SOPA- Protect IP Bills- Rushed by Harry Reid

SOPA- Protect IP Bills- Rushed by Harry Reid

The SOPA Rushed by Harry Reid It appears Congress can’t wait to get their hands on the SOPA and Protect IP legislation that has cause a major uproar in the internet community as draconian regulations appear to be scheduled for January 24, for the Protect IP and January 25th for SOPA.

The one major problem is that the US government does not “own the internet to be able to regulate it, it is now making claim to own it by this very legislation”.

Other countries are appalled at the grab of power the US claims to have over the global internet, which of course it does not have ownership nor can it dictate to the world what will be available or not.

Why is Congress in such a rush to pass these bills, knowing they will cause a major upheaval in: Security of financial transactions, Loss of revenue to small business owners, Wasted time policing the net by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, when they could be creating innovative programs.

Sopa is backed by Hollywood big movie producers who feel a few pirates off shore in Asia presents such a threat that all parties from small websites to major search engines, hosting companies, domain registrations companies, to many industries employed in the internet will now have to “police the net for Hollywood” rather than the other way around.

Why should Google be watching out for a few who initiate stolen copies of copyright videos, movies or games for the owners of such products?

Why should the whole internet -not even owned by the United States government be regulated by the US, when it is a global instrument of communication, education and learning?

These questions have obviously not been hammered out by the major rush to pass the two bills back to back with people who have no idea what they are talking about in Congress.

The legislation if signed by the President will be the death knell of internet innovation and creativity and it will not stop piracy.

In the Cyber Security Act of 2009 Joe Lieberman and Jay Rockefeller have been trying to shut down the internet for years.
The bill gave the President the power to shut down the internet with a kill switch.

However, this was not enough.

Since that time, a few politicians backed by major players who are worried about a few pirates and losses have been plotting this take over by the government.

Jay Rockefeller at that time said that the Cyber Security bill was not about the government “taking over the internet”. But this time with two bills Protect IP and SOPA they are taking over the internet.

By ordering hosting companies, search engines to shut down any site on just one complaint by a corporation “that their copyright material was used” effectively can be abused by competitors. Anyone can file a complaint and have a site shut down and there is no legal recourse available. The website owner if unknowingly uses a YouTube video for example, that has copyrights and posts it on their website -can be taken down for that very usage.

The bills are so completely ignorant of how the internet works, and it will cause the pirates to continue in their work underground.

It is the start of a police state America where fascism, censorship and draconian laws make it look more like China every day.

Americans will be kept in the dark as they so often are by corporate television news stories, the lack of unbiased information will make the internet obsolete. Incredibly, the US government is shutting down the only field in which it excels, and that is technology and innovation of the internet.

Why would limiting information, communication and educational tools be a good idea?

The Kill Switch Wasn’t Enough

Google, Yahoo and Bing should do a Complete Black Out

before SOPA and Protect IP – goes into Effect

Some supporters of SOPA have withdrawn their support like GoDaddy and Sony. The politicians have also had second thoughts, and Google has stated it will block it any way they can.

On Twitter there is a major backlash planned for the companies who have supported SOPA.

The security companies have said that due to these two bills the threat of the “insecurity of financial transactions” caused by these two bills would be enormous. The bills actually have transactions passing through the FBI’s servers, where there is more of any opportunity for cyber attacks! In effect, these bills make the internet more insecure.

When enough Americans wake up and realize these bills are cutting their access to the internet, then perhaps they will start calling Harry Reid, Patrick Lehey, and Lemar Smith who are designing and passing these bills through very quickly, and without the public’s input.

The People that Distribute Online Piracy Software now Support SOPA

CNET, Disney, Sony, AOL, CNET, CBS Television, CBS Viacom, MSNBC, ESPN, Universal, Paramount, Time Warner owners of CNN Turner and more

This Video will Open Your Eyes

Ron Paul is the Only Republican Candidate who Speaks out against SOPA

Two thirds of the Judiciary Committee that is amending SOPA are aligned with the motion picture industry and Hollywood who would tolerate no changes to the bill. This is the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association.

These bills will do very little to control piracy that is coming from offshore locations, instead of punishing the pirates, Google would be served with a court order to vanish a website into oblivion.

Opposition to the bill is growing but not yet has it stopped the insanity of this bill, scheduled for January 24, and January 25, back to back – Congress intents on passing both bills immediately upon the return of the long holiday by the politicians that are beholding to their campaign contributors.

Harry Reid scheduled the Protect IP or PIP bill to be discussed and possibly voted  on for Jan. 24, and SOPA the next day on January 25, 2012.

The innovative idea of SOPA came from Le-Mar Smith of Texas- A republican

and Patrick Lehey of Vermont- A Democrat

Three old white men with nothing to do but destroy jobs, hurt the economy, and kill any enjoyment the American family has today.  They should all be fired.