Rush Limbaugh’s Long Time Political Activism

Rush Limbaugh’s Long Time Political Activism

Weeks after Rush Limbaugh’s fatal self inflicted wounds the media and his supporters are actually calling him an “Entertainer” and a “Comic” or just a simple, conservative talk show host that has nothing to do with politics.

Rush Limbaugh’s Long Time Political Activism

These groups would say that Rush Limbaugh has no influence on republican party and has no standing as just a voice of conservative principals but has no power in the party.

Even, Rick Santorum attempted to laugh off the comments of  Slut and Prostitute directed at an innocent Georgetown student that caused a national furor.  The message was to women who use birth control, you are being called Sluts, Prostitutes and Whores for using birth control pills!

As outrageous as that was, the backlash is swiftly illustrating how damaging Limbaugh’s statements have become and how ancient and irrelevant his views.

To the republican party however, they have surely used Rush Limbaugh’s audience to send their messages, platforms and views to the American public and he performs a vital service to the party.

Rush Limbaugh has a long-time love affair with the republicans and in this video we see how he actually stumped for George Bush Senior.  Rush Limbaugh is a political activist, using the air waves to defend the GOP, defend the candidates and to defend all the republican party platform and conservative values.  He is not just an entertainer.


Rush Limbaugh July 10, 1990 with Pat Robertson- introduces Rush Limbaugh as the “Darling of the Republican Party”. Oddly, Limbaugh says “we are in the midst of a culture war” and “we are in the midst of a reshaping and redefinition of the limits on our behavior”.

Rush Limbaugh congratulates himself as the conservative voice of America.

In 1990 this video, Rush Limbaugh again attacks women’s abortion rights by making a potato that looks like a women over the Idaho Abortion bill. The woman takes down Rush Limbaugh with:

“Women are dying all over the world because of people like you” says a woman in the audience.

In 1990 there were just as many pro-choice Americans as there are now in fact it is a growing majority of the population that stand by pro-choice for women and their reproduction rights.

In this classic 1990 Video – in Crossfire- the question put to Rush Limbaugh:

“Should people like me be terrified that people like you are getting enormous political power through your talk shows?”

The power and strength of Rush Limbaugh’s shows to radicalize through hatred, anger and twisting the truth by attacking, demeaning and ridicule is heading for the show’s “End of Days”.

Over thirty years ago they called Rush Limbaugh a radical and as he gained more political power and influence he continued to use these tactics to ensure the continuity of divide and conquer the masses.