Snooki Arrested

July 31, 2010 Snooki Arrested.  The famous starlet from MTV’s Jersey Shore was arrested in Seashore Heights yesterday at 3:30 p.m., for a charge of being drunk and disorderly when she had argued with the arresting officers.  She was so drunk she could not stand said an E Online reporter and was dressed in a tank top and miniskirt that revealed her buttocks.

Snooki from Jersey Shore Gets Arrested July 30, 2010
Snooki from Jersey Shore Gets Arrested July 30, 2010

The police found her stumbling on the new Jersey beach with cast members where she spent the day boozing it up and bothering people around her. As the day progressed people laughed and took pictures of her before the police arrested her for public drunkenness.  The 22 year old actress was booked by Jersey police and taken into a squad car on the beach. She did not hurt any persons or got into a fight, but needed to spend some time in the drunk tank for a few hours.

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Editors Note: Why is it that young actresses think it is cool to get drunk in public and a spectacle of themselves? Is everyone copying the Lindsay Lohan stories of her stumbling out of bars and is this going to help or hurt their careers?  Is it that they crave more publicity or are branding themselves as partying to the hilt?  Comments welcomed.

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