Russian Scientists Link H1N1 to GMO Foods

April 6, 2011  Russian Scientists Link H1N1 to GMO Foods

The alarming news that Russian scientists have made a direct link of the H1N1 Virus to Genetically Modified Foods is more disturbing than the US government allowing such contaminants in the American food supply.  Most consumers are aware that GMO foods now unlabeled may have more of a punch in store when they consume these highly chemically altered foods.

The Russian Ministry of Health has issued the alert that US potato ( a favorite of the fast foods chains serving – french fries by the millions of pounds per day) are genetically modified amylopectin potatoes.

This report indicates the protease enzyme GMO potato was engineered to protect against virus X, but the real reason for this GMO is to spread the H1N1 influenza virus and release the H1N1 RNA into the host cells.

Prior to 2008 it was the flu, then the influenza flu, then the Type A Influenza flu then in 2009 it was the H1N1 Swine Flu that combined a bird flu, human flu and swine flu all rolled into one big Swine Flu manufactured in a laboratory with the Human Spanish Flu of 1918 which was stored in a laboratory had not been seen for over 100 years.  Now the specimens have branched out like never before morphing into all types, subtypes, variations and are alphabetized.

The World Health Organization reports that the H1N1 virus is more viral within the American borders, where most of these GMO french fries are consumed compared to other countries.

There is a malaise circulating the world with GMO foods, vaccines, chemicals and it comes from the food supply and Monsanto teaming up with pharmaceutical companies to blend both GMO and vaccines into our  food.

What is more eerie is that the H1N1 vaccine has no proof that it works to fight any flu illness especially the H1N1 virus. Some people have still contracted the Swine flu even after the vaccine and it has not been tested scientifically to work.

Today the US government’s agency the FDA is allowed to put drugs, vaccines on the market even though they have not been tested, which means basically both are parties willing to sell

Snake Oil Vaccines by Pharmaceuticals

Influenza strains are being manipulated into multiple virus strains.

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