza is made up of

” ESWI is a partnership organization of 20 not-for-profit organisations, institutes and public health authorities (including WHO, ECDC, Robert Koch Institute, ERS, WONCA and many universities) and the pharmaceutical sector involved in influenza (manufacturers of influenza vaccines and antiviral drugs). This partnership has the specific aim to prevent premature mortality, morbidity, and disability caused by influenza, by giving special attention to policies and behavioural change.

Partnership organizations, like ESWI, are established to meet specific objectives and to undertake projects to address problems that neither partner could tackle adequately on its own. A successful long-term partnership is built on common grounds. In the case of ESWI, this common ground is the social concern to reduce the impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza in Europe.”

It is enlightening to know the WHO organization has partnered with drug company’s in this organization calling themselves a “non-profit” when profits are at the center of this group of greedy corporations.  Their sole purpose is to brainwash governments who in their fear cannot resist the implications of a false state of emergency.  Organizations such as this shows the corruption the drug company’s facilitate when their influence over governments is to the state of massive fraud.

This group were working on a pre-pandemic workshop early in January 2009 just before they released the swine flu virus in Mexico.  This organization is based in Brussels and peddle their influenza vaccines well ahead of the actual announcements from the WHO -that is part of this organization.   As explained in this video the the Members of the European Scientists are advisers for the WHO and actually are 3 producers of vaccines and are  really sponsoring a pandemic for profits.

Here the chain of events are quite clear:

January 2009 Members including the WHO meet with Drug company’s to plan for a Pandemic.

April 2009 AH1N1 Virus found in Mexican US company pig farm raising 1 million pigs for US Food.

June 2009 World Health Organizations announces a Pandemic.

August 2009 Public is aware that laws were changed to force vaccines under government new legislation.

September onward drug company profits soar including Baxter Pharma makers of the H1N1 pig vaccines and other drug company’s.

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Swine Flu Vaccine Raises Only Red Flags

The Swine Flu Agenda – Canadians are leery of US drug company claims on their drugs and vaccines. This so called Pandemic is a manufactured illness and one ingredient was safely made in a laboratory for it was not in the population since the 1900’s.
How did the Swine Flu form, and why did the drug company apply for a patent over 1 year before the Swine flu was initiated in Mexico?

The organized criminal bodies  and  drug companies that are in on this swindle and hoax are:

World Health Organization

Center for Disease Control

Food and Drug Administration

Baxter International Drugs -the patent holder on H1N1 vaccine



Military Laboratories

Write to your local representative and demand this law be changed immediately that will force you to take this vaccine.

See: Vaccine Resistence and : False Flag Flu

This Pandemic Flu is a Bio-Terrorist Act and anyone who resists the vaccine can be arrested under current laws.  In the USA your local Sheriff can protect you from an act of terrorism and can used to protect your from anyone forcing you to be vaccinated.

The media is bought by the corporations and if you get informed that this swine flu is safe you are being sold a bag of lies.

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The Swine Flu Fiasco-Don’t Be a Guinea Pig

Updated: August 3, 2012

What do President Obama and President Ford have in common- they were both fooled.

The two share a common bond of the lack of intelligent thought and guts to stand up to drug companies who are at this moment running the government for them.

A month old vaccine is about to be unleashed on the world that has dire consequences of death and damage to American families.

The Swine Flu Fiasco-Don't Be a Guinea Pig

In 1976 President Ford -mandated swine flu vaccines that are made of the “same materials” as the new N1H1 Swine Flu Vaccine which supposedly is to protect people from the virus.

However, if you do get this vaccine -you will get Swine Flu -and a combination that is unnatural with the added Avian and Human flu viruses also.  The Avian flu virus is grown on lines from diseased monkeys who also carry in their genes the AIDS virus and HIV.  This is a known scientifically proven fact.

The Polio Vaccine of 1959 was made from monkeys also the Simian 40 virus strain which later proved to damage children causing death, and causing paralysis.  Today they are giving it to pregnant women.  This will mean that the fetus will receive the mercury, aluminum and 3 mixed bacterial viruses again this will be in two doses and they want women to get the Tamiflu shot which also contains more mercury.  It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that this massive dose of chemicals and bacterial viruses from animals as well as aborted babies (Christians beware) that this cocktail spells disaster for human health to survive.

However this spells disaster for President Obama who authorized the purchase of 2 billion dollars worth of this unproved, and untested vaccine which he allowed to be mandated to Americans and made the drug companies laugh all the way to the banks. 

Again although drug CEO’s are laughing all the way to the bank they are indeed informing their Republican friends that the Swine Flu vaccine contains aborted baby tissues -these con artists have pulled one over on the religious right Republican Party.

The Swine Flu Fiasco-Don't Be a Guinea Pig

President Obama has taken money from pharmaceuticals for his political campaign and well, he has to “pay back the money” by allowing untested vaccines to be purchased by the US government. The scheme is neither beneficial to Americans or worth the billions of dollars that taxpayers are paying to be guinea pigs in a massive test of cancer causing vaccines.

Little do Republicans know that if they give the Swine Flu to their pregnant wives or daughters they may have deformed babies on the way.  No pregnant mother should take this risk and harm her unborn baby or fetus.

If you want more information on the truth about the Swine Flu Vaccine – this is just an excerpt of Alicia Patterson’s blog and you can read more about being a Guinea Pig for drug companies and President Obama.


Update: Nov. 3, 2011 For some reason the Alicia Patterson’s News letter removed their link here below that we posted in 2009. For some reason they have taken down this reference to vaccines. We do not wish to remove the quote therefore we will leave it up.  Does it make their reputation less credible, no. But it does show that someone is “cleaning up the references to Swine Vaccines, as we have noticed many of our links have been removed”. This is called Internet Censorship, and most likely we blame the pharmaceuticals that are making billions off of – dangerous, deadly vaccines.

We wish to warn internet sites like Alicia Patterson that -if they buckle from pressure to remove free speech, they are caving in to an authoritative group of pharma corporations..


The link below will stand.

Alicia Patterson’s Newsletter and David M Rorvik

“Rash, irresponsible, ill-advised, dangerous, perhaps even corrupt. Those are the only words suitable to describe President Ford’s plan to immunize every man, woman and child in the country”.

The Swine Flu Fiasco-Don't Be a Guinea Pig

The Swine Flu Fiasco makes the Public Guinea Pigs for Profit

United States against a “swine-type strain of virus” which is “believed similar” to one which took half a million lives in the United States in 1918. The plan, approved by Congress, cannot be justified by any reasonable standard and will almost certainly do greater harm than good, very possibly taking more lives than it saves.

  • There is only the scantiest of evidence that a swine-flu epidemic is even remotely likely to occur.
  • Most of the deaths attributed to the 1918 outbreak are known to have been the result not of the virus itself but of secondary, bacterial complications, which are today routinely overwhelmed with antibiotics not available in 1918.
  • Even the discoverers of the “swine-flu threat” have acknowledged that the swine-flu virus is no more virulent and very possibly is less virulent than some recent strains of the flu, which we have coped with quite nicely without mass vaccinations.
  • Vaccination “science” is still primitive, and the mass immunization program Ford appears determined to go through with is rife with peril, as numerous experts and past experience attest.
  • And, yes, there is a possible cancer angle to all of this.

I’d no sooner written this summation when Ida Honorof, the consumer advocate celebrated in the first part of this Newsletter, sent me her assessment of “Ford’s flu folly.”

She characterized the $135 million nationwide immunization program, designed to stick the needle to some 200 million individuals, as “the most brazen, obscene electioneering ploy” ever and added that it was “proposed by President Ford and his coterie of scientific hacks, fabricated to cause pure unadulterated panic and guarantee political capital, rammed through without consideration of people’s health and lives and approved by a band-wagon Congress” eager to make the nation’s “health” a bipartisan concern. “

Targeting Old People and Pregnant Mothers-Death Shot

People have noticed that the origins of the Swine Flu virus have never been investigated, or proven to be a natural occurrence because it was unnatural for it to have happened.  No where in nature in the history of mankind have three viruses mixed themselves together.  This was a planned pandemic for profit.

If an investigation ever occurred on Baxter Drugs you will find that they applied for the patent on H1N1 one year ago, in 2008.  How did they anticipate the Swine Flu?

UPDATE: Swine Flu Vaccine Contains Aborted Fetus Tissues *****

UPDATE:  China is beating India and leading in the race to a Swine Flu Vaccine –  Just another Product Produced in China — just what we need.

Don’t Get Swined -Just Say NO.