Stevens- Palin Alaska’s Culture of Corruption


Senator Ted Steven’s Alaska’s Republican Senator for over 40 years has been convicted of 7 counts of violating ethics laws yesterday.
Stevens received thousands of dollars upwards to $ 250,000.00 in gifts, services and renovations to his enlarged Girdwood Alaska home.


While reading the verdict Stevens sat glumly and afterwards outside the courtroom urged voters to vote him in again for a 7th term.


Obviously Ted Stevens -just doesn’t get it and in the face of the law doesn’t seem bothered by his verdict.


In terms of the upcoming election Stevens name is still on the ballot and it will be interesting to see if Alaska voters will vote for a convicted felon to represent them in the Senate. One would say the economy is far too important to risk a felon who will be jailed at one point for his crimes.


Senator Stevens says he has done nothing wrong and has no use for the massage chair, from an oil service friend Bill Allen, or the renovation of his house which now includes two decks, a new garage, a whirlpool room, a steam room and an expensive gas grill.


Ethics do not stop Ted Stevens and since he has been in the “political game” for over 40 years he has had 40 years of opportunities for more graft and political payoffs. IT would be no surprise if Teddy has been doing this for all his political life.


If he loses the Democrats will have one more seat in the Senate to ensure a filibuster-proof majority which would help the agenda of Barack Obama.


If Stevens wins his seat, he will be held accountable by the Senate and can be expelled by a two thirds vote from his colleagues. In history men who have faced this expulsion usually resign before a vote is undertaken by the Senate.


Both Governor Sarah Palin who said “Stevens will do what’s right for the people of Alaska” and McCain who has called for him to resign have weighed in on the verdict.


Palin took shots at Stevens saying that it “shines a light on the corrupting influence of the big oil service company that was allowed to control too much of our state. It was part of the culture of corruption I was elected to fight. And that fight must always move forward regardless of party or seniority or even past service.”


Governor Palin must also remember that her push for the big Pipeline for Alaska project which is 10 years away, would benefit big oil, and she has hired a lobbyist to push governments to invest in her husbands’ employer -BP Oil.


And the corruption continues in Alaska.


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