Truth about the Dangers of the Swine Flu Vaccine



You may want to consider taking the vaccine for H1N1 which will be made mandatory in the fall by the FDA, CDC, and NIH in fact the Obama administration bought 1 billion dollars worth of an untested vaccine. After you view this video think about the very possibility that it could kill you, that you or your children can develop a permanent neurological diseases, or that you can be permanently damaging your very immune system for life. You may want to reconsider taking any vaccines after this video.

Swine Flu Media Hype-Drug Company Induced Mass Paranoia
Swine Flu Media Hype-Drug Company Induced Mass Paranoia

Also you may wish to consider that you will not be able to sue the government this time, like they did in 1976 for damages to your healthy. You definitely will lose your job, your kids may be permanently damaged needing life time care, and no one will help you pay for it. Your elderly parents are in greater danger of dying from this vaccine due to their age and their inability to fight off the 3 bacterial strains in this vaccine. It could be too much for them and they are definitely in danger of dying from it. Watch this video.

In 1976 -due to the hype of the drug companies the whole nation was under a strict government laws that forced people to be infected with the untested bacterial strains that did more harm than good. If you view the video tape- people thought it was a farce in 1976 -and even more people now believe this virus was concocted in a drug company laboratory.
It is not a stretch to believe that germ warfare has developed many weapons for combat with other countries however, unleashing the virus in Mexico made it appear that it was a foreign flu virus. The explanation for how this virus came to be in a natural state is still unexplained and impossible because the Avian flu, the swine flu and the Spanish flu virus could not have combined in a pig in Mexico without assistance.
Firstly the Spanish flu virus is over 190 years old and has not been viral in the population for that amount of time and suddenly it appears again. There is no scientific proof to refute this claim.

Of course the drug manufacturers were all so happy to oblige us with a “new” vaccine that is untested and not proven which was hastily manufactured in a matter of weeks. In fact one drug company applied for a patent last year which is ominously suspicious and needs further investigation.

President Obama is going to have more health care costs if this vaccine is unleashed on the population, but it appears he fell for the total bunk the drug companies have fed him. Unfortunately, many people will die from the vaccine-more than all the deaths from the flu world wide.

The world wide epidemic or pandemic is the N1H1 Vaccine and the FDA is still inhabited by ex drug company employees with ties to their former employers.  You would be better off protecting your self with other means -than to destroy your immune system with deadly bacteria cultures that are again untested and of little value in stimulating the immune system at all.
This is not change -anyone can believe in- and the billion dollar mistake is that your government just purchased a dangerous vaccine that may cause deaths in your family or friends.

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