Republican Craigs List Scandal Chris Lee

Feb. 9, 2011  Republican Chris Lee Craigslist Scandal has just resigned moments ago as a statement was read in Congress of his resignation.  Lee is caught up in a Craigslist scandal that has not been confirmed but shows him with no shirt and seeking female companionship.

Lee is married with children and a Republican and apparently was trolling for women on Craigslist section “Women Seeking Men” forums.  He posted a profile stating he was : divorced, fit fun classy guy and had put an ad in Craigslist.  Lee also responded to an ad by a woman using his gmail account which he admits he owns and uses for his Facebook account.

Lee sent a photo of himself and this ” Hope I’m not a toad. :)  I’m a very fit fun classy guy. Live in Cap Hill area. 6ft 190 lbs, blond/blue. 39 ..Lobbyists. I promise not to disappoint.

The woman who got his reply liked what she saw and she responded in a flirting kind of way and Lee responded with a half naked picture of himself.

The fact that a US Republican Representative would refer to himself as a Lobbyist is bad enough but to say he was divorced is an out right lie.  If he was not divorced- he will be now.

Although nothing happened sexually as far as has been reported there was an intent to cheat on his wife and using Craigslist is so low class for a member of the government.

For most people Craigslist is a place to hook up to strangers for sex and it seems this was the intent of Lee to be searching for some outside of marriage activities.

Chris Lee-GOP on Craigslist-Looking for Love in the Wrong Places
Chris Lee-GOP on Craigslist-Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

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