Rove-Limbaugh Castrated by O’Donnell

Sept 16, 2010  Carl Rove and Rush Limbaugh lament over the election results in Delaware and the win by the Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell. Rove did criticized O’Donnell over her tax and financial problems yesterday, but quickly changed his tune today after getting called out by the GOP.

Limbaugh was quoted as grumbling about her win in Delaware ” look at the petulant attitude “Screw you” -Christine O’Donnell wins, she’s on her own.  Your on your own said Limbaugh meaning O’Donnell would not receive campaign funding and backing by the GOP.

Photo: Karl Rove and George Bush

On the night of her win, the GOP was quoted as saying they will not financially back her, support her and that she could not win the November election against the democrat candidate with her background and record. During the election campaign her Republican opponent sent out ads that she owned on student loans and did not pay her taxes.

Rove who is an establishment Republican today proclaimed ” I’m a big Tea Party fan” did a complete about face and then stated she had a shot to win, and shout be supported.  The Tea Party has turned the  GOP establishment on its ear and scurrying to reverse the negatives against O’Donnell, who after all got the anointment from the Tea Party goddess Sarah Palin herself.

However in this interview Rowe objects to being called the establishment Republican although he seems to support male candidates but not the female kind which is one of Sarah Palin’s key talking points -there are not enough women in the Republican party.  Palin’s motto refer to the Mama Grizzlies and protecting their youngins and a “wave of women washing over Washington” in her Twitters and speeches across the country.  The female candidates that Palin has supported have won the primaries over and over again.

Fat Old White Republicans Go by the Way of the Dinosaur

Karl Rove on Fox News lamenting about Delaware about Christine O’Donnell’s chances to win in November -serious questions about her background.

A lot of nutty things O’Donnell has been saying quips Rove.

Karl Rove on Sarah Palin

Karl Rove on Christine O’Donnell and the Nutty Tea Party


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