Republican Abstinence

Republicans that promote abstinence such as Paul Stanley of Tennesee and other conservative Republicans have much to atone for in their own personal lives.  In July 2009 Paul Stanley the Senator from Tennessee was found to have had a sexual affair with an intern and Paul is a member of the Christ United Methodist Church is married and a father of two children.

So much for abstinence Mr. Stanley who also sponsored a bill to stop gay couples from adopting children as he serves as a shining example for abstinence in the old “do as I say not as I do”  in this very hypocritical party.

Mr. Stanley admitted in a sworn affidavit having sex with one of his 22 year old interns McKensie Morrison that worked in his office and admitted to taking nude pictures of her in very sexy poses in his apartment.  Pornography, sex, sexual infidelity, breaking marriage vows, exposing your wife to STD’s is all okay with Mr. Stanley however abstinence is his forte.

In a statement to Planned Parenthood officials in Memphis Stanley told the person that ” he didn’t believe young people should have sex before marriage anyway, that his faith and church are important to him, and he wants to promote “abstinence.”

Apparently the young 22 year old intern that Stanley had sex with had a boyfriend Joel Watts who blackmailed the Senator for $ 10,000 to keep quite about the sexual affair with his girlfriend.   In 1994 there is more information coming out of Stanley’s closet and that is his wife Judy Martin issued a restraining order against her husband the Senator for physically assaulting her three times.  Fortunately for her she obtained a divorce from this jerk and got rid of him.

Paul Stanley -Sex, Lies, Porno and STD's -Republican Hypocrisy
Paul Stanley -Sex, Lies, Porno and STD's -Republican Hypocrisy

Paul Stanley quit his  position after the affair a victim of his own hypocrisy and failed attempts at limiting the rights of gays to adopt children.  This further illustrates the differences in what  Republican preach and what they practice in their daily lives.  When you consider the sex scandals of the Republicans in 2009 alone it amounts to a failed attempt to hide their own sins and how outrageous they cling to religion.

Editor Comments:

You have to love the Republican Family Values.

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