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Are Russia and USA At War over Monsanto Killing The Bee Population?

June 5, 2013 A story has been circulating about US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent visit to the Kremlin.  According to reports the Russian President Vladimir Putin kept Kerry waiting for three hours for their meeting which indicates a very frosty relationship between the two super powers of the world.

The Russian government’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment released a report that angered Putin before meeting with John Kerry. This information has not been confirmed, even though the US State Department would not admit it and the report on the Russian website for Natural Resources doesn’t mention it either that our reporters could find.

The report indicates that The US government previously has refused to speak about or discuss the grave problem of pesticides killing off the bee population in Russia.

Basically the fight is over the overbearing US pesticide giant Monsanto, who are blamed for their GMO pesticide increased usage, and the mysterious rapid decline of the global bee population attributed to those pesticides.

Global Food Shortages Could Result  from The Collapsing of the Bee Population

If allowed to continue, the lack of bees will kill food production pollination in many countries, Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and China.  There is only one source of this massive GMO pesticide growing problem and that is American corporation Monsanto’s use of pesticides in seeded plants which transfers to the plant’s pollen carried by bees.

As recent as last week, Monsanto has announced it will stop producing GMO plants in most of Europe after a global backlash against their GMO seed everywhere in the world.


Photo courtesy of Free I News

In India, Monsanto is accused of engaging in Bio-Piracy after infecting organic eggplants without permission by India’s government.

Monsanto also destroyed the country’s cotton crops, 133,000 cotton farmers committed suicide due to their financial losses by drinking pesticide chemicals

Austria Banned GMO Crops

In Brazil: 5 Million Farmers sue Monsanto for 6.2 Billion over royalties for seed.

In Canada, Monsanto was sued in court for infecting a canola farm.

Percy Schmeiser won his court case against Monsanto when they tried to take his farm and bankrupt him.

Japan:  Suspended GMO imports of US Wheat on learning that the US is growing GMO wheat.

Poland Bans Monsanto Corn years ago.

In Peru, Monsanto has been banned completely.




South Korea -suspended GMO imports of US wheat also because the US is growing GMO Wheat.

Genetic Altering of Plants, Trees and Food crops is Causing the Death of Bees

The Killing of Bees -How Pesticides is Killing Off Food Produced By Nature

Update on GMO Wheat Growing in the USA without Permission

June 5, 2013 A new report by Raw Story indicates that although Monsanto is banned for growing wheat in the USA, they have contaminated crops in Oregon and North Dakota.

Monsanto is not only breaking the law, they are contaminating the wheat crops that could be causing economic damage to wheat growers.

Russia won’t buy any products that contain GMO, and have put a halt to US imports because of GMO. If the USDA could get rid of their Ex Monsanto lawyer, Tom Vilsack this problem might not have happened. Vilsack has consistently backed up false science and allowed approvals for GMO in: Canola, Sugar, Cotton, Alfalfa, Corn and now Wheat could be infected with GMO.

While the rest of the world’s scientists have proven that GMO causes cancer, the US Dept. of Agriculture, the FDA, The Obama administration allow GMO to be produced for food. Those days are numbered however, as a major backlash against President Obama is going to cost him in 2014

Round Up Ready GMO Wheat Growing In The USA

Quoted from: Raw Story

“Monsanto’s original Roundup Ready GM wheat strain, though approved as safe by the Food and Drug Administration, was not authorized for commercial use at the time Monsanto ended the tests.”

But the US Department of Agriculture announced a week ago that it was found growing in an Oregon field by a farmer.

After a major Global March Against Monsanto last week, across many countries, the world is very much against the US bio-tech giant, and it will only get worse after Congress decided people are not allowed to know what is in their food.

The US Senate voted against GMO labeling in the USA, voted against consumers who want to know and have the right to know what is in their food.

The State Dept. made no mention to the press about Monsanto or bee population discussion on the Briefing of Kerry’s trip to Russia. But President Vladamir Putin is not a tolerant man of such Americanization of the global food supply, he’s a smart man who will not put up with Monsanto’s destruction of the planet. However, the President of the United States has to put a stop to his alliance to Monsanto controlling his thoughts and mind. People won’t put up with that nonsense any longer.

The end of Monsanto Agriculture is nearer than we thought.

Percy Schmeiser v.s. Monsanto

January 10, 2011    Percy Schmeiser v.s. Monsanto

A Canadian Farmer tells the story of how a corporation by the name of Monsanto tried to take his farm, his land and his life away.

How he Fought Back and Won!!

This is not only a take over of  Canadian farms but a problem that is happening all around the world and Monsanto is bent on controlling the seeds of plants that produce food for the world. Their believe is that “he who controls the seed, controls the world” and their goal is world domination to control the food greed and power.

The Man who Beat Monsanto and Won against GMO Farming
The Man who Beat Monsanto and Won against GMO Farming

Among the changes in agriculture in Canada and the United States and who owns life forms on the planet is at question.  Here a large corporation called Monsanto claims the are God and own the seed to grow foods.

The presumption is that any genetically modified seed belongs to them by the form of a patent.  But they intentionally spread the seeds to infect organic farms and then take the farmer to court basically to bankrupt them and put them out of business.

This is what happened to Percy Schmeiser of Saskatchewan in Canada which is the agricultural heartland of Canada’s food for Canadians.

Percey Schmeiser Did not Want Monsanto to Take His Farm and He beat Them
Percey Schmeiser Did not Want Monsanto to Take His Farm and He beat Them in Court

GMO crops were introduced in 1996 in soya, corn, cotton and grapeseed (canola) crops and the promises were from Monsanto was increased yields, more nutritious, less chemicals and food that would be plentiful so we can feed the hungry world in sustainable agriculture.  All of those promises turned out to be false.

The GMO seeds required more chemicals and they dominate any farmers fields killing off the organic plants. This plan of Monsanto would effectively give them a monopoly with no competition from any other food producer and it was almost successful.

Monsanto claims that they own all seeds, and all seeds consumed by any life form and that means they own you.  The insanity continues to this day with patent infridgment cases.

This corporation has taken farmers to court, have stripped them of their very land, and have the audacity of stealing people’s livelihoods hoping that they can put every farmer out of business.

The story is riveting and makes a person consider if you have children or grandchildren like Percy does, what kind of world will you leave for future generations.  Percy was concerned about Monsanto controlling and contaminating his seeds and taking away his farm and he fought against it.

Percy worked on farming and developed his own seeds for 50 years, and Monsanto threatened them, intimidated them and tried to take their land away because they owned their own brand of seed. Hardly a claim to owning “all the seeds” but they attempted to do this by cornering farmers and beating them down in courtroom trials while running up expenses.

Monsanto threw everything and the kitchen sink at Percy and his wife and Percy fought back. Percy loved his farm and he loved his wife and his kids and his grand kids. He worried about what Monsanto was doing to food, the same food that would feed generations to come with poison.

But mainly Percy did not quit and he persisted in numerous court challenges that Monsanto threw his way to stop one Canadian farmer with guts and ethics.

Percey Schmeiser and his Wife Louise Fought Passionately for their Farm
Percey Schmeiser and his Wife Louise Fought Passionately for their Farm

Listen to Percy’s Story about what Monsanto did to him, his farm and his life as a farmer.   Percy was a specialist in breeding and growing canola seeds and plants.

Percy speaking in Pennsylvania Warning Other Farmers to Stop Monsanto dead in their tracks before the Monsanto GMO seeds contaminate their farms.

What is being proposed as Percy says, is that you will not have the right to grow your own plants, even in your own back yard for home gardens.

Organic farms will be put out of business because Monsanto will own the seeds, and the rights to the seeds no matter if there is contamination and the GMO seeds are dominant seeds, which will take over all farming lands and plantings.

This is all with the written permission of the US government who are getting campaign kickbacks from Monsanto.  The FDA has also colluded with Monsanto and drug company interests.

The whole idea is to make the seeds of plants only controlled by Monsanto and they will all be genetically modified seeds, none will be organic or natural.

Percy Schmeiser Tells of Monsanto’s Plants to Dominate the World’s Food Supply

The Terminator Gene is a gene that is put into a seed, when the seed becomes a plant, that plant will not seed again it will be terminated.  Basically this accomplishes sterility in plants.

Monsanto will make this a law so that any farmer has to buy only GMO seeds from Monsanto over and over again and they will again dominate the world.

Another modification Monsanto has in store is called the Cheater Gene which appears to be a normal plant but with the addition of more chemicals it becomes another terminator gene and the plant will not be able to seed or be reproduced through it’s own seeds.

Monsanto will kill any seeds that are organic, they will produce low quality chemicals put into seeds that will require an increasing amount of chemicals to maintain and only Monsanto chemicals like Round Up will be used.

The control will be with this corporation only and they want to control all farms and your food supply.  This is a pretty insane company with some grand ideas of world domination. for their egos but they will be stopped sooner than they think.

No one Wants to Eat Contaminated GMO Foods

95 % of the people polled in January 2011 said they will not eat Genetically Modified Foods acording to an NPR poll.

GMO products are not labeled for a reason and that is because no one would eat them if they knew what was in the food.  Mostly all corn is now genetically modified along with soy plants and more genetic altering is underway.

Last summer the FDA approved a genetically modified salmon and now science has moved from plants and seeds to animals and reproduction of strange animals that do not exist naturally.  The giant salmon was created to make more money for the fish industry and food producers but it is entirely unnatural and these fish are untested.

GMO foods will also will contain prescription drugs and vaccines in plants even sterilization drugs and psychiatric drugs without you knowing about it.  Last year Health Canada seemingly approved putting chemo drugs in french fries. The story was quickly taken out of the media but it is most likely in the works. Consumers will not know what drugs are their food with a government controlled industry the drug and food production corporations have teamed up.

The foods are being poisoned and right now the Canadian and US government are being fooled by Monsanto and farmers are being robbed of their farms.

The future of this diabolical corporation will surely meet with its own death eventually but people must demand their government to put a stop to the corporate control of the food supply.

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Percy Appears in New Mexico

We need more people like Percy Schmeiser and more Canadian farmers with a backbone to break the back of this corporate self interests of Monsanto and their attempts to control the world’s food supply for greed and profit.

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Vilsack Supports GMO Foods-Agriculture

While the Obama Administration has supported organics with several notable actions during its first 100 days of office, appointing organic advocate Kathleen Merrigan to Undersecretary of Agriculture and planting organic gardens at the White House and USDA headquarters, the Administration has followed in the footsteps of Clinton and Bush, cheerleading for genetically engineered crops at home and abroad.

Upon returning from the G8 summit in Italy, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack pledged to promote Big Biotech abroad as part of President Obama’s foreign policy. Vilsack’s comments came in the wake of President Obama’s announcement that the United States would provide “double support for agricultural development to over $1 billion so that we are giving people the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. … This is not just charity though.

 These are future markets for all countries, and future drivers of growth.  Agricultural development “from the Administration’s perspective seems to mean exporting the US’s toxic industrial agriculture model, with genetically engineered crops at the forefront.

Take Action! Send Secretary Vilsack a letter and urge him to:
* Require mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered food.
* Promote truly sustainable and organic agriculture in the U.S. and abroad.
* Protect non-GE and organic farmers by passing “polluter pays” legislation for damages caused by genetically engineered organisms.

Secretary Vilsack: Support Organics, Not Genetic Engineering

While the Obama Administration has certainly made several positive inroads during the first 100 days of office, from appointing organic champion Kathleen Merrigan to Undersecretary of Agriculutre and planting organic gardens at both the White House and USDA headquarters, the Administration has chosen to champion genetically engineered crops at home and abroad.

Upon returning from his recent visit to the G8 summit in Italy, Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack pledged to promote Big Biotech abroad as part of Presiden Obama’s foreign policy. Vilsack’s comments came on the heals of President Obama’s announcement that United States would “double support for agricultural development to over $1 billion so that we are giving people the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. … This is not just charity though. These are future markets for all countries, and future drivers of growth.” “Agriculture development,” from the Administration’s perspective means exporting the US’ toxic industrial agriculture model, with genetically engineered crops at the center. President Obama’s announcement coincided with the passage in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of S. 384, the Global Food Security Act, which forces genetic engineering upon the world’s 1 billion subsistance farmers.  

It is no suprise that people are taking up growing their own food in their own backyard to counteract this policy of hidden GMO foods in our food supply. Growing your own food is the way to ensure  food safety for you and your family and using a community co-operative in your local farming area will ensure what food you are getting and that you will not receive bacteria and pesticides in your kids food.  See:  Local Garden Growing CBS News Story.

Source: Organics Consumer Association
For your source of Organic Agriculture and Gardening See: Agro Green Canada

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