Romney 2003 Salem Speech Did not Support Coal Industry

In a 2003 speech, Governor Mitt Romney stated: “I will not create jobs that kills people” speaking of the coal industry.

Video of Romney’s Speech of the Coal Plant in Salem, Massachusetts

Romney also said he would clean up the state of coal plants by 2004, especially the Salem coal plant. That didn’t happen and today, Romney supports oil, coal, natural gas fracking anyone who contributes to his campaign coffers.

Mitt Romney’s Been Running for President for 10 Years

The Salem Harbor coal plant has been operating since 1951, almost 60 years now with smoke belching into the air consistently over the north shore. The soot covers people’s homes, the air they breathe, their clothing and their children have asthma.

The Salem Coal Plants and How it Affects the People of Massachusetts

The cost to the health care system of these plants is enormous to the taxpayer, fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gas are creating gigantic costs to human life and taxpayers.

Today, Massachusetts is on the road towards green energy and has strong climate change laws with a plan of reducing greenhouse emissions 25% by 2020. Massachusetts found out that coal plants are not a sound economic investment in energy and announced in 2011 a retirement of two of the Salem plants and two more in 2014. Conservation Law Foundation

The results of less demand for electricity starting in 2005 has had an effect on the operation of Brayton Point coal fired power plants. Brayton Point is the biggest producer of carbon dioxide and toxic release into the atmosphere plus the release of mercy, arsenic, lead and toxins that as Mitt Romney says “Kills People”.

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