Ron Paul Stops Campaigning-But is Not Quitting the Race

Latest reports indicate that Ron Paul, a republican running to be President of the United States has stopped campaigning.

He has effectively not suspended his campaign and is not dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination. In fact Ron Paul is preparing for the Tampa the RNC National Convention.
The statement on his website from his campaign manager, Jesse Benton after being asked if Ron Paul is dropping out, gave an emphatic

“Absolutely not. We are focusing our efforts squarely on winning delegates and party leadership positions at state conventions”.

Some of this report is confusing to say the least since there are rumors that the campaign has run out of funds. Ron Paul is saving his money for where the resource allocations will make the biggest impact and he’s not wasting time with the states that are not supporting him.  

Ron Paul’s Ad for the President

A New Strategy Moving Forward- A Delegate Strategy that provided him with delegates in Iowa, Maine, Louisiana and Nevada for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is not walking away from a movement he built since 2007, however the mainstream media is reporting he is dropping out.

What the MainStream Media is Reporting: That he is Quitting the Race

The 2012 convention will be held starting on August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida which gives him three months to activate a real support for the alternative to Mitt Romney’s Wall Street backed campaign.

This does present a clear choice for republicans in the middle, those who do not trust Romney’s words as a flip-flopper on their issues and currently Ron Paul is the only man – left standing for the republican party.