Stem Cell Research Hits Road Blocks for Cures

Obama has extended funding for embryonic stem cell research but where are we since George Bush’s administration and policies prevented research?

Well we really haven’t progressed very far since he did not fund ESC’s due to religious reasons and that has delayed further research for adult stem cells which show less rejection problems than the embryonic cells.

This type of research needs to be fast tracked but instead the FDA is making classifications of your stem cells as a “drug” so that drug companies can get their hands in the profits from curing diseases.

It is ancient medicine to continue to believe that we can cure cancer with chemotherapy drugs that are toxic to the immune system.  It is archaic medicine to believe that radiating cancer will cure it -while damaging healthy cells.  It is ludicrous to believe that drugs can cure anything and do more harm than they are worth.

If President Obama is really really serious about reducing health care costs -all he really has to do is put billions in “non-drug-affiliated-research companies ” of which there are many- who need the funds to find cures to diseases.

The more President Obama funds drug companies, hospital corporations and profit hungry organizations and lobbyists – the higher health care costs will rise -and the more sick people to treat.

Adult stem cell research using the autologous cells which are the bodies master repair cells can cure any disease if the research is allowed to continue at a rapid accelerated pace instead of roadblocks like the FDA is doing currently.  Your body produces the cure for your disease in your bone marrow which is a great source of adult stem cells.

One drug company declined to comment – but said the research for COPD for instance is 10-15 years away and there is no rush for clinical trials although people are dying every day of COPD.  Parkinsons, Alzheimers and other diseases such as cancer can be cured -if stem cell research is given priority.

It seems Obama’s policies are the same 0ld -same old- and drug companies are winning again.

No change – seen here – and “Yes We Can”  becomes ” no – we – didn’t “.

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