Romney Donor-Pink Slime Maker

April 2, 2012 Just a little Salmonella Poisoning won’t hurt you.

Is the Romney Donor a Pink Slime Maker?

Lately a lot of scandal surrounding how the Pink Slime refuse, found it’s way in US hamburger meat has silenced the #GOP candidates for some reason.

Beef Products Inc was forced to suspend using slaughter house refuse and selling it “unlabeled” as Hamburger meat. The pink slime has little resemblance to beef, and the labels didn’t warn consumers what they were buying and paying for at hamburger prices was not “really hamburger as we knew it”.

A Very Sick Desperate Man – Mitt Romney

What BPI did was to gather refuse at slaughter houses, to turn a profit on what was used as dog food and selling it to American families.

If there was “any” beef in this garbage it was really low grade -not Grade A Beef and mainly consisted of: intestines, rectal parts, fat, and possibly even from cancer stricken animals who knows what they used.

The fact that BPI actually had to drench the garbage by-products with ammonia gas to kill off the bacteria and E coli – tells you plenty.

Major retailers bought it up especially mass production fast food outlets like: MacDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and others while Eldon Roth got richer off of garbage.

Not one of the candidates from Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich has mentioned the pink slime problem in hamburger meat.

You would think one of American’s industries that has has so very many recalls would be a topic that affects families, children and folks that just don’t want to get salmonella when they eat a hamburger which is as basic as American pie. A little further digging and the pieces all fit together for one leading candidate Mitt Romney. 

Just another example of how corporations run the political process in America is the silence when a scandal as big as this one draws not one comment from leading contenders for the White House.

The reason being that Beef Products Inc., the major leader of pink slime manufacturing is a big Romney campaign contributor.

Romney’s silence speaks volumes as to his relationship with the CEO of BPI Eldon Roth who has made a fortune in the beef industry. Likely it has more to do with the $200,000 campaign contribution to Romney’s run for the White House. After all, if Romney gets to be President the whole world will be eating pink slime.

Roth also threw a big party fundraiser for Romney and they both share jet ownership in common besides a total disgust for the health of children and American families exposed to e.coli bacteria from slaughter house refuse.

Romney and Roth the jet setting millionaire captain’s of industry know one thing -how to make a buck out of other people’s misery and if they cannot inflict misery they surely will try.

Mitt Romney made no apology for being wealthy and his allies are equally as undisturbed by yielding profits from garbage at the expense of infecting children with e.coli bacteria. No sure…nothing stands in the way of capitalistic conservatives.

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Updated: Oct. 20, 2012