Sarah Palin Caught in the Crosshairs

January 9, 2011 Sarah Palin Caught in the Crosshairs of her own making when the map on her website targeted the offices of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords a democrat who won the election in Arizona’s 8th District.

Sarah Palin’s Hit List has landed her in the cross hairs of blame now spreading like a cancer in the media and especially the internet which is not influenced by corporate news.

The Arizona murders and the assassination attempt on the life of Gabrielle cross hairs was encouraged on and promote by symbols of :

Sarah Palin appearing with Guns on her shoulder
Sarah Palin’s Discovery Channel where she shoots animals
Sarah Palin’s teaching her daughter to target practice-great for kids to watch

The promotion of guns and her images collected in the media to do with guns has a certain underlying message and it supports the crazy notion that guns can be carried to political events. During the health care town halls across America and in President Obama’s first year in office guns were carried to his speeches. One idiot even carried an semi-automatic rifle on his shoulder at a political speech by Obama. He was a conservative black man and was in the tea party movement.

Visible in the White Shirt the Man Carried a Machine Gun to An Obama Event

Black Man Shows up at Obama Event with Machine Gun-Tea Party Crazy Guns
Black Man Shows up at Obama Event with Machine Gun
Man Carries Gun Openly-refers to Arizona Gun Laws of Open Carry
Man Carries Gun Openly-refers to Arizona Gun Laws of Open Carry

The pictures below show the gun-toting protester at an Obama event. For weeks these demonstrators showed up when Obama made speeches on health care reform. This man carried an AR-15 semi automatic assault weapon.

When asked why he brought the rifle to a political event he said :

” Because I can do it…in Arizona, I still have some freedoms”. He later said he coms from another state where “open Carry” is legal and he felt to exercise his rights as an American in Arizona”.

This man was totally against the health care bill in 2009 and this is where the hate and the guns all began it dates back that far, almost two years ago. The man talked about his Second Amendment rights as Fox News spread the wrong information that Obama was going to take their guns away. There was no legislation passed to take guns away from anyone, yet the media spread this lie as well as Sarah Palin’s charge of the Death Panels. Ironically Sarah Palin started her own death panels in the Arizona shootings that killed 6 people dead at a Safeway store one Saturday morning in January 2011.

Arizona is an Open Carry State which means you can carry your gun visible and not concealed any time you wish in public anywhere you want. Gun sales increased dramatically when Obama was elected fueled by the false lies in the conservative media that guns will be outlawed by the Democrats. This in itself fueled people to buy stockpiles of guns, rifles and ammunition based on rumor.

It is 2011 and President Obama has never passed one law that restricts guns in any state at any time. This was the work of the Fox News and conservative media of Glenn Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Palin who are all promotional mouth pieces for the NRA and guns.

Even CNN’s Lou Dobb broadcast indicated that guns were being bought up like crazy and showed persons who feared that guns were going to be outlawed. Dobbs did his bit to spread the wrong information and furthered the flames of fear on his CNN nightly news show.

Dobbs says that ammunition scarcity is not a crazy rumor and he furthers the cause to buy guns by instilling fear. Dobbs also interviews Alan Gottlieb that guns are becoming scarce and people are buying up guns due to Eric Holder’s stand on the 2nd Amendment which he states only applies to militia. Holder said he had no intention that will change laws on firearms yet CNN gave Gottlieb the platform to instill fear of Eric Holder which never materialized.  Not once did Lou Dobbs dispel the rumors as false and not once did Dobbs advise there was no immediate fear to buy guns at that time.  The media itself helps to spread the wrong messages, the wrong words and using the democrat party to ensure people would react emotionally in a negative fashion.  In this story the media helped fuel the anger as it was perceived to buy guns before the ban would be law.

Gun Shortage Fears Fueled by CNN Lou Dobbs

Sarah Palin's Dick Head Hit Map-Targets Democrats for Healthcare
Sarah Palin's Dick Head Hit Map-Targets Democrats for Healthcare

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