Rick Perry’s Stem Cell Treatments

Amidst the hoopla of Governor Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign is the fact that he is for Adult Stem Cell treatments using one’s own stem cells rather than a stranger’s cells and even had it done for his own back problems that plagued his enjoyment of life.

The controversy is more one of pharmaceutical interests v.s. cures for disease rather than political beliefs and in this case it is a case of what’s right and what is terribly wrong with our current government under President Obama.

Rick Perry Uses His Own Stem Cells for Back Pain

The Republican Governor under went a procedure on July 1st, 2011 where a sample of fat taken from his own body were enhanced by multiplication or duplication and then re-inserted into his own body to heal using the Repair cells nature provides in all human bodies. He did not have to endure hours on the operating table, fused bones, six months of recovery time, casts and months of pain killers.

The Governor had some back issues and pain emanating from his spine and had been in pain for quite some time. Perry is a proponent of adult stem cells rather than embryo stem cells taken from aborted fetuses for the obvious reason that his own cells worked for him.


As far as safety, the Governor’s choice is a safe one, using his own natural ability to heal the body and using his own cells, not someone else’s DNA which would have been rejected by his body.

He chose to work with his own body’s ability to heal itself primarily without the need for drugs or surgery and its called working with the immune system that every human being is born with by nature.  Some scientists don’t believe we humans have a natural healing ability called an immune system,  even though miraculously a cut heals itself without intervention from doctors or science.

But they explain,  it by saying it is an anecdotal response, meaningless and downplayed or just in the patient’s head or a placebo effect.  The embryo researchers have a dozen reasons to knock what works and a dozen more that have to do with profits from drugs.

These are the terms used by embryo proponents who are tied to pharmaceutical interests and profits only, not in terms of curing diseases but by prolonging them -they make more money.

Rick Perry’s Stem Cell Treatment

We quote Gov. Perry from Salon.com where he said about the Obama administration the he (Obama) was: “turning the remains of unborn children into nothing more than raw material”. Useless material at that. 

Gov. Rick Perry is right because Embryo stem cells require rejection drugs, which means a bonanza of profits for drug companies. We know that Pres. Obama derives campaign contributions from pharmaceuticals and made a secret deal with them on Obama care worth billions in higher drug costs to Americans.

The Texas Tribune also covered the story of Rick Perry’s Stem Cell Treatments had his own ideas on big government dictating to him what treatments would be better suited to himself and he chose ASC-Adult Stem Cell treatment.  

The facts are that the FDA approvals of embryo are faster than those for Adult Stem cell research, and are being given preferential treatment with government funding ultimately the taxpayers dollars that we all pay.

This is where Obama is wrong and the FDA simply a patsy for big drug makers who want in on the action of healing diseases, after all pharmaceuticals will lose billions if their drugs are not necessary, so delay means more profits but is delaying cures for diseases.

People are dying because of this system of the FDA denouncing adult stem cell treatments even banning them in the USA.

Gov. Perry’s people say the treatments were: successful. Meaning his back pain that plagued him for years is gone away, his problems are solved and is that not proof enough that ASC work?

The other side, the embryo promoters say this is a placebo effect which is laughable and strangely is not based in fact.

For Pro-Life advocates, using their own stem cells is preferred and the vast majority of Americans would rather use their own cells than a stranger’s cells.

Embryo stem cells uses a system of drugs to reject foreign cells which is totally unnecessary and requires a life time of higher costs to the patient. Embryo stem cells are for profit, adult stem cells are for cures and those are the simple facts of why Governor Perry chose his own cells. Which would you chose if it were your choice?

The Christian Post also mentions Adult Stem cells in their piece on Rick Perry’s Stem Cell Treatment.

The doctor who performed the stem cell transplant on Gov. Perry is Dr. Stanley Jones who suffered from arthritis in his hands and as an orthopedic surgeon that would have debilitated him. Dr. Jones also had his own stem cell treatments both him and his wife traveled abroad to get the treatments now being banned by the FDA. Dr. Stanley Jones is now able to perform surgeries to help other Americans heal and he continues with his valuable treatments for other Americans.

FDA is a Hindrance to Stem Cell Cures

Yet the FDA has not approved of Adult stem cell treatments in the US therefore people have to travel overseas to seek life saving treatments. This is wrong, this is morally wrong on many fronts, besides the moral issue of using aborted fetus cells the FDA is preventing Americans from using their own cells in their own country.

Obama is Dead Wrong-and his Executive Order Meaningless in Stem Cell Research

Photo: In the 2008 Presidential Campaign Obama Promised to fund Stem cell Research not restrict the Life Saving Treatments that the FDA is now banning for Americans.

It is morally wrong that the President and his FDA agency have stopped clinics from performing stem cell transplants using the patient’s own cells. The FDA has become misinformed, misled and is wrongly outlawing adult stem cells for every American.  Gov. Perry sought relief from back pain, millions of Americans want the same type of treatment, not needless government regulations that stifle cures for disease.

By stifle ASC advancements the FDA is allowing foreign countries to get the jump up on cures, while the US lags behind due to corporate pharma influence peddling. in practical and financial terms it is a heavier burden for Americans than a person living in China that can do the same in their own country.

Americans are fed up with President Obama’s negligence, blocking research and treatments on adult stem cell research, he is favoring embryo stem cells and he is dead wrong. Obama talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk when it comes to stem cell research all research must be funded including a preference for what works, what is successful, what is cheaper and what is less invasive for the patient.

Obama allows the FDA to shut down US clinics, prevent jobs in the medical industry, prevent cures for persons suffering and for that he is stopping clinical trials that prove successful time and again.


A copy of the President’s Orders are on the article we wrote, the link is above, and it states:

Executive Order 13505 Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells

Rick Perry's Stem Cell Treatments

This is the President Signing his First Executive Order-Signed Wednesday March 11,  in 2009

It wasn’t worth the paper it was written on and hardly enforced by his own Food and Drug Administration.

Memorandum March 9, 2009 Scientific Integrity

The FDA is defying that Presidential Order and legally they are on shaky Ground in Section 1 it states that:

“Section 1. Policy. Research involving human embryonic stem cells and human non-embryonic stem cells has the potential to lead to better understanding and treatment of many disabling diseases and conditions. Advances over the past decade in this promising scientific field have been encouraging, leading to broad agreement in the scientific community that the research should be supported by Federal funds.”

Clearly, the FDA is not funding “Non-Embryonic Stem Cells” and in fact is thwarting this valuable treatment, denying the success rates, denying needed funding to this research and in essence they defy the President’s Executive Order. When you defy your own President’s orders, and continue to obstruct medical research either the President was lying or the FDA is taking orders from drug companies, which is it?  The FDA with the help of drug company influence even has ordered other countries to stop Adult Stem Cells and this is a systemic problem with drug company interference in research.

FDA Shuts Down Off Shore Stem Cell Clinics

On August 14, 2010 over one year ago this month we reported that the FDA ordered a Costa Rica Clinic offering adult stem cell treatments to American patients, (link)  to be shut down by government influence and meddling in medical cures on behalf of pharmaceuticals.
Costa Rica’s largest clinical facilities in San Jose, the Institute of Cellular Medicine was operated by an American entrepreneur.

It is evident that the owner Neil Riordan would have opened his clinic in the United States but he had to open a clinic offshore to avoid the FDA insistence that adult stem cells are somehow not covered under the President’s Executive Order Number 13505.

Neil Riordan had 400 patients seeking this vital treatment of using their own adult stem cells extracted from fat and blood and these patients wanted to have those treatments.

What other reason would there be, to shut down progress, innovation, and a foreign clinic that is actually helping patients? But the FDA didn’t stop there.

The videos are self explanatory and show the whole process is safe and effectively relieves joint pain, without surgery.

Why is the FDA allowed to stop this American doctor’s ability to help Americans get the same treatments Gov. Perry was able to receive in Texas?

Dr. Centeno has almost a million dollars in legal bills, lost income to his practice, is this in any way the productive methods the FDA is using to promote stem cell research?

Is the FDA saving anyone’s life by taking one doctor to court, tying him up for years in litigation and how much money does the FDA waste doing just this, just taking doctors to court who are trying to cure diseases and wasting millions upon millions of dollars? The lawyers are getting richer -the patients are suffering and dying as a result of the FDA’s practices.

Does the American taxpayer wish to continuing footing the legal bills of the FDA in their frivolous lawsuits against American doctors, wasting time and money and how long will this continue? In the long run the FDA has run up quite the legal tab alone, which explains why they are not doing the real job of protecting the food supply which has sunk to an all time low similar to the food in Nigeria, full of bacteria and salmonella.

So far the FDA and President Obama have only sliced the pie of research dollars in favor of Embryo stem cell research and has neglected adult stem cell research funding which again defies the President’s own statements and orders.

Politics and Friends

On the political front, it appears President Obama’s Executive Order is meaningless, and ignored which speaks to his authority over his own hand picked choice for the head of the FDA.It was one of the first Orders he wrote when he assumed his seat in the Oval Office and his friend Margaret Hamburg ignored it.

Obama chose a Chicago friend Margaret Hamburg to head up the FDA in 2008, and his stem cell research order came in 2009 which we assume Hamburg didn’t give much credence to for she totally ignored it or he told her to do so.

Hamburg also approved the H1N1 Vaccine, an untested and dangerously ineffective jab that caused instant abortions for pregnant women, fetus damages and death to old and young alike.  Hamburg’s record on food safety has failed to keep the food supply safe from botulism, salmonella and bacteria, now can she govern and dictate medicine to doctors?

FDA orders US Doctor Chris Centeno to Shut Down his Clinic on Adult Stem Cells and takes him to Court

The FDA has even gone so far as to declare that:

Your Stem Cells are Not Your Own Property-They belong to the Government

1) A patient’s own stem cells are a drug. The FDA came up with this definition so it may classify human stem cells as a drug to allow drug companies to profit.

If that is not proof enough that the FDA have lost their ethics, moral compass and are protecting drug company profits we don’t know what is proof.  There’s much more to the proof that the  FDA meddling and preventing adult stem cells advancement in the areas of science and medical discoveries.

2) A patient does not have the rights to their own stem cells even though they are re-introduced into their own bodies -they are not the property of the government to declare themselves an authority on the human body and its parts.  The FDA maintains THEY have control over your stem cells and what type of treatments you can have keeping in mind the Obama Executive Order Number 13505 it is a ludicrous stance.


Big Government in your face, telling Americans they have to go offshore, to foreign countries to receive their own stem cells? Does this make any sense? Is this what Obama care is all about, government controlling your very blood cells? Is this what Obama meant by funding research in all stem cell research by shutting down clinics?

Similar to a kidney dialysis machine where blood is drawn and purified back into the body is that now a drug under the FDA’s definition?

Is a procedure like In Vitro Fertilization now considered a Drug under the FDA’s definition?

Is a human transplanted organ now a drug under the FDA definition?

You can see the insanity of their declarations but the main goal is to allow pharmaceuticals enough time to develop rejection drugs so they can profit from the ballooning stem cell cures that are happening all over the world. Only in the United States, are doctors prevented from using the patients own stem cells to cure disease, this is throughout the corporate influence of drug makers.

ABC News, in Houston reported that adult stem cells have helped stoke patients, without side effects, without drugs and without surgery. This type of journalism

The reduction of inflammation, repairing the heart with new stem cells show remarkable recovery in patients who used their own stem cells. The procedure is safe, painless, quick, produces amazing results, and is far more cost effective than surgery, and drugs.

Video from ABC KTRK Study Examines How Stem Cells Help Stroke Patients

While some scientists and the FDA chose to go the long route, and use other people’s cells it is a science experiment in disaster. Using another persons’ cells, such as embryo or scientifically engineered cells (using manipulation or drugs) will not be accepted by one’s body.

Embryo cells are still foreign cells which will result in a : rejection factor. No matter how the pharmaceuticals, medical experts on the Embryo side spin their ideas, the fact is people prefer using their “OWN STEM CELLS” rather than a strangers, or any embryo source.

This is not a religious viewpoint, but more has to do with a natural process that scientists are manipulating and the Embryo stem cell treatments will take 20-30 years with the same results, rejection by the body.

However, there are many people that refuse embryo stem cells simply for religious reasons and their rights should be honored by the federal and state governments. This is a case, where government is meddling in medicine, preventing cures through nonsensical over regulating to protect special interest groups: namely pharmaceuticals who profit from drugs for illnesses.

The procedure is called: Autogolous Transplant -or Adult Stem cell Transplant or ASC Stem Cell Treatment plainly it is using your own stem cells, not a strangers.

Rick Perry’s Stem Cell Treatments is his own preference, and he has that right which is being denied and attacked by promoters of the embryo stem cell treatments like the

Articles that Present the Truth about using your own Stem Cells to Heal Yourself:

ABC Local News KTRK by Christi Myers

Articles that are Misleading the Public and are Against Adult Stem Cells that Gov Perry Had:

These articles are from sites that are misleading, scare mongering and mis-informed on the procedure that Gov. Rick Perry underwent, plus they are delaying cures for diseases.

This article is from XinHuanet.com China and is against the use of ASC ( it was probably paid for by a pharmaceutical company). This is really odd since China is leading the race to curing diseases through their own adult stem cell research and treatments. Many Americans now have to travel to China to get their own stem cell treatments due to the ban by the FDA.

This Group the Texas Medical Board seeks to regulate who and what a person can have in the way of Stem Cell Treatments, in short they seek to restrict the practice that Gov Perry had, regulations that could hinder the practice in the future, in Texas.

This article refers to a hold being placed on stem cell research by the FDA on a clinical trial that can provide limb saving stem cell treatments to those who are suffering from critical amputations, yet the FDA put them on hold indefinitely: Medistem

Medistem seeks to use endometrial regenerative cells ERC’s and have been stopped by the FDA.

This is what we mean about government getting in the way of cures, of helping to avoid amputations, and of preventing, obstructing and delaying clinical trials of adult stem cells.

The FDA’s response is to delay as long as possible the advancement of adult stem cell research and are thwarting Americans seeking help from illness, sickness and unproductivity in the lives. So, do we want a productive healthy American society or do we keep them sick, dying, diseased and disabled by the order of the FDA?

Do we allow China, Europe, Canada, Mexico and South America be a provider of health discoveries and cures while America lags behind as last in research, last in modern science and medicine in regenerative medicine?


The time has come for the FDA to be overhauled, remove the influence pedlars, and President Obama to get with the program of healing diseases.

Why did he bother with his health care bill to cover all Americans if they are to continue to be diseased and dying patients?

Why did he bother with any health initiative if Americans remain weak, debilitated, unhealthy, crippled, and facing life threatening diseases with no hope of a cure?

The audacity of President Obama- is on the wrong side of history.

Definitions: Adult Stem Cells is using your own stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells are often called Autologus Stem Cells and they are the stem cells from an individual’s own body, much preferred by patients. These stem cells are usually derived from their own blood, bone marrow, organ tissues like heart, kidney lung and throat tissues.

Adult stem cells can regrow a patient’s heart, throat, kidney, livers, pancreas or other organs vital to survival of the patient given the opportunity. See below of success stories using a patent’s own stem cells and complete recoveries already documented in foreign countries.

No such success stories are heavily reported by the main stream media of cases in the United States, these stories are reserved for the back pages of newspapers also or are downplayed by anti-adult stem organizations or the media.

This therapy is the least invasive, most cost effective for the patient, has a high success rate in curing diseases, is safe, practical and cheaper than the alternatives: surgery and a life time of drugs.

Embryo Stem Cells are foreign cells to the human body and just like organ transplants require a life time of rejection drugs. The body rejects foreign cells although pharmaceuticals are wasting their time, trying to trick the body into thinking the cells are the same. This is a fool hardy waste of time and money. The immune system by nature knows its own cells, and cannot be tricked as pharmas believe, besides this is a very expensive study with futile results.

Cord Blood Stem Cells are saved by parents to be used in the future for their own child, these are life saving stem cells derived from the babies cord blood, placenta or umbilical cord. The cord blood cells are preserved in a laboratory for future use by that patient alone. The FDA would consider this a drug.

Which would you chose to have in your body? Right.

Embroyo cells cannot be accepted -they have different DNA, and that is the problem, adult stem cells start out on a higher level of success, simply because they are the patients own cells, have a prove success factor and treatments can begin now, not 20 years too late.

Examples of Successful Adult Stem Cells Transplants

July 8, 2011 Sweden: Dr. Paulo Macchiarini, of Karolinksa University Hospital replaced a man’s throat who had cancer, using the man’s own Stem cells from his bone marrow. The trachea were the patients own cells, and he is not taking anti-rejection drugs.

November 19, 2008   CNN reports In 2008 almost four years ago now, another woman who lives in Spain, Claudia Castillo 30 years old would have lost her voice to tuberculosis which left her unable to speak. She underwent stem cell transplantation by a Doctors at the University of Barcelona, Spain who built her a new trachea and bronchial tube using her own stem cells. This would never have been possible but it saved the woman from a life threatening disease and is just one success story from among many world wide. In four years Claudia has not had any rejection drugs, or any problems with her new throat and speaks wonderfully to her two children.

Sources include but not limited to Texas Tribune