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Priests Sex Abuse

Mar. 19, 2010 The Pope in reaction to the many abuse cases reported world wide is writing a letter.  Just a Letter.  This letter is supposed to heal the wounds of the Catholics who in good faith trusted their parish priests.  The letter is supposed to be a letter to apologize for hiding pedophile priests recorded in the church’s hidden secret papers.

This letter was only sent to the Irish Catholics on Friday not to other countries however since Friday the sex abuse cases so far have been perpetrated in many countries including: The USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Bavaria and as far away as Bangalore with reports of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.  The letter is not enough now and most feel the Church has to change policies and get rid of the pedophiles.

The truth about the Ratzinger background before he was a Pope showed evidence that in the 1980’s Archbishop Ratzinger had moved a priest accused of sex abuse to Munich Germany from Essen.  The priest was supposed to receive therapy and not be in contact with children but that was not the case. The priest continued to re-offend and continued the criminal activity of sexual abuse towards children.

Pope Benedict Ratzinger Hid Pedophile Priests for 20 Years.

The German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung broke the story that this priest is still continuing his work in the Church and has not met with any justice.  In 2001 apparently Ratzinger continued to request all cases to be referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and were held in secrecy.

This Archbishop who later became a Pope continuously protected priests from being arrested and tried as other pedophiles in society. If it was not for the accomplices’ in the Church hierarchy the Pope who is supposedly God’s rep on earth has not only committed grievous sins but crimes against their own faithful.

These scandals broke out years ago however they still continue to surface and each time the priest survives criminal prosecution and disbarment from the Church.  There have been more Catholics excommunicated for divorces than Catholic priests for sex abuse, and now gay sexual affairs.

Last week a story erupted about the gay prostitution ring taking place right under the Pope’s nose and the man Angelo Balducci worked as the Gentleman of His Holiness and served as an usher in a Palace for the visiting elite.  Balducci was having gay men procured for him sometimes twice a day. The only reason Balducci was arrested by the Italian police was because of other corruption charges in a construction project.  The evidence consists of wiretapped conversations where men and women were presented to him, in return Balducci who is a married man would grant contracts for work.

In Germany a priest named Maurus Krass accused of failing to report sexual abuse has resigned his post in a monastic school in Bavaria after 120 reported incidents of sexual abuse.  Another priest who served as a college rector  in Bonn Germany has resigned earlier this month for allowing two priests to abuse the students. 

The corruption has exposed the Catholic Church as a virtual playground for sex, prostitution, corruption, pedophilic behavior and total abandonment of Church laws as well as laws of the State.  The Pope has been labeled a “Pedophile Protector” in his ambitious quest to keep priests from prosecution and allow them to continue sexually abusing the Catholic youth.

Any other child molester or who those who have committed sexual abuse of children would be behind bars but these acts were ignored by the Church hierarchy.  It is up to the Italian government and in each country for the police to act and justice to take place. From alter boys, choir boys and just the congregation children -each are at high risk for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

The stories of grown men reduced to tears as they recall being sexually raped by their own parish priests has made the Catholic Church a horror show of modern religions.  The church’s stance on the decreed and forced abstinence of priests is part of the problem.   The Church is basically allowing priests to rape children over and over again.

If this Church is to have any credibility left the solutions to the continuous campaign to protect priests against prosecution they must look within their own Canon laws and enforce them.

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