Steve Jobs Takes Leave

Jan. 17, 2011  Steve Jobs Takes Leave as head of the CEO and leader in internet computing is taking time off to regenerate, refresh and reboot.

Chief Operating Officer COO Mr. Tim Cook will take over the day-to-day operations of Mr. Jobs as stated in an email today.   Jobs took leave back two years ago when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and received a new liver in a transplant operation.

Jobs is the figure head of the corporation which was born in 1976 and since then has been a hands on CEO who has made Apple the leader in internet computing, software, apps and innovative new mobility products such as the ipad and renown iphone G4.

Recent announcements last week expanded choice for consumers to chose their own carrier with the addition of Verizon which hopefully will correct dropped calls.

Steve Jobs Takes Leave Jan. 17, 2011 from CEO Job
Steve Jobs Takes Leave Jan. 17, 2011 from CEO Job

Jobs did specify it was a medical leave which could signify problems with health or just too much stress affecting his current lifestyle and responsibilities.

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