Right 2 Know March on Washington

Right 2 Know March on Washington

Today Food Labels currently are deceptive, illegal and counter all consumer protection laws in the United States. No American consumers are aware that 80% of the foods they are eating each day, are genetically modified fake foods.Thousands and thousands have joined a march to Washington to demand GMO be labeled immediately to the US public.

Even foods that are shipped or exported to Europe, Russia and Canada are not identified as Genetically Modified containing pesticides, high amounts of chemicals, viruses, and DNA damaging ingredients.

Right 2 Know March on WashingtonRight 2 Know March on Washington

GMO foods are made by the corporation of Monsanto, which began in the 1970’s with establishing bovine hormone milk from their chemicals as safe. The US government, tainted by lobbyists and corrupt politicians agreed that all milk must contain hormones, never before was milk tainted with hormones.

Today, Monsanto has moved towers plant engineering of seeds that contain pesticides, which is deadly to human health. The USDA again corrupted by people like Tom Vilsack the Secty of Agriculture who was once an employee of Monsanto’s legal team continued to infiltrate and contaminate US foods.

Right 2 Know March on WashingtonRight 2 Know March on Washington

The US Patent Office wrongfully granted Monsanto a patent based on a natural plant life form which is absolutely ridiculous.

It compares to a person adding a flavor like orange to water and then claiming a patent on H20 and claims sovereignty over all water.  The patents are being challenged in court and rightfully no man or corporation has a patent on a God made seed. Yet Monsanto challenges farmers if some of their seeds blow over to a neighboring farm, they take farmers to court, demand their land and steal it from them.

The corporation has a an army of lawyers to bankrupt any farmer who dares to challenge the demented corporate greed of their executives. Monsanto is truly attempting to control all seeds of plants therefore in their insane world they would control the World.

The next step is to genetically modify animals such as salmon which are cross bred with monstrous fish that are not eaten normally, for better return on investment, but not proven safe to eat.  The public is not totally aware that these cross breeds are not normal genetically and carry great dangerous change in their DNA. The FDA of course is approving these science fictional animals for human consumption, for corporate lobbyists and profits. The public remains in the dark again of what they are eating exactly, fish that are not labeled correctly even means fish labeled as cod is not really cod but a substitute.

The public is fed up with corporate control of the food supply, the very food they put on their table for their children is totally unsafe today.  The US food system rivals Nigeria’s food in terms of constant: e.coli, salmonella, chemicals, GMO, antibiotics and much more that does not provide higher nutrition- just higher profits for corporate food manufacturers.

Enough is Enough.  

The US government has to clean up their agencies who are aligned with lobbyists for political contributions. The system is corrupted entirely by greed and profit, and has been allowed to taint basic, natural, organic foods.  In fact, if Monsanto had their way, organic food would be banned, even if you grow it in your backyard, which many are forced to do.

The Right 2 Know March left New York City on October 1st and is making its way to Washington to demand Food Labels include :

Is this GMO -Genetically Modified Food



Simply, consumers have the right to know what they are buying especially with food prices skyrocketing due to inflation and a deep recession. Adding insult to injury, the foods they are buying are GMO foods which are not only harmful but not worth their price.

The Right 2 Know March on their website indicate:

Everyone is welcome to join us as we march 313 miles from the United Nations to the White House to demand that genetically engineered foods be labeled in the United States as they are in Europe and Japan. American citizens deserve the same right to informed choices about the food we put in our own and our children’s bodies.. We hope the boldness of this action inspires major media coverage and creates pressure in the 2012 election cycle for politicians to take positions and enact legislation requiring Genetically Engineered foods be labeled. In many ways this march is the beginning of a new broad-based movement for GMO labeling.

In the European Union citizens have had amazing success in requiring labeling of GMO foods sold there. Non-GMO activists with the Genfrei-Gehen campaign walked from Berlin, Germany to Brussels, Belgium, 600 miles! Those citizens marched with helium-filled biodegradable balloons that pop into pieces at high-altitude making them safe for animals. Our balloons will pay tribute to the successful EU marches that inspired us and distinguish us from pedestrians.

Right2Know March coordinators have road-tested a tree-lined route that will be filled with crimson, citron and sienna foliage. The march will kick off with an event at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and will travel down the East Coast, visiting natural food stores along the way where events will be held to educate citizens on GMOs and labeling.

We’ll encounter farmers in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, and in Pennsylvania we’ll pass through the bio-diverse treasure of Amish country more than once. One day we will be in one of the most densely populated regions in the world and the next we are hiking through an organic wheat field. We’ll march/hike about 20 miles a day with support vehicles in tow that you can drive or ride in.

We will arrive at the White House with thousands of people on World Food Day Oct 16.

Permits are secured for the park across from the White House and marchers are expected to arrive at President Obama’s home at 2pm and rally into the evening with amazing musicians and speakers!
En route we will be cooking organic non-GMO foods and sampling the regional harvest offerings at natural health food stores.

Expect rare varieties of fruits and vegetables, locally made foods, vegan specific options and ethical meats for the Omnivore. And yes, there will be campfires and camaraderie with our non-GMO allies in Europe who inspired and will be joining us.

Are you ready to sign up? Our organizing is open to anyone who supports non-violent, peaceful demonstrations. We need your support and donations to make this action successful. We believe this march will reach a large number of Americans on a limited budget who are completely unaware of the GMO issue – We are going to change that. It is up to us to unite for the right to know what we are eating.
We Will:
    1.    Mobilize concerned citizens and organizations to speak with one loud voice on Genetically Engineered foods (GMO).
    2.    Raise awareness about the risks of GMO foodss and crop production.
    3.    Demand the government require labels on foods made from GMO crops.

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One Man Beat Monsanto -A Prairie Farmer from Canada- Percy Schmeiser is now a world wide speaker on the rights of Farmers, beating Monsanto from claiming farms belong to them, he was purposefully dragged through the courts to bankrupt him and his family.

Percy is a seed expert and has developed his own “organic” seeds until Monsanto took him on which is common throughout the world. In India, Monsanto has taken advantage of Indian farmers and stolen their lands, resulting in a higher amount of suicides in India’s agricultural farmers. The corporation known as Monsanto is an evil empire, made purposefully to take over the world’s food supply by tainting crops and has destroyed the US exports of food. This costs not only the economy, but jobs and puts farms out of business.

Listen to Percy as he tells of his Beating Monsanto-We need More Heroes Like Percy

He will be attending the Right 2 Know March and will be speaking in Washington in a few days.

We totally support the Right 2 Know March on Washington.