Romney Shambles Trending Twitter Today UK Trip Uproar

Mitt Romney is showing how he would handle Foreign Dignitaries and Foreign policy by absolutely disgracing the United States of America in the UK end of his European fundraising tour. So far he’s made so many gaffs in Britain it is difficult to say if he’ll survive being driven out of the country on rails.

Romney then met with Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

The World Tour of Mitt Romney also included a meeting with MI6 the British version of the Secret Service, you know the James Bond Unit that no one is supposed to speak about or mention in public for security reasons.

Well, he did it again, and we don’t know if he was “bragging” that he met with them or just plain stupid enough to let out a secret. Oh My Gosh, please continue the tour, for each gaff represents one more reason why Americans should really shake their heads if they vote for this clown show.

Mitt Romney is self-imploding on foreign soil, that sounds sexy but its not very gratifying for republican voters to see their hero get knocked on the world stage.