Republicans Unveil Contract

Sept. 23, 2010 Republicans unveil contract with America again and a group including John Boehner the Republican House minority leader led the charge of “Our pledge to America is that the Republicans stand ready to get it done and beginning today”. The 21 page document is a rehash of the 6 year old September 1994 Contract with America presented by none other than Newt Gingrich.

The New Contract with America 2010 John Boehner

Republicans believe they can win back the house and the Senate and reshape government. One of their platforms is to repeal the Health Care Reform bill, keep the Bush tax cuts in place for the wealthy and cut spending. But was it not the trillion dollars Bush spent on the war in Iraq an expense that America could have done without, and did it not create a huge deficit when a surplus was handed to them from Clinton?

Firstly abolishing the Health Care Bill will put 35 million Americans in danger again of having no health care coverage. There is a movement in the GOP to kill the Health care act by cutting off any funding for it, but  the Tea Party wants it killed entirely. If the RINO do not comply the Tea Party will leave them cold and without support for the party.

The US Representative from Iowa Steve King believes that the Republicans must do a blood oath and this sounds like a little witchcraft entering the picture again after Christine O’Donnell dabbling from last week’s reveal.  Steve King today demanded that John Boehner and the Republicans swear an oath ” in blood” and he is keeping in the theme of witchcraft from the Tea Party candidates.

The Tea Party is spending far too much time discussing blood oaths, statanic alters and witchcraft with 40 days to the mid-term election.

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