Romney Ignored NECC in Mass Added to Meningitis Outbreak

Oct. 30, 2012 The meningitis outbreak that originated in Massachusetts from a compound pharmacy that had no legal rights to mass produce drugs or shots was an epidemic that could have been avoided.

The investigation thus far reveals that dating back to 2004,  when Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts many complaints came in about the NECC company and he let them go with just a slap on the hand.

So far, 344 people in the States have contracted Meningitis a fatal disease when they where injected with steroids made at a Massachusetts compound pharmacy called New England Compounding Company or NECC.

The death toll is now 25 people who died from Meningitis in 18 states so far and there could be more in the next six months. The symptoms do not appear quickly but will show within a period of time.

Representative Ed Markey Democrat for Massachusetts is calling for a full investigation that led to the deaths and how this compound pharmacy went un-noticed while shipping out massive amounts of drugs (shots of steroids) without a license.

The pharmacy produced mass quantities of Steroid Shot made of Methylprednisolone Acetate used to relieve back, joint, knee, should pain however those who received the shots were injected with a fungal form of Meningitis which causes brain inflammation through the spinal cord.

The pharmacy shipped 17,000 vials of the infected shots to 76 different medical clinics across the country, without detection and without following regulations.

The NECC company had been cited for violations for over a decade dating back to when Mitt Romney was Governor of the State.

Records from the FDA show that back in 2002 several people had adverse reactions to the medication in other shots produced by NECC involving Betamethasone repository another steroid.

Over six complaints were filed in 2006, but in 2004 the Mass. Board of Pharmacies that reported to Mitt Romney gave NECC clearance to continue with just a slight reprimand and NECC agreed to admit to negligence back then.

A lawyer for NECC suggested that disciplinary action would cause business losses and would cause further investigations where the costs would be too great. A deal of profits before safety was consented to by Romney’s administration because he did not object to it.

Today, the NECC’s license has been revoked, and it’s facilities finally are shut down from any further infecting of the public with a deadly disease.

This whole disaster happened on Mitt Romney’s watch who is campaigning today on deregulating Wall Street, businesses and promoting such activities that led to the deaths of 25 Americans possibly more.

It is of note that the NECC president Greg Coniglario donates to GOP Scott Brown’s campaign against Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat and hosts fundraisers for Brown.

Scott Brown in pay back had written a letter to the Drug Enforcement Agency that requested drug regulations be lessened on the industry in Massachusetts.

This is just another reason why governments cannot hire ex-pharma executives to run the FDA, and why the pharma industry must never be allowed to regulate itself. There is just too much corruption for profit today in the corporate world that is causing deaths in drugs, shots medical devices and vaccines.

Also, the FDA is far too busy regulating harmless vitamins and continues to approved deadly drugs that cause death because of lobbyists and ex-employees of drug companies that work for the FDA.

The FDA for a long time needs a major overhaul that will dismiss ex-drug company employees, lawyers and CEO’s and clean house completely of a corrupted system.

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