SCOTUS Strikes Down Most of Arizona Immigration Law

The Supreme Court just struck down most of Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 that could still lead to racial profiling for border patrol personnel. The incredible political implicates it is partially upholding the federal law and rights to govern immigration, which has been the case.

Partially, upheld is the right under SB 1070 for police officers to stop and check immigration papers of citizens.

This is the worst of all possible outcomes and the court has left open the opportunity to challenge the Arizona law for discriminating against a class of people, or a race.

The court decided to maintain the law Section 2B that requires police to check the legal status of anyone that is arrested in the state of Arizona, for ANY crime before they are released.

Demand to See Papers Survives SCOTUS

The court in a majority vote of 8 to zero, with Kagan recusing herself from the vote, is the “Show Me Your Papers” requirement under Arizona law.  Even though the high court struck down the 3 out of 4 provisions of Arizona’s law most was found to be unconstitutional under current law this provision is upheld.

This decision affects all Latinos living in America, now that any police officer in Arizona, can ask for immigration papers, even if a citizen is a legal, lawful, born in America citizen. The decision makes life more difficult for those who will be racially profiled due to the color of their skin who can be stopped for any reason.

The Court indicates that even if a person is “suspected” of not being Legal, they can be stopped and required to produce documentation of lawful citizenship. The judges indicated even this section of the law can be challenged legally here after in the courts.

In this decision the reaction of the Latino Community is that the Supreme Court voted against Latinos, which will help President Obama’s Campaign for President. Latino’s now are subject to producing papers, to prove they are legally allowed to be in a country so bent on closing doors, to immigrants and banning non-white races from the State of Arizona.

A terrible decision when the federal laws have always governed matters of immigration and Congress has failed to come up with reform laws for the past 12 years, including two terms of George Bush.

Today was a terrible day for Latinos living in America. A Good Day for the Gecko Lizard – Governor Jan Brewer


Jan Brewer