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Healthcare Reform and Haiti

Jan 17, 2010

We sent over a comment to the CNN News website of Anderson Cooper and responded to a rather ridiculous statement about a magic act that Obama is engaging in trying to get health care for all Americans not just the rich.   From Tom Foreman’s article you would think Obama is doing something wrong.

We wrote to Tom Foreman:

I suppose when one reads this letter they are supposed to be outraged that President Obama has reformed the health care system of the USA. We are supposed to be angry at him for providing health care for all Americans-not just the rich. After Wall Street stole, lost people’s money more people lost their jobs, homes and health care insurance if the even had any from the start.

We are to be angry at Obama for providing health, medicine, care to every man, woman and child in the USA is that the intent of this letter?  What was the alternative has been witnessed by watching CNN’s coverage of the disaster in Haiti.

Well Tom you can well see what happens when corrupt governments such as in Haiti who have hoarded millions of dollars of aid and have not invested in their own people.

You can see Tom by witnessing the carnage on your own CNN coverage of what happens when you do not invest in people, and rather set preferential coverage for only the few rich people in the country. You can see what happens when you do not invest in infrastructure, in hospitals, and in education.

Just where Tom is Obama supposed to invest in -do tell us where he should invest. Would you rather see Republicans helping themselves and their corporate friends on Wall Street to destroy the economy again? ”

You can see our comment -if CNN ever gets around to moderating it – or Tom Foreman’s letter to the President at:


Obama is doing the right thing by investing in the health and care of people, of having coverage for all people so they do not become like the citizens of Haiti. So Tom next time you view what is happening in Haiti-remember that if governments behave in the manner of the Republicans -we will see a Haiti here too.

If you wish to see the USA spiral into a state where government’s mislead their people, and do not invest in society the Haiti’s of tomorrow will be worse and more costly in terms of lives and losses.

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