Rush Limbaugh Bleeding Advertisers on Slutty Remarks

Rush Limbaugh Bleeding Advertisers on Slutty Remarks

The continuous stream of advertisers that have dropped their ads, canceled future ads, had associated ads they were not aware of or simply discontinued their business associations with The Rush Limbaugh Show grows by the day.

Many of these companies officially gave notice and announced their intentions on Twitter or Facebook totals 34 companies to-date:

AccuQuote Life Insurance
Allstate Insurance
Bare Escentuals
Bethesda Sedation Dentistry
Bonobos Clothing
Capital One
Cascades Dental
Citrix Web Security
Downeast Energy
Girl Scouts
Goodwill Industries
Hadeed Carpets
John Deere Farm Equipment
Legal Zoom Online
Matrix Direct
Philadelphia Orchestra
Quicken Loans
Reputation Rhino
Sensa Weight Loss
Service Magic
Sleep Train Mattress
Sleep Number Mattress
Stamps dot com
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Tax Resolution Services
Thompson Creek Windows
Vitacost Vitamins

The same refrain written by all of the advertisers who had also voiced their concerns similar to this one from Quicken Loans:

“Due to continued inflammatory comments – along with valuable feedback from clients and team members – Quicken Loans has suspended ads on Rush Limbaugh’s program”.

Other advertisers who have yet to make a statement, or are weighing their options are:

CREDO Mobile

Sarah Palin Supports Rush Limbaugh’s Attacks on Women and Birth Control:

From a mother who did not teach her daughter the ropes when it came to sex and being a teenager, Sarah Palin weighed in on the Limbaugh remarks.

Tonight in an interview Sarah Palin commented that the liberals call people names and make fun of the disabled and Rush was just exercising his 1st Amendment rights of free speech.

It was surprising that Sarah Palin who claims to support the Grizzly Mama’s refrain can support such a continued attack on a woman whom Limbaugh does not even know. To assail a stranger’s character on the national airwaves, without facts to back it up was not only harmful, defaming, cruel and arrogant it was untrue.

If Sarah Palin can support Rush Limbaugh in this case, she would not appear to be any different than when she uttered the words “reload” and had crosshairs on her website. Palin sure has not changed much.

A website set up in 2003 called Topple Bush has more information and that was over 10 years ago. Still today the public will not tolerate such hatred, especially towards fifty percent of the population.