Rush Limbaugh’s Symptoms of Drug Side Effects?

Dec 31,  2009     11:06 p.m.   New Years Eve

The most trendy topic on Twitter in yesterday’s news was Rush Limbaaugh’s famous Hawaii hospital emergency.   Rush was taken from a swank Honolulu hotel to the emergency ward of a local hospital and its been a secret ever since.

Waiting on TMZ last night while we guessed he might have been already dead similar to when Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital and never made it out.  It took hours before they made the announcement and that is usually after the family is notified or has a chance to arrive.

Twitter’s on Twitter last night could not have been  more prolific and it was quite evident Rush has a lot of enemies on the air waves.   Most democrats believe he is the spokesperson for the Republican Party today and he has admitted a great fondness for Sarah Palin.  Some have suggested they run together in 2012 – Palin Limbaugh in 2012.   Dickie Cheney’s name has also come up for re-election because he also has been a great speaker on the torture of prisoners and other topics he has a deep and abiding interest to speak of in the press.

Which ever way it happens the world stood still last night as we wondered if we will ever see Rush Limbaugh sucking on a big fat Havana cigar again or whether he would go up in a permanent puff of smoke.   His spokespersons and Fox News ….have no news on Rush’s condition or what brought him to the hospital. 

Rush had complained of ‘ chest pain”  and he is on medication for back pain which leads us to believe he is having a heavy duty drug reaction.  Too many drugs.  People have died of too many drugs in the past year we lost Michael Jackson and Britany Murphy to name a few of the celebs that have had too many scripts. 

Rush will be back to his old self again and in his honor we have prepared a montage of Rush Cartoons to keep him smiling in the hospital.  Happy New Year Rush….have a good one…in 2010.

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