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Iran’s Govt. Hit with more Cyber Attacks

Feb. 18, 2011 Iran’s government site gets hit with more cyber attacks this evening with all parts of the government getting pepper sprayed with internet attacks in a continuous rebellion against the Iran regime.  It is expected the DDOS’s will continue as a result of the attacks on protesters and the calls for execution of the opposition parties by the ruling clerics.

Anti-Government Protests Move into Iran for Days of Rage
Anti-Government Protests Move into Iran for Days of Rage

Tehran the capital of Iran  has seen continuing and increasingly violent protests then it has seen in decades in the past few days.

More hits this evening have been given the green light, backed by Iranians who are willing to expose all information on Iran’s nuclear program to initiate a process of government change to a democracy.  The people want freedom and there are not many Iranians who want a nuclear program, they just seek their freedom from the clerics and totalitarian government.

The Iranian government has killed many peaceful protesters who are unarmed with real bullets, tear gas and a brutal military force. Civil unrest has been growing since the 2009 elections which were rigged in favor of Ahmadinejad and aggressive protests began years ago.

If it were up to the people Ahamadinejad would be removed along with the old regime clerics that are too rigid for a modern Iran society.

Many Iranians still remember Neda who became a martyr of the Iran freedom movement after the rigged elections.  Neda was shot just walking in the street and has become the symbol of more unrest, more clashes with the government and deepens the hatred against the regime.

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