Saudi and Royal Family Terror in Bahrain

March 20, 2011 Saudi Royal Family Terror in Bahrain

Bahrain Unrest-Video from Al Jazeera -Hundreds Injured in Class Warfare from Saudi Army

Bahrain security forces consisting of Saudi Arabian forces attack protesters in Bahrain March 17, 2011 as the world looks on to what is similarly happening in Libya by Gadhafi.

When Bahrain requested the assistance of the Saudi’s through an army occupation of Bahrain the royals opened up a Pandora box of resistance from the protesters and calls for a democratic government.

Police are firing shot guns, tear gas and security forces are blocking all entrances to the capital’s Pearl Square. Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Council has lashed out against the Bahraini authorities for the brutality and assault on unarmed protesters.

The army is using tear gas and rubber bullets firing at close range at nurses who are trying to attend to the wounded Bahrain citizens and many died of their wounds.

The security forces from Saudi Arabia are even attacking doctors in hospitals, nurses in the streets and a military officer has seized control of a hospital in the Bahrain capital. The forces have used tanks and helicopters to force protesters off the streets which is not only shocking but illegal.
Amnesty International are requesting that the US and other countries to stop selling arms to the Saudi and Bahrain governments that are being used against anti-government protesters.

Video by Press TV

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Editors Notes:

The Saudi’s and Bahrain royals are using the same playbook as Gadhafi and are making the same mistakes as Hosni Mubarak and even using Iran’s attack methods on peaceful protesters calling for democracy. This action must be condemned on many fronts and is in violation of UN laws.

The same outcome will occur in Bahrain as long as the monarchy attempts to quell calls for reform with violent opposition.  This will only make protesters entrench themselves into an endless battle of lost lives and the bloodshed will be on the hands of the royals.

In this year of 2011 the Bahrainians want a peaceful movement towards a democracy, for which they have waited long enough.

The role of the United States of providing arms to Middle East dictators or royals  is an un-conscionable act as is the use of the weapons on their own people. The US is complicit in being a provider of military arms against peaceful protests which has stained their reputation in the eyes of the people.  The rubber bullets, tear gas, tanks and live ammunition are now being used against citizens of Bahrain are made in the USA.

Pete Neisman,


The Time has Come for the Deaths and Blood Shed to End In Bahrain

Bahrain Protesters Deaths at the Hands of Saudi Arabian Army Troops


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