Retailers Still Selling Poison Dog Treats from China

May 22, 2012 Deadly Chicken Treats from China Continue to be Sold in Canada and USA.

MSNBC and other news media have been reporting for months that Jerky Treats sold at US and Canada major retail stores contain poisonous bacteria that is killing dogs, making them sick and risking their lives. The first reports came out in October of 2011 regarding these treats from China that the US FDA has ignored and refuses to test. 

The mild cases are vomiting, blood in the stools, diarrhea to more serious illness that can permanently disable a dog. This is the only warning the FDA puts out on these deadly products:

Chicken jerky products should not be substituted for a balanced diet and are intended to be fed occasionally in small quantities.” 

In other words, the FDA is saying don’t give your dog too much of these products, and the warning hardly begins to describe the bacteria in these products.  Still the FDA allows these products entry to the US market, without testing by the boat load and the FDA has not stopped shipments. Canada as well sells the products on major retailer store shelves up to today.

The Jerky Treats are made in China from chicken, or beef and are not tested, for bacteria with hardly a food safety system in place, anything goes in their production of pet food.

The labels  Made in China, have been removed in some cases, with no ingredients listed other than: chicken or beef, however, the bacteria count is not listed. Some brands are listed by major food distributors as made in China. Others have local food distributors names which are importing these products from China without safety standards or testing and without the country of origin. See: Costco product in photos.

Stores that are selling these products include major retails in the pet food industry, major store retailers such as: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Costco, Sams Club, and any big box store or pet store.

*****   Product Labels Identified but Are Not Limited to these Products:

Nestle Purina Pet Care Company, Del Monte Corp., Canyon Creek Ranch, Waggin’ Train, Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats, 

One of the Suppliers in China is Identified as: JOC Great Wall Corporation in Nanjing China but other factories are not listed  on most of  the labels.

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Ask A Vet posted this article in October of 2011 and still the FDA or Health Canada has not put a stop to the imported deadly pet treats that are causing death. The disease these products cause is called: Fanconi and can be diagnosed with a urine test. The disease can be confused with diabetes, and causes the dog’s system to leak glucose. If your dog is excessively thirsty take it to the vet and get it tested if you have used this product. The dogs can get very sick, and it can turn into kidney failure and death.

In 2007 melamine was found in dog food originating from China and other products made with corn, soy and rice have been found in Australia in 2009. Also, dental chews were found to contain these ingredients also.

KHQ Alert: Nearly 1000 Dogs Sick from Jerky

“Nearly 1,000 dogs reportedly have been sickened by chicken jerky pet treats from China, according to a new tally of complaints from worried owners and veterinarians submitted to federal health officials.

The Food and Drug Administration has logged 900 reports of illnesses and deaths since November, when it warned owners about continued problems with the products known variously as chicken jerky strips, treats and nuggets, a spokeswoman said.” end quote

Poisoned Pet reports: May 19, 2012
“The recall is for a pet food made at a Diamond Pet Foods manufacturing facility in Meta, Missouri. This makes the second of Diamond’s manufacturing plants to be contaminated with Salmonella. The Diamond Pet Foods’ Gaston, South Carolina plant is still under investigation by the FDA following massive recalls for pet foods possibly contaminated with Salmonella Infantis, which resulted in the illness of 16 people who came in contact with the bacteria.”


Look for Labels such as this sold in Costco Canadian or US stores: The label may be different but the ingredients are the same.

Dog Treats sold at Costco Canada

The label even says “100 % Natural Chews” which is a false claim.

Dog Treats sold at Costco Canada – No Label says Made in China

No identification that this product originates in China at Costco Stores

Canadian Importer: Celebrity Products, Mississauga, Ontario

Chewmasters “Another Quality Product” imported, but it does not say on the label that it was from China, although the distributor removed : “Made in China” which was on the label prior to the reports.

Dog Chicken Jerky Treats sold at Costco Canada

These products are deceiving with “High in Protein” however they do not disclose where the product originates from or what the protein is, nor do they disclose the protein is safe.

Chicken Jerky Treats Sold at Costco Canada-from China

Again the product is plastered with false advertising “100 % Natural Chews” and phrases such as: Wonderful, healthy treat, your dog will love, no preservatives, no additives, no coloring : 100 percent natural.

Canada Health allows this to be sold while violating ethical  advertising laws. “Always supervise your pet while consuming these wonderful treats” is surely an eye opener.

The label also says: 2 1/2 pounds of natural chicken fillets, however the chicken is fully  tainted with bacteria by the time it is processed and dried out.

The FDA will Not Pull these Deadly Products from the Shelves and Costco continues to sell the jerky chicken from China, even today.
Update: August 16, 2012

If you value, love and cherish your pet like most people do not buy product at the above mentioned retailers. In fact, tell the store manager they are killing dogs and demand they take them off the shelves.