Sheriff Babeu Threatens Boyfriend with Exportation

Sheriff Babeu Threatens Boyfriend with Exportation

I am gay. The Arizona sheriff that did a commercial with Senator John McCain about the “dang fence” and who is working for Mitt Romney’s election campaign came out of the closet over the weekend.

In a press conference Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu came out after The New York Times published a story about Jose’s statements regarding their affair and the threats made against him by the sheriff.

Sheriff Babeu Threatens Boyfriend with Exportation

This was only due to the fact that he faced accusations of using his authority and position as a U.S. sheriff on the Arizona and US border to threaten his former lover Jose.  Paul Babeu was a staunch republican and anti-illegal immigration especially of Mexicans crossing into Arizona and said so in repeated press conferences over the past two years.

The Pinal Country Sheriff Paul Babeu was a poster child for the anti-immigration, anti-Obama border protection attack the Republicans blew up in the press that blamed Obama for the illegal immigration problem that has been decades old.

The allegations made against him by his former lover Jose who reported that he was threatened with exportation back to Mexico if he told anyone that Babeu was gay.  Jose’s statement includes that Babeu’s  attorney Chris DeRose demanded that Jose sign an agreement that he would never reveal their affair in public but Jose refused.

Now the matter became a fight between two lawyers,

Sheriff Paul Babeu states his personal life had nothing to do with his career and that Jose was a jilted lover who had hacked into his website and other accounts.

However the Sheriff did admit he had a sexual relationship with Jose and did not deny he sent text messages to him.

Excerpts of the Text Messages between Babeu and Jose:

Babeu: “You can never have business after this and you will harm me and many others in the process . . . including yourself & your family.”

Babeu followed with: “And you say you have loved me? Papi . . . this is no good.”

Jose responded: “Good threats. Wont work. Im already hurt me . . . and you didn’t care.”

Then later:

Jose: “Dont threat me. Thats illegal. Im just speaking . . . true.”

Babeu: “You have crossed the line. Better get an attorney. You brother will also be contacted.”

Melissa Weiss-Riner stands behind her client’s statements. Since the announcement Paul Babeu has quit the Romney campaign where he was a volunteer and the response was: “we support your decision Sheriff”.

Sheriff Babeu Threatens Boyfriend with Exportation
Babeu Speaking on Mitt Romney's Campaign


Yes I am Gay- No I Did not Threaten My Ex-Lover-Sheriff Babeu Comes Out

Sheriff Paul Babeu Press Conference from Paul Babeu on Vimeo.