SOPA Corporations That Promoted Piracy

SOPA Bill Causes Major Controversy on Censorship

Part Two: SOPA Corporations that Promoted and Profited from Piracy

Continuing on with the saga of who is actually responsible for the piracy online we cite some examples of the corporations that promoted, advertised, induced, and profited from selling piracy software, the tools used to download copyright materials.  These corporations were in full knowledge that: this openly advertised method of sharing files, would be used in non-productive and non-approved ways.

The case of piracy came up in the Supreme Court six years ago and stands as a beacon to where SOPA will be not only struck down but that the bill cannot proceed on legal grounds.

Congress Needs to Read this Case on Piracy:

In the case of MGM v.s. Grokster the copyright ruling by the Supreme Court in 2005 held that:

“We hold that one who distributes the “DEVICE” with the object of “PROMOTING” its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is “LIABLE” for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties, regardless of the device’s non-infringing uses”.

This opinion was held by Justice Souter, and concurring opinions by Justice Ginsburg, Justice Kennedy, Justice Breyer, Justice Stevens and Justice O’Connor.

You can read more about the legalities and the case here:

MGM Studios vs Grokster

In this 2005 case, Grokster and Streamcast (maker of Morpheus) could be sued for inducing copyright infringement for acts taken in the course of marketing file sharing software.

This was 6 years ago! At the time MGM wanted to make the makers and we could say those who promote “the software” for contributory infringement.

It is clear that the massive promotion by CBS’s own CNET has actively promoted the phenomenon of Internet piracy by making available widely, and freely the software tools and devices to ensure its use for copyright infringement.

CBS had the exclusive distribution of the tools to commit downloads and in fact encouraged downloads with their set up packages. CNET tested the software thoroughly, and had record downloads on the charts.

CNET co-branded, made deals whereby they distributed their content with other major parties such as:


SOPA Corporations That Promoted Piracy

This is a List of SOPA Supporters:

Newscorp Fox
NBC Universal Comcast
CBS Viacom Paramount
Time Warner CNN TURNER

These other SOPA supporters who are republican based religious organizations or that have donated to conservative republican campaigns are actively involved in the political process. 

These organizations may feel they have been affected by piracy but it is from the major corporations like CBS -Viacom, Sony, ABC Disney that have pirated their music.

Christian Music Trade Association
American Federation of Musicians
Country Music Association
Independent Film & Television Alliance
Gospel Music Association

Disney put it on their ESPN site and promoted “branded piracy software” on the MP3 Insight to download the Beatles, Brittany Spears and other artists copyright material.

Walt Disney is paying to fund SOPA!!

AOL supports SOPA yet they are part of Time Warner that also distributed file sharing software and free downloads.

WARNER distributed BitTorrent, Kazaa for years!

Why did all these entertainment companies distribute the software, even branded software for file sharing piracy software?

Microsoft co-branded downloaded piracy software.

The CO-Founder of CNET Shelby Bonnie was the President, Board Member of CNET that distributed half a billion file sharing software downloads.

Shelby Bonnie was also on the Board of Directors of Warner Music Group at the same time distributing all this file sharing software, while Warner was sending it out on AOL.
No one else was distributing the software.


You Tube Video:

Source: One Candle in the Dark

Part Three Next: ATT Broadband, Comcast all involved in Piracy Software Distribution

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