Swine Flu Scam Uncovered in Britain

Sir Liam Donaldson’s assertion that the British Swine Flu Plan was devised courtesy of Mexico with the best information to hand is analogous to the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie that got Britain into the war in Iraq.

 Anyone who puts a pandemic in place as a result of false stats and then continues to conflate and promote a mild illness to service the pharmaceutical industry and a British regime in trouble is an irresponsible political disgrace.

 Heralding every Swine Flu death in the media on the front pages every day was the apex of fear marketing without check. Equally, the continuing UK government saturation promotion of the deadly GlaxoSmithKline H1N1 vaccine, now withdrawn in Canada, represents a danger to the public.

The UK MPs expenses scandal is a mere bagatelle compared to what Drug Dealer Donaldson and his UK gov cronies have spent over false information on Swine Flu. Over £1 billion and counting. Your reputation is smashed and your days are numbered. Tick Tock……”  quoted from:  Source:  Britains Swine Flu Scam Starts with  British Government

Meanwhile back in the USA President Obama fell with great stupidity for the H1N1 Scam and allowed taxpayers to get scammed for 2 billion dollars and has yet to demand a refund for your money which is now safely in the bank accounts of drug company CEO’s and executives in the Cayman Islands.  The Obama drug scam is not over yet and mroe investigating is required and demanded by those who are jobless have no health care coverage but actually who would want health care in the US -if it means getting jabbed by poisonous vaccines?

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  1. That is quite the list -the information is out there -we wonder if people are really listening to the truth or believing the corporate interests running the US government.


  2. H1N1 notepad
    April 2009 to Today

    March 2010

    March 1 2010 Prison Planet publishes ‘Bill Gates: Use Vaccines To Lower Population‘.

    March 2 Mindanao Examiner writes ‘An Overdose of Lies Could Kill‘ and Visitor writes ‘Swine flu jab paralysed me‘ and Different Perspectives publishes ‘Swine Fluke‘.

    March 3 The Herald Sun publishes ‘Farewell to era of panic‘.

    February 2010

    February 2 2010 Talk Radio News writes ‘H1N1 Scare A Pharma Scam?‘.

    February 4 Prison Planet publishes ‘Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax‘ and Atlantic Free Press writes ‘Influence of industry on ‘fake pandemic’ investigated‘.

    February 5 Age Of Autism publishes ‘A Statement from Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey: Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys‘.

    February 6 Dailymail writes ‘The men who made a killing out of swine flu while we wasted £1bn and were exposed to harmful drugs‘.

    February 7 Prison Planet publishes ‘Internet Censorship: Major Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom To New Zealand Users’.

    February 8 The Flu Case writes ‘Controlled media tries to limit damage of swine flu vaccine scam‘ and notepad publishes writes ‘Kill the internet. Kill free speech‘.

    February 9 The Flu Case publishes ‘Use of Pandemrix among young people and elderly appears to be unauthorised in EU’.

    February 10 The Organizer publishes ‘Global bodies’ credibility at stake. World’s poor lose billions of dollars.’.

    February 11 Natural News writes ‘Mumps outbreak spreads among people who got vaccinated against mumps‘ and H1N1fluvaccine.org publishes ‘ChemTrails, H1N1 Vaccines, and NWO Depopulation: DETAILED PLAN for MURDER via CYTOKINE STORM‘.

    February 13 DNA India writes ‘Doctors refuse to take H1N1 vaccine‘ and notepad publishing writes ‘Thank you Free Press‘.

    February 16 The American Spectator publishes ‘A Disgrace to Science‘.

    February 20 Natural News writes ‘Are mandatory vaccinations acts of violence against children?‘ and CNN publishes ‘Avandia is linked with tens of thousands of heart attacks, and drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline knew of the risks‘.

    February 24 Infowars writes ‘Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised‘.

  3. If you look at the pandemic of 1977, when H1N1 or Swine Flu re-emerged after a 20 year absence, there is no shift in age-related mortality pattern. The 1977 “pandemic” is, of course, not considered a true pandemic by experts today, for reasons that are not entierely consistent. It certainly was an antigenic shift and not an antigenic drift. As far as I have been able to follow the current events, the most significant factor seems to have been that most people, who were severely affected, were people with other medical conditions.

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