Rupert Murdoch Journos Attempt Suicide

Rupert Murdoch Journos Attempt Suicide

Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper empire has placed enough stress on his employees, that two of his senior journalists attempted suicide.

It is bad enough that Murdoch has created a cloak and dagger type work environment for his employees and the requirements to “break the law” but to end one’s life to work for a meglomaniac billionaire is beyond the pale. The two journalists one male and one female apparently did not sign a pact to do the deed together.

The pressure is on all employees at the Sun, a sister paper to the News of the World that was shut down last year due to phone hacking and bribery.  Over eleven of Rupert Murdoch’s employees have been arrested and charged with bribery as well as other various crimes during the widening investigations.

For over a year now, Scotland Yard and Metro Police have taken their time in the blatant violations of law, phone hacking, hiring investigators to tail celebrities and royalty to get a news story.  You have to wonder if working for Rupert Murdoch is worth all of that grief, all for a job.



 Cartoon by David Horsey-Now working at the LA Times


Merchant of Death

Rupert Murdoch Employees Want to Kill Themselves!!!!

 Apparently, the company is offering psychological counseling for any employee that requires treatment.


Two senior journalists working for Rupert Murdoch’s News International have attempted suicide as pressure mounts at the scandal-hit publisher of the now-defunct News of the World, according to media reports.

The suicide attempts follow weeks of intense scrutiny of the role of The Sun, another Murdoch paper, in the phone-hacking scandal and police bribery case.