Scott Brown Hiding His Anti-Women Voting Record

Sept 17, 2012 Republican Scott Brown running in Massachusetts, a state that is historically Democratic  in federal elections, finds himself in hot water with women voters and a deceptive record of anti-women legislation.

An new slick ad by the Brown campaign omits his voting record on women’s issues and how his policies would reduce healthcare coverage for Massachusetts women.

After electing a republican Senator for the first time in a long history of voting for Ted Kennedy the godfather of healthcare reform for all Americans, Scott Brown has sided with less healthcare for those who need it desperately.

Americans have gone into foreclosure and bankruptcy nationally due to a trip to the hospital for a medical condition, and this cannot be tolerated. Insurance companies have enjoyed massive profits from Americans but have insisted on denying coverage to women, and to what they call preexisting conditions. One such condition is pregnancy, which just points out the absurdity of allowing an industry to decide: who gets coverage and who does not qualify.

Scott Brown has made statements saying he is pro-choice but is he pro-women? Good question. Scott Brown’s campaign ads declare he is “Pro-Women” however the problems of his voting record prove otherwise.

Scott Brown’s challenger is Elizabeth Warren, one powerful woman who stood up to Wall Street, initiated and framed the Consumer Rights Bill that prevents gouging by big banks and credit card companies.

Elizabeth Warren points out the lopsided voting record of Scott Brown who supports Mitt Romney’s stand on repealing and destroying the ACA- Affordable Heathcare Act designed on the Romneycare bill he passed for Massachusetts as a Governor.

Since the Affordable Heathcare Act was passed in 2010, most of the plan has not even been implemented yet.

Some preliminary statistics show the benefits to Massachusetts residents:

70,000 residents saved on average $638.00 on prescription drugs, a savings especially for the elderly.

780,000 persons on Medicare received additional benefits of free preventive care which reduces long-term costs. i.e.) Mammograms and colonoscopies.

1.3 Million have received added preventive care on private insurance plans without cost sharing.

20,000 young teens were added to their parents plans and now receive healthcare coverage.

85,000 Massachusetts families now received rebates under the ACA which requires insurance companies to pay out for health care based on premiums they receive from the insured.

All of these benefits -Scott Brown wants to repeal in the next session January 1, 2013 and if Mitt Romney is elected, they will all be null and voided. Scott Brown is firmly opposed to the ACA and sides with less healthcare coverage to women, as his record and statements have proven.

Most of the ACA helps women, helps single women, helps elderly women, helps working women, and helps children in the long run by keeping their breadwinners and sole parents healthy. In the long term money spent on healthcare keeps a country’s GDP healthier also. A nation such as the United States one of the most powerful in the world to have such a dismal health care plan, is disgraceful.


Scott Brown voted YES On the Blunt Amendment: which eliminates preventive care such as breast exams for cancer, contraception and mammograms and even prenatal care for pregnant women.

Scott Brown voted YES On defunding Planned Parenthood -another blow against women and their healthcare especially for low-income women.

Scott Brown voted Yes to stop funding under the Stupak-Pitts Amendment of the Affordable Heathcare Act which stopped funding for abortions and any healthcare for women provided by the government.