Romney Hired A Rent-a-Crowd for NAACP Speech

The Romney camp hired black consultant to fix his speech at the NAACP with a rent a crowd of black supporters to clap and support him during his speech.

After he exposed himself and used a word like the Obamacare which was a derogatory word used by republicans when they tied the Affordable Health Care Act and named it after the President.

The facts are that Mitt Romney has never done anything positive for the black community a very large majority of voters. Even George Romney was more a supporter of the black community than his son. Most of Romney’s inside circle, his friends, his business associates are not black they are white folks.

Romney was staging this speech to speak to his white base, and use the speech as a badge of honor and illustrate how courageous he was to have gone into the lion’s den, the very support base of Pres. Obama.

Romney resorted to bringing with him a black posse a contingent of black VIP’s claimed Hilary Sheldon. These persons were actually hired to “cheer and support” Mitt Romney during the speech as we later found out.

Mitt Romney

None of the people Romney brought with him were actually in the NAACP nor were they leaders of any groups and they were described as African American conservatives!! Another staged and bizarre tactic of Mitt Romney’s desperation as his campaign self- implodes.

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A disgraceful joke on America, a cheap suit that will do anything to win, with no morals, no religion except his money and a quest to cheat the system, cheat America and to not pay his fair share of taxes.

Mitt Romney is a cheap republican, two time loser who can’t have the morals and hasn’t got the ethics to become President.

No wonder, John McCain chose Sarah Palin over Mitt Romney for his Vice-President.