Public Enemy #1- Resigns

July 26, 2010 Public Enemy #1 -Resigns.  The US Public Enemy #1 since April 20, 2010 for the last 90 days of watching crude oil killing mammals off of Louisiana and watching a food source disintigrate while the hobjelss rate climbed – is finally resigning his CEO job at BP.

Tony Hayward had Little to Say in Front of Congress-Prepare for a legal Battle
Tony Hayward had Little to Say in Front of Congress-Prepare for a legal Battle

The infamous public enemy Number 1 – Tony Hayward who is the man Americans hate the most is finally leaving his cushy CEO job far behind- for his sailing ship off the coast of the Isle of Wright.    The man that wanted his life back after being the sole responsible head of the oil giant and whom would have ordered the full speed ahead at the Horizon rig is calling it quits in the oil industry.  His reputation as a CEO tarnished, his credibility shot and his moral ethics beyond human comprehension is all coming to an end.  Doubtfully anyone would hire this example of what putting profits before common sense can become in the corporate world but then again he could get a job on Wall Street very handily if he wanted another scummy job.

Tony Hayward could still be criminally charged and responsible for damages personally in the British Petroleum oil spill which will cost billions of dollars but the team of lawyers BP is assembling may squirm out of penalties once again as they did in Texas in 2005.  A Texas judge eliminated the 500 million dollar penalties for the Texas explosion at their refinery and again BP is aiming to escape from penalties in the Gulf oil spill.

Where will Tony Hayward fit in with all the lawsuits personally or as the head of the operation staff of BP Oil?  Will Eric Holder finally get a hold of some courage and guts and go after this derelict and greedy corporation?

In any case BP deserves and should get the book thrown at them and no mercy for the billions they have already paid to clean up their own mess, less would have been unexpected.  The fancy million dollar advertisement showing American workers cleaning up the oil is a shameful toss of a crust of bread to the millions unemployed due to the oil spill. It almost seems as if the ads are saying ” look we are hiring you damn Yanks, your jobless people are working for us now” and cleaning up our mess, we are employing you – so stop complaining about the oil mess we made.

It is a blatant slap in the face to the good fisherman and hard working Louisiana coastal businesses to have to demean themselves and work for the very idiots that caused this mess.  His departure may not be that soon as he will have to train his successor to be as equally inept as he was and just as greedy for profits for the willingness to forego common safe drilling practices.  After all under Hayward’s tutelage BP managed to have two major catastrophic explosions since the Texas and the Gulf explosions were both under his watch.  In 2008-2009 Hayward was given a big fat bonus of 5 million dollars for his great work on saving the corporation money, the same money they didn’t put into safety acoustic shut off valves.  BP gave Hayward a reward for his negligence.

Ah but Tony Hayward can leave it all behind now, and get back to his sail boat off the Isle of Wright and look for other oceans to destroy once again.  Hayward will leave BP with a big fat golden parachute, stock options probably, and a good tidy pension for all his hard work putting millions of people out of work, destroying a Gulf, and killing thousands of birds, porpoises, fish, clams, shrimp and a food source for a nation.

Tar and feathering would be too good for him.

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all day the loathing was so thick you could cut it with a knife :

We particularly liked Seth Meyers Tweet


In perfect world, Tony Hayward’s severance package would be, “get out of here before we kick the shit out of you.”
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I want my Life Back? What Life ?

This is What Tony Hayward leaves Behind

Tony Hayward Appears before US Congess-

Denials of any Knowledge of what Led up to the Explosion

Safety First under CEO Tony Hayward Command

Rumors on Twitter indicate he may leave BP with up to 14 million euro dollars, bonus money, and a tidy pension for the rest of his days.  The most hated man in America will have no place to hide on earth where he will not be known as the Face of the Gulf Of Mexico disaster, and may he never enjoy the spoils of his most dishonourable labors.

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