The Real Anti Christ is Not Obama

Aug. 15, 2008  Barrack Obama after the Anti Christ George Bush

Hugo Chavez was right Barrack Obama is not the Anti Christ – it was George Bush. As predicted the Swift boat is launched and yesterday it was Obama’s muslim upbringing with Corsi’s book, and the Swiftboat campaign Democrats have been waiting for has left the dock.

Today it’s the video portraying Obama’s popularity as something from biblical scriptures that he is the Anti-Christ. Now the religious right have been silently supporting McCain and it is now evident that they are out to destroy Obama’s campaign for the Presidency. Focus on the Family one of the evangelical groups are asking their followers called “Christians” to pray for a torrential rain on the August 28th Democratic Convention in Denver.

Again the evangelicals are mobilizing to control the government of the United States where religion has led us into the Iraq War killing hundreds of thousands of Iraq citizens. The evangelicals have led us into an economic disaster draining the surplus left to the real Anti-Christ, George Bush.
There has been no other President in history that has destroyed our world than George Bush and the evangelicals want you to vote for another Republican to perpetuate the disastrous last 8 years all over again.

Do you really believe this and do the majority of voters want to continue on with Republican values that have no regard for human life? That allowed hundreds of thousands to die in Katrina? That allow oil prices to sky rocket and destroy families economically, spiritually and in any which way they can?

The video is disgraceful and beyond belief as to how low these evangelicals will go to smear another Democrat to no avail. Most Americans believe we have just seen the Anti Christ and now its time to get rid of him.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Anti Christ is Not Obama”

  1. Yes and that is what John McCain will continue to allow with no trade barriers to China just as Bush has allowed for the last 8 years. Our landfills are bursting with broken Chinese products, toxic pet foods and children’s toys with lead paint. I do not buy from Walmart either and there should be a boycott of this corporation.

  2. Seems like every greedy corporation will do this, bottom line is buying cheap junk from China and selling it for outrageous profits only to have it end up in our landfills after it breaks. I do not buy anything from Walmart or China for that matter.

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