Ben Roethlisberger Beats 3rd Rape Charge

April 12, 2010   Celebrity favoritism strikes again and those who heard today that Ben Roethlisberger beat his 3rd rape charge are not accepting the findings of the district attorney who dropped the charges.  Alcohol plays a part in all rapes however it is not a reason to drop charges.

Photo: A drunken Ben Roethlisberger, his t-shirt reads: “Drink Like a Champion”.

Drunk Foot Ball Players


The alleged rape was in Miledgeville Georgia and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence gathered by the DA office.    This man was accused 3 times already although his case of being sued by a woman in Reno Andrea McNulty is still pending from 2 years ago.

Today another court didn’t have the fortitude to prosecute this football player perhaps because of his football career, expensive lawyers and bullying tactics from the NFL who investigated the charges also.  The woman was seen by a doctor and visual signs of physical  trauma typically found in raped women that were recorded after the alleged rape incident happened to her.


There was no release of information regarding any DNA samples requested of Roethlisberger or whether his DNA was found on the body of the woman as evidence of  sexual contact either by force or otherwise.  Without these tests being conducted it is inconclusive as to whether he did rape the woman or not and he has not defended himself at all in any statement other than a denial of the case and evidence.

The facts released to the news media indicate that both the woman and Roethlisberger were in a small bathroom and both had consumed much alcohol from a night of bar hopping.  Although Roethlisberger fed her more alcohol in the form of shots to the woman even after she was already under the influence of alcohol he had given her more booze.

In the photo you can see Roethlisberger pouring hard liquor down a woman’s throat.


A victim that is highly intoxicated is a poor witness for her own defense. It is obvious that he has bodyguards to protect him from criminal charges as he goes about his activities.  The purpose of his numerous bodyguards is to keep watch for any witnesses.

This is the third time he has been charged and a pattern is definitely visible. The case of another famous NFL football player escaping charges of rape and criminal charges of assault.

In the photo, Roethlisberger is photographed with the cop that was investigating the rape charges.

addrunkand a cop

The Steelers officials win again in fending off further criminal charges of yet another football player found to be consuming large amounts of alcohol, bar hopping, and charged with assault a woman.  The Steelers and their lawyers must have worked day and night to fight his charge -the third charge of rape against this player.

This man should be put away in a jail for years for raping women everywhere he goes and even a casual observer would be witness to criminal activity.

It shows that a rich football player can get away with anything today, and be backed by his handlers however this will not only destroy his self-image but the image of young boys who will think its really great to rape women and get away with it.

This player makes headlines by criminal charges over and over again and is certainly setting the role of football player in the hearts of young boys and his fans.

Any woman who gets involved with this guy whether in a hotel, a bar or walking down the street should look at his history and decide if he deserves the time of day.  This is an aggressive man with a history of criminal charges of rape and any woman who would even speak to this guy would be setting herself up for an attack.

Update: April 25, 2010- He beat his third rape charge but NFL suspended him for 6 games. Still its a slap on the wrist compared to jail time but he will lose over 2 million dollars in salary.  Punishment does not match the crime and there may be more sanctions against Ben.  Also Ben must get professional help -that means a shrink.

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  2. What a piece of TRASH. If he were black…well, you know the rest. I am sorry for the women who thought they could hang out with his abusive, indecent a$$. The sins of this fool WILL revisit him. It’s just a matter of time.

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