Romney’s Oil Investments in Iran and Nuclear Weapons

Romney’s Oil Investments in Iran and Nuclear Weapons

Over the weekend Mitt Romney the lead runner in the GOP nomination for President sadly embalmed himself in a stew of hypocrisy regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Romney's Oil Investments in Iran and Nuclear WeaponsRomney’s Oil Investments in Iran and Nuclear Weapons

What most people are unaware of and what the mainstream media refuses to cover is the fact that Mitt and Ann Romney both invested in Iran’s oil companies and those revenues help build Iran’s present day nuclear capabilities- if they actually have any.

In this video again the false flags of Mitt Romney scare an 11 year old boy half to death with “If Obama gets re-elected, Iran will have a nuclear bomb”. In actual fact, Romney’s Iran oil investments actually funded Iran’s nuclear program.

See the 2006 Tax Returns which illustrate how many oil companies the Romney’s gained profits from just before he ran for President in 2008 and lost.

Romney’s claims that President Obama failed to use crippling sanctions are also false due to the fact that Iran is now fighting back threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz for the first time.

Iran is becoming increasingly isolated, lacking food and cut off from financial resources except for it’s close ties with Russia and China, a very delicate situation when it comes to sanctions.

Romney’s Warmongering and Inaccurate Statements on Iran in a CNN Debate:

“We must not allow Iran to use a nuclear weapon. If they do, the world changes and someday nuclear weaponry will be used. If I’m president, that will not happen. If we re-elect Barack Obama it will,”

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