Romney and the Individual Mandate

Romney’s Health Care Bill celebrates its Sixth Anniversary on April 11, 2012 and it has been six years of all citizens of the State of Massachusetts living with and enjoying Romney’s health insurance plan.



At the signing Senator Ted Kennedy was looking over his shoulder to ensure he signed on the dotted line and it was a by-partisan effort for the sake of the people’s work.

The Massachusetts Health Care reform bill since 2006 mandates (that means by the law) that almost ALL residents of the state obtain state government health care insurance coverage that is regulated by the state’s authority.

The Individual Mandate – meant that by law the state government of Massachusetts made all citizens have health insurance coverage.

The Reform Bill also ensured that those who could not afford health care insurance were covered for free.

Romney’s Bill also partially pays for those who earn within 300% of the Federal Poverty line (FPL) out of the 6 million people who live in Massachusetts.

The bill also sets up a government run agency called the Health Connector that acts as a broker who offers private insurance plans to residents.

There is also a provision for a tax penalty for those who fail to get a health insurance plan.

So why is Mitt Romney running for President? He says it is to remove Obamacare but that just doesn’t jive with what he did as a Governor.

All the points made of Romney care are all in Obama’s Health Plan so what is Romney talking about when he means he would remove the current health plan that offers health care to so many Americans that never qualified before?

It is all rather counterproductive to go backwards in time and repeal such an appealing bill for 30 million Americans who would be very upset to say the least.


As we near the Republican National Convention, that is sure to be a browsing cat fight amongst the top three candidates, Mitt Romney will have to defend his position on healthcare with more than he promises to repeal it.

He will have to illustrate what similar parts of his health care plan differs from Obama’s health plan and this is where he is extremely vulnerable.  As the democrats have said many times, they used Romney care as a basis for Obama care, there is very little difference between the two plans.

Except for the fact that Mitt Romney would as President, remove health care coverage from 30 million Americans.

Why would those 30 million Americans vote for him?

Regardless of who wins the election in November, the people of Massachusetts will have health care all six million of them and will continue to have healthcare.  If Romney should win the General Election, Massachusetts will continue to have their healthcare but 30 million Americans will not.

Those are some really difficult choices to make in voting. Do I vote for a guy who looked after his state as a Governor and now wants to walk back from the country’s people who are in dire need of health care coverage?

 In 2008, only 54% of the population voted out of 300 million people.

That is roughly say, 150 million people and lets say we generously say that 10 % of the number of people who came out last time are so angry they will not vote this year.

That leaves 135 Million people who will vote this year.

Odds are that the 30 million people that now have healthcare will by majority vote to keep their health care coverage. Romney has already pissed off those 30 million voters by repealing Heath care bill.

Considering the votes are a 50 – 50 split between Democrats and Republicans – 50% of 135 million is 67.5 million people.

Do we all think Mitt Romney will get more than 67.5 million votes when he can’t even win primaries unless they fix the numbers for him to win?

Hardly, a likely outcome is possible.  Then we have to consider the Republicans just pissed off 50 % of the population with all this religious birth control stuff they know nothing about.

The likelihood of Mitt Romney sustaining a long drawn out battle at the Convention he will be so battered and bruised walking into the ring with President Obama, he will have a very rough fight ahead.

If he loses, he should give up trying to run for President again because he’ll then be a three time loser.