Romney’s Olympic Corrupt Pals Now Donate to His Campaign

Aug. 1, 2012

Mitt Romney has been associated with many criminals in his career from the more recent Allen Stanford 8 Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme, to way back when he was the CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

The Allen Stanford Bank Ponzi Scheme and Tagg Romney and Mitt Romney

The Allen Stanford Bank scandal we covered in our article involves Romney’s son Tagg Romney who opened a subsidiary of the Allen Stanford group called Solamere. The 8 billion dollars was never recovered for investors who lost their investments, yet a subsidiary opens up mysteriously after the ponzi scheme was discovered. (See our May 1, 2012 Article)

The Truth About Romney’s Ties to Corruption in the 2002 Winter Games

Mitt Romney is particularly adept at advancing the Winter Games as the centerpiece of his career where he “claims to have Saved the Games” from the corruption that was going on in the Mormon capital, Salt Lake City.

The crux of the failures of the 02 Games was a huge bribery and corruption scandal but when Romney came to town he installed a new ethics rule to force full disclosure of any relationships that anyone had when doing business with the Olympics Committee. But without hesitation he advanced the name of his long time friend Ken Gardner’s shopping center as the Gateway for a legacy facility of the Games.

Romney was called in to clean up the corruption at the Winter Games that had already permeated the administration of millions of dollars by shady dealings with corruption operatives.

Romney’s 2002 Olympic Bailout by Taxpayers

Unfortunately, the facts prove otherwise, in that Romney petitioned Congress and President Bush for millions in bailout money to save the Games. In the end, Mitt Romney managed to steer 600 million dollars from the taxpayers to the project and the final budget was an astounding 2.7 billion dollars in expenditures, way over budget.

As far as operating a business, this is hardly an accomplishment, it is a total failure to remain within a budget, and to ask for a bailout instead of receiving corporate donor money Romney failed in this endeavor.

Romney has removed all records of his past while touting himself as a business man, who’s businesses are now removed from the record, including the 2002 Olympics where his archive documents are no longer found.Today, Romney has no record to run his campaign on and his resume is looking rather anorexic at best.

Romney Purged Records as Governor Of Massachusetts

Secondly, Romney also purged his Governor’s records and files from Massachusetts before leaving, even destroying the computer hard drive discs, the paper trail in over 100 boxes, and replaced them at the taxpayers expense.

The costs were an additional $100,000 in breaking leases for the computers and purchasing new hard drives for the next Governor. Romney did this although it is very uncommon to purge your own records, especially when you are running for President on those very records. Some of the documents included legal lawsuits, and his dealings with certain individuals, who’s names he wanted to remain a secret.

Thirdly, Romney has claimed he was not at Bain Capital after the year 1999, when his SEC filings disclosed he was the CEO, received a salary and was listed on documents as the head of the company. The story goes into a length explanation by the Romney camp that he was actually on a “retroactive” retirement although again he was still receiving a salary from his position at Bain Capital.

Where does one begin with this list? A recent interview on Democracy Now by Amy Goodman with Wayne Barrett a Newsweek and Daily Beast contributor now reveals that Romney is accepting campaign contributions from the very same individuals that were charged with corruption in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. 

Fast Forward to 2012 Romney Campaign Donors

Mother Jones reports that the Romney campaign is accepting donations from Ken Gardner  his long time friend and associating himself with the Olympic Legacy Plaza a development that helped Gardner receive a maximum million dollar tax break from Salt Lake City, and today Gardner donated $500,000 to the Romney campaign. 

The connection also includes the Mormon Church, the Church of Latter Day Saints or LDS where Romney has a strong affiliation in his friends and associates in the Mormon faithful. Actually, it was the Mormon Church connection and Ann Romney who suggested Mitt for the job of CEO of the games. 

The question remains do voters “trust” Mitt Romney? Or are they willing to vote for Romney with a track record of secret deals, tax bailouts, tax evasion and a laundry list of shambles?

The Romney Shambles List grows Longer

Photo Courtesy of Democracy Now  

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