Romney Hire Nathan Sproul’s Long History of Voter Fraud

Sept. 29, 2012  Why the Mitt Romney campaign hired a known fraudster who’s long history of election fixing was well documented is beyond belief. The Republican party quickly fired Nathan Sproul to divest themselves from fraud but the whole voter fraud incidents date back to at least 2004 if not before that year’s election.  Bush v.s. Kerry in the 2004 election.

We assume it was a directive by the republican party to fire Sproul and his various companies, but that doesn’t let Romney off the hook so easily. The Romney campaign as incompetent as they are must have known Nathan Sproul has been working for the GOP for at least 10 years or more.

This all sounded like a smelly Carl Rove emission, the desperate attempt to win “at any cost” has a Carl Rove signature on it.  We know that Nathan Sproul’s operations registered under different names in various states that dates back to the 2004 Bush- Kerry Election.

Sproul is said to be behind the young girl in the video captured in El Paso, Colorado outside a Safeway Store where she is taped asking “Who are you voting for ” and claimed she was working for the County Clerk’s office of El Paso.

Election 2004

During this time the Institute for Public Accuracy an independent source for news indicated that in two states Pennsylvania and Oregon eyewitness statements revealed:

1) Supervisors were seen ripping up completed Voter Registration forms from Democrats.

2) An Oregon judge refused to re-open registration for those who’s forms were destroyed.

3) The Oregon Attorney General’s Office and the CIA said they’d investigate, but no charges were laid against Sproul or his company.

We know now, in 2012 that federal authorities with all their expertise, assets and knowledge of this republican operative since 2004 never charged Nathan Sproul, never shut him down, and never pursued the matter. This is why they were allowed to continue to this day, in 2012 to enjoy the income from the GOP and continue to threaten democracy with fraudulent means of rigging an election. This was known 8 years ago yet the feds dropped the ball and the Dept of Justice during the Bush years never investigated or charged Nathan Sproul.

Pennsylvania 2004  -Witness Holly McCullough Statement Account of Sproul and Associates

Holly McCullough, in 2004 was the special assistant to the Director of the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The same method used in the El Paso Colorado voter registration we reported on a few days ago where a hire was placed outside a Safeway store always asked the voter : Who they were voting for first. This is the way they identify GOP or democrat voters which they are not supposed to do.

Voter Registration is supposed to be non-partisan, and it is a big mistake to allow both parties to register voters because there is so much room for fraud here.

In Holly McCullough’s case, Sproul and Associates in Oregon set up shop outside the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company claimed they were working for America Votes which was false information.

She gave them approval after they promised to do a non-partisan registration. Soon after, complains came from a local manager Ryan Hughes that voters were upset they were being asked who they were voting for by the canvassers.

Sproul’s group apologized but confirmed “they were doing market research”. Holly McCullough did further investigations on her own, and found Sproul and Associates did not work for America Votes.

She then asked the group to verify their identity, and was told America Votes is a project operated by Sproul and Associates. So in fact – Nathan Sproul was working for the republican party but claiming or making overtures that they were a non-partisan group again falsifying the facts.

Again, Sproul and Associates were never charged with any crime or voter fraud.

How many Voter registrations did they rip up in Pennsylvania in 2004 of Al Gore’s voters?

Oregon 2004  Meghan O’Flaherty – Sproul and Associates Voter Registration 

In the same year in Oregon Sproul and Associates identified themselves as a “Non-Partisan” group in a letter sent to Jackson County Library Services in Oregon.

Here is an excerpt of that letter and what happened:

“To Whom It May Concern: Our firm has been contracted to help coordinate a national non-partisan voter registration drive, America Votes! in several states across the nation. … We would like to be able to register people to vote in front of your location(s). … We will equally register all those who wish to register to vote.’ The letter was signed by Sue Noel and Gary Bae of Sproul and Associates. Before granting permission I wanted to make sure that this was truly a non-partisan voter registration drive, so I did a Google search on ‘America Votes!’ and found, a coalition of many groups including the NAACP,, the Sierra Club, etc.

Groups which are usually associated with support for liberal or Democratic Party issues. At this point I became suspicious of the ‘non-partisan’ part of the letter, but also wondered why the letter I received hadn’t come from the Oregon coordinator of America Votes instead of a firm in Arizona. So I e-mailed Kevin Looper, the Oregon coordinator [for America Votes], to ask if this letter had truly come from America Votes and if they had contracted with Sproul and Associates.

Mr. Looper wrote back, saying: ‘… To my knowledge, there is no firm commissioned to do voter registration on our behalf. … ‘ Three other Oregon libraries [also] said they had also been contacted by Sproul and Associates. Cindy Gibbon from Multnomah County said that when she was contacted Sproul and Associates were calling their effort ‘Project America Votes.’  end quote 

Again an investigation was opened up in 2004 under the Bush administration however no charges were laid and no stopping Nathan Sproul from destroying Democrat voter registrations.

To this day, the DOJ, CIA and FBI all have ignored this weasel who makes millions by defrauding the public, breaking federal and state laws and he continued to do so in the 2011 Election.

This incident in Oregon was in spite of another witness account, a former Sproul and Associates employee who was told only to accept forms from Republicans.

In Nevada another Sproul employee, Eric Russell stated he witnessed his supervisor destroying voter registration forms from Democrat voters. Russell even gave torn up forms to the Nevada authorities from Sproul’s garbage can but again no charges were laid and no investigations were furthered.

These stories were in the media news since 2004, and no FBI or Dept of Justice investigations were ever opened up on Nathan Sproul.

Nathan Sproul received at least if not more than $488,000.00 for his services.

In 2004 Various News Stories were published

Common Dreams: October 14, 2004

GOP Consulting Firm Investigated for Voter Fraud Claims

The Video of Sproul hire El Paso, Colorado claiming she works for the County Clerks and is working for helping Romney at the same time.

Was Nathan Sproul also involved in the 2000 Election that was so muddled in the Bush Gore voter count in Florida?

Updated: Sept. 29, 2012 1:08 p.m. Nathan Sproul attempted to hide his identity to his website and has now a page that announces the investigation in Florida. The domain registered as the one below is registered to a Nathan Sproul from Tempe, Arizona with Go Daddy . com but was quickly made private by Sproul. A private domain registration does not reveal the true identity of the website owner.


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